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Christopher DOMUSH MD
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Christopher DOMUSH MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - California Modesto

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(City : Modesto)
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Christina (Patient) 03-09-2011
Dr. Domush is by far the best gyno that I have ever had. He is very sympathetic to your needs and feelings. He takes the time to make sure that you understand your diagnosis and was wonderful explaining all the different options that are available for me. It was intimidating at first having such a great looking doctor, but he really does make you feel comfortable right away. Just speaking with him will make you feel better.

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CHRIS (Patient) 05-29-2009
Dr Domush is awesome!! He is very kind and patient. He always has a smile on his face and makes uncomfortable situations more comfortable. He makes sure you fully understand everything. His staff is great too! They are very helpful and are always available.

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Stephanie (Patient) 03-29-2008
Dr. Domush is truly a wonderful doctor! He wasn't my doctor through out my pregnancy but he did my c-section. He made me feel so comfortable. My doctor knew that my frist pregnancy I got knocked out during the c-section and I couldn't have that again. He understond where I was coming from and made sure it will not happen again! He came in ever day to see me when I was in the hospital! He is the best doctor and very good looking! Thanks Dr. Domush! We love you!

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Trinity (Patient) 02-28-2008
Dr. Domush is excellent. His bedside manor will put you at easy in an uncomfortable situation and he is one of the few Doctors left the TRULY cares about his patients. I was honored to have him deliver our third child, I only wish I had known him when I had the other two.
He saw me through out my entire pregnancy and I felt every time like I was seeing a friend and a physician. He is a wonderful doctor.

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Kelli H (Patient) 11-01-2007
Dr. Domush is such a wonderful person. He has such a compassion for what he does and has achieved. I would definiltly recommend him. I had an emergency c-section and he was there in less than 5 minutes which they did not think that my child was going to make it. Not only is he a wonderful doctor, but he is gorgeous too!!!

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Jocelyn (Patient) 03-07-2007
Dr. Domush is wonderful. He explains everything in detail and gives you all the time you need. He never makes your appointments feel rushed and is always available for phone consults when needed. After having post-op complications he handled it with care and compassion and did not rush me out of the hospitol. He had me stay till I was comfortable enough to go home! At first I was worried because he seemed so young but he turned out to be great. His bedside manner is excellent! When I was in the hospitol he came twice a day and left his direct number if I needed anything. Although this was a scary time he was so comforting that thourough that I was at ease. He is deffinatly the best Dr. I have ever been to and I have seen MANY doctors!!!!

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