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Spencer Fay KELLOGG MD
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Spencer Fay KELLOGG MD
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Spencer Fay KELLOGG MD



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Suggestions & Reviews for Spencer Fay KELLOGG MD
Susan (Patient) 07-23-2013
I have been a patient since my first OBGY appointment. I am 39 and having my first child, I drive from fort myers to see him and it is worth the drive and time in order to get the impeccable treatment he gives. He misses nothing and without his attention to detail I could have had many complications. There are several potential risks I have( that he found early and from family history) and he is keeping watch on everything. I am so thankful for him.

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Myriam (Patient) 04-02-2013
The best of the best, I had my baby (1977) at JMH Miami, I was one of his first patients, now he is my daughter's Doctor,her baby is arriving in April , I am very happy Doctor Kellogg will welcome her to the world,
He always have a happy face,cheerful, he loves childrens, He is part of my family I love him very much ,
Thanks God we had and have the opportunity to have this great Doctor in Florida

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Jamie Furry (Patient) 10-14-2011
Dr. Kellogg is truly an amazing doctor!

I was trying to get pregnant for some time (almost 3 years) and it just wasn't happening. Dr. Kellogg suggested a minor surgery to correct what he felt was the problem. Due to my stubbornness I waited over a year to have the procedure. Dr. Kellogg waited for when I felt I was ready and stood by my decision to wait, even suggested a fertility specialist which I was considering.

Dr. Kellogg did an amazing job with the surgery, I had a quick recovery and got pregnant the very first month after the surgery! I wish I would have took his advise earlier but I am so grateful to have my beautiful son (which he delivered).

He is a kind man and an amazing doctor who listens well and knows his profession. I believe I wouldn't have a child today if it wasn't for Dr. Kellogg. God bless him!!

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Mary C (Patient) 04-23-2011
Dr, Kellogg changed my Life. I am SO Thankful!
All the wonderful things stated by everyone else...ALL TRUE!
He is a Gem! I struggled with endometriosis for years..(other Doctors told me it was "all in my head" ) I had NO quality of life...
Trying EVERYTHING.... accupuncture, homeopathy, visualization, nutritional healing, which did help a little...FINALLY , by the grace of God~ in conversation, Dr. K came HIGHLY recommended for a "second opinion" !!!!!
HE LISTENED and had solutions and choices for me -every visit!!! He Returned EVERY call!
I had surgery under his skilled hands... He put me at ease, what a kind , patient man! This man needs no further recommendation...but I write this because I am still filled with gratitiude many, many years later! So once again,
Thank You Dr. Spencer Kellogg!!!

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Joe S (Friend) 04-14-2011
My wife is a patient of Dr. Kellogg and he has delivered 2 of our 3 children. Based on my experiences in my interactions with Dr Kellogg, or "CaneDoc," his compassion for his work and patients is first and foremost and without equal. I am completely confident in the care he gives to my wife. He is very reassuring, his bedside manner makes you feel like you are the only one he is caring for. As a father, I can say that he puts "Dad" at ease during the delivery of your baby, and fully explains every step, both during office visits and delivery. I wish Dr Kellogg was my personal physician!

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Lilly L (Patient) 03-08-2011
Dr. Kellogg delivered both my sons my youngest now 22 he also help me through a trying time when I lost my child at
6 1/2 months pregnant it was an extremely difficult time but he referred me to the best specialist due to my special circumstances. He has always been there for me in the most extreme of emergencies throughout the years.


His professonialism and His Sincere caring.is one and only and Genuine. I wish he could be my Doctor for all areas of my Health. There are no words to express my Gratitute to him through the years. He is Above Highly recommended to all.

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Mercedes P (Patient) 03-04-2011
Dr. Kellogg delivered both of my daughters. He is compassionate, loving, caring, trustworthy and most importantly an exceptional doctor that does not cut corners on patient care and safety. If you are searching for an OB that is 100% for his patients, then Dr. Kellogg should be your choice.

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Ingrid (Patient) 03-03-2011
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Spencer Kellogg for OB/GYN! From the moment my husband and I met Dr. Kellogg we knew he was the one, his professionalism, expertise in the field and charisma (he has a great personality) made us feel very comfortable and safe! When we would bring my step-daughter he went out of his way to make her feel a part of every step! He runs a very efficient practice, I don't remember ever sitting in his waiting room for more than 5 minutes. I did not want epidural and from the beginning he knew this and supported my decision so long as everyone was healthy. I was induced at 7am and letís just say my daughter was way too happy where she was. Dr. Kellogg needed to go to the Keys to see patients the next day and he NEVER made me feel rushed (I didnít even know about his trip until the next day that my husband told me). Dr. Kellogg is the BEST, he is truly one of the few doctors that I have come across that genuinely cares about his patients and respects their decisions. He really is a one of a kind human being!!! WE LOVE DR. KELLOGG!

