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Joesph NOVI DO
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Joesph NOVI DO
Urogynecology - Ohio Columbus

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(City : Columbus)
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Gail K (Patient) 06-14-2010
I highly recommend Dr. Novi to any woman who is seeking help with gynecological or urological issues. Dr. Novi performed my needed hysterectomy. He explained the surgery clearly and completely beforehand, and asked me if I had any questions. At the hospital, just before the surgery, he came to see me and reassure me. He was so kind and compassionate, and sincere in his manner, I felt completely comfortable in his care. The surgery was a success, of course. In his office for a follow-up appointment, I noticed a small postings which indicated that he collects unused medication for his annual mission trips to Africa where he performs free surgeries for desperately poor women. To me, that is just one more indication of what a outstanding physician is he is.

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Lisa B (Patient) 04-03-2007
Dr Novi is an excellent physician. He is very thorough, compassionate, and skilled. He takes time to listen to your concerns, explain procedures completely, and shows genuine interest and caring for you as the patient. He placed a bladder sling in me last year for stress incontinence and a cystocele, and it has been wonderful! I have recommended him to every woman I know who has similar issues.

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