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Tom Laxson AUSTIN MD
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Tom Laxson AUSTIN MD
Pediatrics - South Carolina Columbia

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South Carolina

(City : Columbia)
(ZIP : 29203)
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Tom Laxson AUSTIN MD's Special Expertises :
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

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Chani (Patient) 08-14-2007
I wanted to commend Dr. Tom Austin on being such a wonderful and caring doctor. When I moved to Columbia, SC I looked and looked for an Gyn that would listen to me and my problems. I went to two or three other gyns that either told me to deal with my pain or just didn't take me seriously. I was to the point I was going to start driving 3 hours back to my Ob/Gyn from 8 years ago in a different state.

Dr. Tom Austin, was considerate and understanding. He listened to what I had to say about my body. Gave me suggestions that might work. When I stated that previous pills or methods did not work for me he took that into consideration.

Unlike other doctors, Dr. Austin did not just "poo-poo" my ideas or what I thought could be the problem or concerns.

I ended up having a hysterectomy and Dr. Austin was caring and understanding prior, during and after the surgery. He answered all questions that I had honestly and promptly. He even called me himself the Monday after I got home from surgery just to see how I was doing. I was floored that a doctor would take the time to call a patient just to check in. (This was without me calling his office for anything.)

I can not describe how comforting it is have a doctor that truly cares and listens to his patients. He also has a great since of humor when I pick at him. That has to count for something!

Dr. Tom Austin practices out of:
Providence Women's Health Northeast
114 Gateway Corporate Boulevard
Suite 350
Columbia, SC 29203.
Their phone number is 803-788-0268.
Website: www.ProvidenceWomensHealth.com

I would recommend him to anyone looking for an ob/gyn in this area.

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Office 3 Medical Park Rd Ste 400 Columbia 29203
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Office Phone # :
(803) 4346392
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(803) 4344309

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Baylor Coll Of Med, Houston Tx 77030
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(56 years of experience)

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