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Carrie (Patient) 03-02-2011
I have been Dr. Kellogg's patient for many years. I am now pregnant with my third child and I will be flying to Miami from Europe for the final 3 months so he can safely deliver this little one into the world. He is absolutely worth the trip. My last pregnancy had many complications and I am certain he helped her tremendously by diagnosing low amniotic fluid and then delivering her early by c-section. He is the consummate professional, always updated on the latest techniques and procedures, and yet also has an amazing bed-side manner. I recommended him to 3 friends and my sister-in-law and everyone loves him. He was originally recommended to my by 3 different nurses- and let's face it- they always know the real reputation of doctors. This doctor is amazing!

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M. Campbell (Patient) 03-01-2011
We women know going to the OB-GYN can be a stressful event. I guarantee when you see Dr. Kellogg all your fears and discomfort will vanish. He has the old school bed side manner with a comfortable professional attitude. He will explain in detail all your questions and concerns and put you at ease. Dr. Kellogg is informative and intellectual and he sets himself apart from other physicans because of his cheerful personality. If you do not understand something he says to you, prepare to be amazed as the books and pictures come out to throughly inform you about your questions. Simply put, he will make you smile and relax as he explains! Dr. Kellogg is know for being deeply rooted in our Miami community. He graduated from University of Miami so he is well educated. Those fortunate to have been treated by this physician have also had some cheerfulness inserted into their life.

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Pamela (Patient) 03-01-2011
Dr. Kellogg is a tremendous doctor, thoughtful and caring. You feel like you are a person, not a number. He is cheerful and comforting and aways gives sound advice. He listens and has convinced me over the years to tell him everything, even when I think it is not important. When you are with him, he pays attention to you, makes you feel very important and never rushes you out of his office.
He has a good heart. When our daughter was in school and I was concerned, I called and he immediately took care of the problem..Nothing is too big. I am thankful he is my doctor and proud to be his friend.

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Flower (Patient) 03-01-2011

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Lexi (Patient) 03-01-2011
I would not trust anyone else in this medical field! He truely cares about his patients and puts their medical needs at the top of him list. He has a wonderful personality which helps put you at ease during a difficult situation. He always has a smile on his face that is accompanied with a funny story or joke. Whenever I have a questions, even if it is ridiculous, he always calls me back. He is one of those doctors that you never forget and ask yourself why isn't every other doctor like him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new doctor.

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cathie (Patient) 02-28-2011
Hands down the best there is...if you need a doc in south florida look no farther

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Erin (Patient) 02-28-2011
I LOVE Dr. Kellogg!! He is the most AMAZING doctor in his field. Dr. Kellogg oversaw the pregnancies of my two sons. I liked that Dr. K took the time to explain, in detail, everything throughout both of my pregnancies (he even drew diagrams!) I had a lot of questions and he was always happy to take the time to answer all of them. Also, he was very thorough and made sure everything with myself and the babies was going smoothly. However, what I like best about him was the way that he can make you smile. His empathy and sense of humor is a true blessing!

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Nancy V (Patient) 02-28-2011
I am a patient of Dr. Kellogg for over 20 years. He is a caring doctor and always willing to listen to your needs and makes himself available or give you alternatives. He is always cheerful, trustworthly, always up todate on new items. I had two of my children delivered by him and my experience beside the pain was great. I would recommend Dr. Kellogg very highly.

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Vivian S (Patient) 02-28-2011
I can't begin to express my appreciation for Dr. Kellogg. He has delivered 2 of my 3 children and every time I have felt I am in the best care. He is highly respected amongst his colleagues. He truly is the best doctor. He is warm, caring ,professional and a loving human being. He listens, is cautious and very compassionate. He cares! We need more doctors like him. He goes the EXTRA mile. I highly recommend Dr. Kellogg.
Thank you Canedoc... You're the best!

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Lynn K (Patient) 02-28-2011
Dr. Kellogg is a spectacular doctor and phenomenal person. He not only saved my life but he saved my twins (born at just 28 weeks). At the end of my pregnancy I became critically ill. With all the doctors coming in and out of my room, it was Dr. Kellogg's presence that brought me comfort and peace during an otherwise terrifying time. I cannot say enough good things about this man -- he has been an angel to my family. He is extremely experienced, friendly, trustworthy and puts his patients above all else. You won't find a better OB/GYN.

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Taylor D. (Patient) 02-27-2011
I have been a patient of Dr. Kellogg's for 25 years. If you need a doctor who really cares about his patients, he is the doctor for you. He takes the time to listen, which is rare today, and he cares about you as a patient and makes sure that your family is involved in your care. He did not deliver my baby but I wish he had. He is comforting when you are facing surgery (which I had) and is experienced and diligent. I highly recommend him. You will be treated with respect no matter what your issue is.

