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Mark Randall WALLACE MD
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Mark Randall WALLACE MD
Internal Medicine - Arizona Phoenix

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Mark Randall WALLACE MD



(City : Phoenix)
(ZIP : 85006)
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Internal Medicine

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Mick (Patient) 09-13-2009
Best Physician in town! I was a patient of his for a number of years. Due to the economy and personal circumstances, I had to enroll in another insurance plan thus having to choose another physician. I'd give anything to still be under his care! He is a doctor that goes beyond what most physicians will do to tend to the need of his patients. I always knew he had my best interests at heart and that my health mattered to him. The plus side to his office is that is wife, another fine physician worked with him. You couldn't ask for a better team. His office staff was always pleasant & professional. Needless to say, I miss him dearly for I have yet to find another as good as he. The countless times he took care of my health needs meant the world to me. I always had confidence in his opinions that he truly was working in my best interest. He listens to you and goes beyond the mile to see to his patients needs. He's not the sort of doctor that's in & out of the exam room in a few minutes. He spend quality time with each of his patients. He's a physician that doesn't stop at anything! He's compasionate and caring and looks after his patients like no other doctor could. He is the best!

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Ron C (Patient) 03-09-2009
As an RN, I've worked with many doctors over the years. When it came to choosing my own doctor I went to Dr. Wallace because of his personal attention and I wanted someone that I felt confident would figure out quickly what I needed. The bonus is that his wife is also a fine doctor and I knew that if she had to cover him I had the best duo in town looking after me.

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Office 1515 N 9th St Ste D Phoenix AZ 85006
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(602) 2526855
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(602) 2522223

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In Univ Sch Of Med, Indianapolis In 46202
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(33 years of experience)

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