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Karen E LEE MD
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Karen E LEE MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - California San Diego

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(City : San Diego)
(ZIP : 92130)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Niomi (Patient) 06-02-2012
greatt doctorr! i'd recomend her to anyone!! shes the best!(:

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Kathleen D (Patient) 03-31-2011
Dr. Lee and her staff are fantastic. I feel fortunate to have found a physician who listens and learns from her patients, as well as from her own life experience. This team takes a holistic view of medicine and treats all aspects of our health and well-being -- physical, rational and emotional.

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Ana V. (Patient) 03-22-2011
I really love Dr. Lee I think she is a great provider and is always right on point with her diagnosis. Over the years I have really come to count on her and she has always been there for me. Also someone needs to update this listing. They moved to 550 Lomas santa Fe in solana beach

Directions on the website cv women's health in Solana beach

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J. (Patient) 12-03-2010
Had serious pain for 30 years. Saw different doctors. She was the first to correctly diagnose exactly what was wrong with me. I had surgery, and she was able to give me a full hystorectomy vaginally, as well as clean out all the endometriosis. Any other doctor would've given up and cut me. She was amazing. I highly recommend her.

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A (Patient) 09-27-2010
Dr lee has delivered both of my children via csection and she did a great job. I would recommend her services to other women/families

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Valorie (Patient) 03-09-2010
She is a great dr. Excellent bedside manner and care. One of the best I have seen.

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Hayley D (Patient) 01-08-2010
Finally someone who listened to me! Thanks to Dr. Lee my hormones are back on track. She is a Whiz with bio-identical hormones and I finally feel like my old self again. My husband even sent her a Thank you card. I have to say that I recommended her to my sister and my next door neighbor. She is a great Doctor and the staff is a riot. Very kind and friendly.

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Hayley (Patient) 12-13-2009
Probably one of the most genuine and caring doctors that I have ever met. I would recommend her to anyone and have recommended her to my sister and mom. She is great and the office is neat, clean and personable.

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Tova (Patient) 03-13-2008
I switched OB/GYN doctors to Dr. Karen Lee because after going through menopause and lots of uncomfortable symptoms, she really helped my quaity of life. She believes and prescribes bio-identical hormones from the compound pharmacy where my last doctor didn't. I believe they are better and have helped me with sleep interruptions(due to hot flashes), memory problems, mood swings, etc. I have recommended her to my friends.
She is calm, comforting and is a good listener. Her nurse is pretty good about answering phone message and doing the grunt work with blood tests and prescriptions. She's very helpful and considerate. I like the fact that it's a smaller office where I don't feel like a number in those larger offices.

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Margaret M (Patient) 05-24-2007
Choosing an OB/ GYN should not be taken lightly. A woman should be mindful of her health and choose a knowledgeable and caring M.D. I live in a small ski town in CO, with limited access to health care professionals. We spend Spring off seasons here in CA. Dr. Lee agreed to see me, despite the fact that I have another OB/ GYN at home. Some MD's will not agree to this. I found her to be incredibly professional (her first meeting with a patient is with a patient's clothes on) and knowledgeable. I am typically very uncomfortable with these types of exams. Dr. Lee is gentle and caring. She performed a D and C when we found that my pregnancy had terminated, from which I healed quickly (emotionally and physically). I would not have had the same experience with my MD at home. I am an educated person and was raised in a medical family. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Lee. I am just sad that I don't live here full time so that she can be my MD when I am pregnant again.

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Cat (Patient) 05-18-2007
Since 16 yrs of age I endured severe cramping with menses. Told by former OB/GYN it's "normal." When pressed, he said it was probably cysts. Not agreeing & crying in horrid pain, a friend recommended me to a young female OB/GYN, Dr. Karen E. Lee who took time to listen, take my history, and do gentle full exam. She confirmed what I suspected, Endometriosis. We did laser ablation which provided significant help for many years. That was back in 1997 when Endometriosis was not even completely accepted as a disease by many OB/GYN in CA. Have been seeing her ever since. She is a warm gentle spirit, and a fabulously caring supportive doctor.

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Office 12395 El Camino Real Ste 207 San Diego 92130
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(858) 2599900
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(858) 2590864

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La State Univ Sch Of Med In New Orleans, New Orleans La 70112
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