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Surgery - New Mexico Albuquerque

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New Mexico

(City : Albuquerque)
(ZIP : 87108)
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E Diane BOWERS MD's Special Expertises :
General Surgery

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Nova (Friend) 11-10-2011
Dr. Bowers is very dedicated to her patients and work. She always thoroughly looks into the problem the patient is dealing with, and explains everything that is going to happen and what the risks and benifits are, that way there is no guess work as to what could happen. Even though I have never been operated on by her, I know that even when she is not in the office, she studies and reviews dilegently to make sure the patient is in good hands.

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torie (Patient) 10-12-2008
I have been a practicing RN for over 30 years.
Dr. Bowers performed endocrine surgery on me, a minimally invasive parathyroidectomy.
I found her to be accessable, organized, thorough, extremely competent and considerate.
I highly recommend her.

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Sally (Patient) 06-23-2007
I met Dr. Diane Bowers the first time when I need to have my gallbladder removed. The second time was when I It was suggested by my oncologist that I have prophylactic bilateral mastectomies to lower my risk of breast cancer. Dr. Bowers specializes in Breast Surgery. I met with her in November of 2003 and talked about my concerns and what my options were. She listened to me. She explained everything that was going to happen and what I was going to go through. It was also suggested by my oncologist that I have an oopherectomy/hysterectomy as well. I wanted to have both procedures done at the same time. Dr. Bowers explained to me what the issues would be in doing them together but agreed to do her procedure with my other doctor. They both let me know that doing them together would take a tremendous toll on my body. Dr. Bowers made sure I understood the risks and that the recovery time would be longer. Dr. Bowers worked with me, my other doctor and the time frame. The surgeries worked out.

Dr. Bowers cares about her patients and really does listen to them. I have had hernia repair surgery with her since the original and my gynecologist (the other doctor) was able to scrub in on that surgery as well. I continue to see Dr. Bowers at least once a year for comprehensive breast exams.

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Office 5400 Gibson Blvd SE Albuquerque 87108
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Office Phone # :
(505) 2627281
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(505) 2627371

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Baylor Coll Of Med, Houston Tx 77030
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(36 years of experience)

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