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Vinson (Vince) THOMPSON MD
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Vinson (Vince) THOMPSON MD
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Linda N (Friend) 02-19-2011
Vince was recommended to my mother 6 years ago. We found out she had uterine cancer stage 3c. My dad died 3 days later. Vince was so caring and compassionate. He took care of my mother and my family as if they were his own. Judy his NP was also wonderful. When my mom's cancer came back the next year he is the one that found it not the chemo doctor. It is so said that cancer took his life after he saved so many. He was an amazing doctor and I am sadden by the fact if someone else in my family needs him he is in heaven taking care of those people. I hope my dad meets him and thanks him for saving my mom. He will be missed.

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Debbie (Patient) 12-24-2010
Today from a Christmas card from Az. I learned the sad news that Dr. Thompson died from his cancer. He saved my life and so many more. He once picked me up in his arms and sat me on an exam table when he was done doing the inevitable Bx. that would determine my stage 4 Cervical Cancer. Today eleven years later I sit here mourning his life gone. My condolences to his Family and Friends. Rest In Peace Vinson.

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Debi (Patient) 10-25-2010
Dr. Thompson saved my life twice over. God worked HIS wonders through Dr. Thompson's hands and I will forever be blessed because of him. We were scout parents together and he shared the love of HAM radio with my husband. Heaven is a better place with the addition of Dr. T. Much love and many blessings to his family and friends. He will live in our hearts forever!!

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Susie G (Patient) 05-22-2010
My heart is heavy with sadness - I learned just yesterday (5/20), that Dr. Thompson passed away.
He performed 2 surgeries on me, and saved my life. He was a gentle giant of a man and I will always be grateful for his expertise and kindness.
My prayers and thoughts are with him and his family. May God Bless them and help them find peace.

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nacho (Patient) 05-15-2010
My heart goes out to the family of Dr. thompson. I believe that Dr. Thompson saved my life when performing a hysterectomy in 2007 when I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He was highly reccomended by other doctors explaining tha he was the only gynecologist-oncologist surgeon. Although I respect his reputation, I have had negative feelings due to the fact that during surgery he cut one of my ureters and did not even know it. Because of this I will have a nephrostomy tube for the rest of my life (where urine is collected in a bag outside of the body which drains from a tube from the kidney). The upsetting part for me was that the mistake was not detected until months later by another surgeon when urine began to collect in what was thought to be an abscess. His nurse during surgery was crude and uncaring. I still believe that he must have done what was necessary in order for me to survive. Thanks to him and other doctors I am still here today.

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Jean Hubler (Patient) 05-04-2010
I just learned of the passing of Vince Thompson, M.D. today. What a tremendous loss. I have never met a more compassionate, caring physician.

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to your family, friends, and patients.

I would most likely not be here today if not for Vince Thompson.

Thank you. You will be missed.

With love and sadness,

Jean Hubler

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Lucy (Friend) 04-27-2010
Dr Thompson was a very great doctor and he will be greatly missed and in our hearts for ever.

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Frank Smith (Friend) 04-26-2010
Dr. Vince Thompson was one of my wife's oncology surgeons and a ham radio friend of mine.

I just learned the sad news that Vince passed away just before midnight last night from acute leukeumia. He died at Banner Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale, AZ.

Vince was known at K5VT to the amateur radio world which considers him a hero.

submitted by Frank Smith
Glendale, AZ

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jenna (Friend) 03-08-2010
Dr. Thompson is a caring. compassionate physician who has touched the lives of many and saved the lives of more in over 40 years of practice. He is now fighting his own battle with a life-threatening illness and has closed his practice as of March of 2010. if he touched your life, please post your condolences and encouragement...

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Deb (Patient) 05-11-2009
My gyn doc highly recommended Dr. Thompson after discovering a strange growth during my hysterectomy. Dr. Thomson was incredibly gentle, kind and listened patiently while I spoke. I will return to him as often as I need to and highly recommend him to anyone needing a gyn-oncologist.

