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Cafe7202 (Patient) 07-11-2013
I recently changed doctors and had a great experience with Dr. Elkadry. She has a wonderful bedside manner and I felt like she and her staff truly listened to everything I said. She was responsive, well informed, and made a true effort to make sure I was well informed as well.

It is my impression that she likes to take a broad approach to make sure she has a complete picture of the patient. She lets you know your options ahead of time, but makes sure that your decision is an informed one.

I would highly recommend her and am so glad I found her - she came highly recommended from a family member.

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NEW (Patient) 12-05-2008
I have been blessed with 5 children, and during my last pregnancy I suffered terribly with urinary incontinence. I saw Dr. Elkadry during my pregnancy and she offered some relief for my condition, and offered a more permanent solution after my pregnancy.
Dr. Elkadry is very understanding and took the time to answer all my questions and never made me felt rushed. Her clinical staff were very nice as well.
March 27, 2007 I had a TVT (transvaginal tape) placed and after a brief recovery period (less than a week) & a few restrictions (temporary) I was so amazed, encouraged and pleased with the results. The problem was corrected !
I highly recommend this procedure and treatment. It has restored a much better quality of life. Thank you so much Dr. Elkadry and staff.

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JP (Patient) 12-19-2007
Dr. Ekaldry is very personable and very knowledgable. I find her very patient and is very detailed in her explanations of my condition, which is pelvic floor dysfunction. I had never heard of it and was relieved to have a diagnosis.

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Katie R. (Patient) 03-23-2007
Dr. Elkadry is a urogynecologist who specializes in treating interstitial cystitis for which I'm under her care. I know people like to use the expression that their doctors are wonderful but she redefines that expression. Most doctors don't want to deal with people who have this condition but, she makes it a point help in any way even in the most trying of circumstances. My condition had been sloughed off and misunderstood by many doctors for many years; so when I heard her say there were many, not just a couple of ways to treat this I was very relieved. Her clinical staff are a helpful to the point that you feel your taking up their time but reassured your not. I recommend her highly to anyone suffering with this illness, I wouldn't want anyone suffering as long as I have before finding her.

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