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Barbara (Patient) 02-25-2011
Dr. Kellogg is one of the most caring, professional OB/GYN's I have ever had as my Doctor.
I moved to the Florida Keys 15 years ago and thought when I got pregnant that I needed to go back to Ft. Lauderdale where my previous daughter was born.
A friend of mine recommended his practice then in Key Largo, now in Tavernier. I saw one of his associates and after meeting him on one of my visits, never saw anyone else. I had a difficult pregnancy as I was in my early 40's but Dr. Kellogg doesn't know the word difficult when it comes to his patients.
He's a real genuine person and Doctor and I don't mind if anyone wants to contact me regarding his professionalism or just to be at ease.
God Bless You Dr. Kellogg....You really are an Angel.

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Yanine (Patient) 08-18-2009
Dr Spencer Kellogg is an angel sent from God. He really cares about his patients, both their physical and emotional needs. He performed a supra-cervical TAH this past Wednesday and I could not imagine being in better hands.
He makes you feel at ease, answers any and all your questions, no matter how many. He spoke to me and my husband as though we were members of his family. He has an excellent bed side manner. Meeting him before the surgery made my pre-teen daugther feel anxious about mommy having surgery.
My family and I appreciate everything Dr Kellogg is doing for us. I would recommend him without hesitation.

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Keva- Turks & Caicos Islands (Patient) 10-16-2008
Dr. Kellogg is a Angel he knows all of his patients by name. I can remember it was a friday morning when i went for a regular check up after being realsed from the hospital earlier that morning when they told me that everything was fine that the baby is in the right postion nothing to worry about. so along with my parents I went to my appointment had a wonderful chat with Kellogg and was about to leave he said to me "you dont look well I will let Susan do a ultrasound" during the ultrasound Susan call him and told him there was a problem he explain to me everything and told me i will have to do a emergency C-Section . I was a bit worried but he stood by my side from the beginning to end . In the operation room he kiss me on my forhead and said" Nicky you are blessed" those words went a long way and I will forever be Greatful to Dr. Kellogg . The Best Doctor you can ever ask for.

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Diane (Patient) 06-09-2008
He is the best Doctor any woman can ask for. He understands the needs and helps anyway possible. My daughter now see's Dr. Kellogg.

Ps. He loves Godvia Chocholate!

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Blair (Patient) 04-13-2008
Dr. Kellogg has been and is the best OB/GYN I have ever had. I've had one miscarriage, one delivery (so far - working on the second) and an Ovarian Cyst surgery that was similiar to a C-Section due to its size. He has been very caring thru all of it and when I had the surgery, actually held my hand while they wheeled me into the operating room. He cried with me when I had my miscarriage and when my daughter's shoulder got stuck during delivery, he handled it so well, that I didn't realize how big of a problem that it was until 5 years later. If I ever move away and get pregnant again, I will travel to have him still be my doctor. I love him that much! He has always made me feel very relaxed and safe and I have never had to question his suggestions. He is wonderful!

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Cristina U (Patient) 02-22-2008
Dr. Kellogg is one of the kindest doctors I have ever been too. He makes you feel at ease and is very empathetic. So far, I have had 3 miscarriages and Dr. Kellogg has been a saint throughout the ordeal. Aside from being a wonderful person, he is an excellent physician who strives to understand whatever problem you have and fix it immediately. I trust Dr. Kellogg with my life and I feel blessed that he is my doctor.

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maria (Patient) 02-21-2008
He is a great surgeon. He performed two surgeries and on both occassions I had a quick recovery. He has wonderful bed manners and his humor gave me the encourangement to deal with the operations He definately emphasizes the true meaning of a dedicated medical professional who takes his socratical oath very seriously.

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cathie hart (Patient) 01-21-2008
The very best!

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VA (Patient) 07-25-2007
This is one of the very few doctors I know that made me feel so safe!! He was so caring and so nice. Super patient, explained the entire process of my delivery, made me laugh, calmed my nerves. Absolutely fantastic!

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Carol (Patient) 05-31-2007
Dr. Kellogg has been my OBGYN for the past 25 years. I would have no one else but him do surgery on me. This past May 2007 he did a TAH , I had 3 fibroid systs that I ignored for over 1 year after I was diagnosed, On my annual visit this past February we made the discision not to ignore my problems any longer. He made sure that I had meds prior to surgery for nausea and pain. During surgery and immediately after meds are given again. I never was sick or in any discomfort. He was very specific about my limitations after surgery and how to care for myself . He makes every one feel special ! Even my Dear Husband.He takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. He is upbeat and positive and funny even when you don't think it is possible to smile. HE MAKES YOU NOT WANT TO DISAPPOINT HIM .I don't possibly know how he fits all of this in with his patients he is truly blessed and gifted
He was voted most compassionate and is on top of all the latest surgeries. He is a teaching surgeon.
I can't say enough about kind words about my angel Dr. Spencer Kellogg

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Christine Scholl (Patient) 02-26-2007
I know at least a dozen people that also have Dr. Kellogg as a obgyn. He delivered many of my friends babies. He is a caring, funny, serious doctor and always puts the patients needs first. He tells you the way it is, and has a hidden box of tissues in his desk. He makes you laugh when he pulls them out. I've had a prior surgery with him before the Big H and obiously, I trust him with my life. He is an angel!

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