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Monique (Patient) 05-07-2009
I wholeheartedly agree with the many ladies who have already expressed gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Thompson. I was first exposed to him 10 years ago when I was 27 and diagnosed with Ovarian Dysgerminoma that was growing outside of the ovary. Dr. Thompson did an amazing job at cutting out most of the tumor growth despite being wrapped around arteries and the like. My ob/gyn attended the surgery and couldn't stop describing Dr. Thompson's skill with a scalpal. At this same time, my husband had terminal colo-rectal cancer and was only a few weeks from dying. He was so kind to me realizing I was going through so much more than just my own sickness.
In addition, I had to see him again recently due to Cervical cancer. I can't tell you what a comfort and relief it is to know that once again I'll be in excellent hands with the best gynecology oncologist in the state.

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Ms. Parker (Patient) 03-22-2009
I was diagnosed with cancer and can't say enough about Dr. Thompson......he is what every physician should strive to be. Caring, compassionate and a very gifted surgeon. Because of him, I am a survivor!

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MaryBeth S (Patient) 03-07-2009
At age 42 I had a hysterectomy by an OB GYN doc and was found to have a "frozen pelvis" secondary to stage IV endometriosis. It was the most nightmarish experience I've ever had. I am a nurse. He gave me pathetic follow up care. He said he could not remove my right ovary because it was adhesed to my colon. I was ok with that. I was not okay with the fact that he said I did not have endometriosis anymore because he "got the source." He said I should go for a "GI work up" because of my continued complaints of pelvic pain. Mind you, he knew my left ovary was stuck on my colon. I was in constant pain. Fatigue was my constant companion.
I was directed to Dr. Vince Thompson by a different OB Gyn doctor who was a wise woman physician. She did an ultrasound on me and found a pelvic mass on the right side. I was nearly incompacitated with pain. I felt nauseous, weak, and afflicted with pain when she sent me to Dr. Thompson. I was afraid to see him because of the harsh treatment I'd received from the first OB/Gyn doc. Dr. Thompson was the best, most sensitive, kind, professional, intelligent, and compassionate surgeon to me. The first things he said to me on my initial visit with him and his nurse was, "Tell me everything from the very beginning." He had a great eye contact. He was not in a hurry. He performed my surgery which consisted of him and another surgeon dissecting a tumor off my colon and pelvic wall for over an hour. He came to see me postoperatively everyday for 4 days of my hospitalization. He sat on my bed, and held my hand. He's a mountain of man; a gentle giant.
I'm currently having trouble again; have had 3 other pelvic surgeries since I saw him in 2004 and I've moved 2000 miles away to Michigan. I wish I could see him for my issues now which consist of extensive bowel adhesions and continued endometriosis after hyster/and ovaries out.
I cannot say enough about this fine surgeon. Stop your search and pick up the phone now to call him.

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Claudia A. (Patient) 09-11-2008
I had a molar pregnancy, I had never even heard of that prior to my experience. I was admitted to the hospital and my obgyn said she did not want to perform the surgery on me because of my age (too young) and would hate to do something wrong. She asked Dr. Thompson to do the surgery. I love Dr. Thompson, my surgery went well, I recovered sooner than expected. He was always polite, patient and very compassionate. I am greatful that he was willing to do my surgery though I was not his patient.

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Dee (Patient) 12-11-2007
I was a patient of "Dr. T" about the same time Rose was a patient. He is truly a gifted physician who understands the work of a healer. It probably would not sit well with him if I said he is holistic -- so I will say he has compassion and love for his patients and understands that both the patient and doctor work together to bring about healing. He quickly creates a bond and you both know what the results will be. You will be fine. Truly amazing. And Rose, I celebrated my 61st birthday and I am confident there will be many more -- for both of us.

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Rose U (Patient) 10-19-2007
I saw Dr. T (as I have always called him) in 1983 for a "terminal" case of Ovarian Cancer, I was given 4 months to live by another doctor. Dr. T saw my age (25) and said NO WAY and on November 15th 2007 I will turn 50!
This man and his passion saved my life. What ever he suggested I did.
Trust him, we did, and now I celebrate 50 with smiles and much gratitude!

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sputumqueen (Patient) 04-06-2007
Dr. Thompson is a gyn/onc MD who performed my TAH BSO due to endometriosis, cysts, fibroids and pelvic mass. He is a gentle man, compassionate and understanding. He listened to all of my fears and provided me with insight as to what was going on with me. He never made me feel uncomfortable because of my "size" (to quote another physician I saw before Dr. Thompson.) I trust him. Judy, his NP is also awesome, with a calming demenor and very personable. The only issue I had is with office staff (scheduling labs and disability.) They are bad about returning phone calls.

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