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Emmanuel Nwabufo MBA MD
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Emmanuel Nwabufo MBA MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - California Inglewood

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Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for Emmanuel Nwabufo MBA MD
Treslyn (Patient) 04-11-2018
My experience with Dr. Mba began 30 years ago. Both of my Fallopian tubes were blocked due to PID. Dr. Mba performed microscopic surgery an 86, the prognosis for conception was less than 50% after the surgery. I ended up with 2 full term pregnancies. This doctor is the real deal! He has an awesome bedside manner, he gives you real information, not only is he a doctor, he educates his patients as well. When it comes to a gynecologist, hes the guy. I dread the day that he decides to retire, I would be so lost with out him as my physician. I highly recommend him, he loves challenges and problem solving.

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Althea M (Patient) 04-24-2013
In 2004, I was diagnosed with large fibroids. I visited Dr Mba; he had over 3 decades of experience & suggested alternatives for shrinking & surgery. Regretfully, I chose a naturopath doctor to shrink them & avoid surgery.
In 2006, I felt worse! I had migraine headaches, dizziness, stomach bloat & pressure, heavy bleeding, painful cramping, and strangers congratulating me on my pregnancy-though I wasn't pregnant.
So, at age 36, I chose & told a white female Beverly Hills doctor to perform a myomectomy (so I can have a baby). As I read & signed the paperwork in her office, God made me see her notes "myomectomy with possible hysterectomy." I'm an Olympian & fitness expert, so I sprinted out of that office so fast back to Dr Mba's!

Dr. Mba is truly experienced, skillful, knowledgable, and trustworthy; he promised that he'd save my uterus by performing a myomectomy and that the fibroids are probably damaging my organs. He was right; lab results showed I had hydronephrosis (urine backed in my kidneys due to fibroids pressing on my ureters). Dr Mba cared about my overall health & wouldn't perform the myomectomy without me having my kidneys drained. So, I had the kidney surgery the day before and the next day he performed myomectomy. He jokingly said, "You made me work hard - several hours in surgery - because I had to keep my promise."
I felt so much better and am grateful that I did get pregnant;
however, for the past 7 years, I suffered again because the fibroids grew back - just as he'd stated; he recommended alternatives to shrink them & hysterectomy if I didn't want a baby.
A week ago, Dr Mba showed he truly cared and comforted me by coming into the surgery waiting room and assured me he'd perform the surgery I requested and not to worry. I felt so special because he treats me like a daughter.
It was a success, again! I recovered well; he demonstrated that he cares about his patients and their needs by going beyond what I'd ask for; he repaired my keloid skin that resulted after the first surgery.
I highly recommend Dr Mba if you're seeking a caring, trustworthy, experienced, knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile gynecologist.
Althea Moses

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NaTasha H (Patient) 06-20-2012
I must say that God has truley blessed Dr. Mba is to be an outstanding doctor. I found Dr. Mba by searching online for an OBGYN.I compared his experience with at least 6 other doctors who were highly recommended as he was. For some reason he stood out from the rest of the doctors and later I understood why. When I first met with Dr. Mba he told me right away that I needed to have a myomectomy (surgical removal of fibroids). I was nervous and scared and I researched and asked questions about the surgery...in the end I decided to have the surger which of course went successful...3 months later I got pregnant with my son who is a year old now. I'm so thankful and appreciative for Dr. Mba's compassion for what he does.

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Dr. Lewis Daughter (Patient) 03-04-2011
I have been a patient of Dr. Mba since age 19. I use to ride my bike from my Dad's dental practice to his office in Inglewood many times for my medical apts. I had my first child at age 38. I was considered a high risk pregnancy. To make a long story short. Dr. Mba is the best OBGYN. He is caring, thoughful and he is family to me. My daughter is now 7yrs old. I thank God Dr. Mba is my physican. He tells me all the time how he remembers my delivery. I find that hard to believe when I know he has delivered so many children. Yet he is able to describe my daughter's birth to a tee. Especially since my father passed away, Dr. Mba has been like a father to me and I know he really cares. I love you dearly Dr.Mba Thank you so much.
May God continue to use you.

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Sheila B (Patient) 08-26-2010
Dr. Mba delivered all four of my children and I am so grateful to him and his staff for always being there for me. However, at 40 I decided to have another child. If it had not of been for Dr. Mba's keen perception, absolute knowledge, concern for his patient (me), and love for his profession I might not be here today writing this message.

I was in my third trimester, a few weeks away from delivery when he became concerned with the readings while I was in his office for a routine check-up. He immediately put me on bed rest. That night I felt like I was coming down with a cold. I took 2 Tylenol and went to bed. By 5 a.m. I was shivering uncontrollably. (I didn't know it at the time, but I had pre-eclampsia, and my body was going into shock.) When I called him he told me to get to the hospital immediately. I did exactly as he instructed and when I got there everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, from the ER staff was waiting for me.

Long story short, my beautiful daughter, who just turned 16 last week, was born by emergency C-section. When I saw Dr. Mba later on words couldn't express how grateful I was and I could tell it had taken a toll on him as well. Several months later when I saw the detailed account of the hospital bill...I learned that my baby had to be resuscitated...twice.

Like others have said, Dr. Mba is not just a wonderful, gifted doctor, he is family. He is patient, kind, comforting, thorough and he was a blessing to me and my family and I would (and have) highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a high quality, caring, physician. I will always be forever grateful to him.

Thank you and may God bless and keep you always!

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kim (Patient) 01-26-2010
I agree with the last. I too was a patient of Dr. Mba and starting see him at 19 years old. I am now 50 and Dr Mba also delivered my son 28 years ago. While during the years I had to change to another doctor but later was able to have him again as my physician in 2006. I have since relocated to another state but if I could I would have Dr Mba again as my physician. He is the absolute greatest. Thank you Dr Mba.

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Vittian (Patient) 08-08-2009
Dr. Mba has been my doctor since I was 19 yrs of age. I am now 47. He delivered both my children, and both were high risk and seven years apart. Both were born healthy. The only thing he asks of me was to make sure both go to college and I did. The oldies Graduation with Honors 2 yrs ago and the other is in their last year of Colleges. I would recommend him to everyone. Even now that I reside 2 hours away from his office he still have time to answers my question when I need a second opinion are not sure of s medical situation he is always there to listen. Hes a great doctor who truly cares for you like family. Plus, has a strong belief in education our youth. He is a blessing.

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Eleanor (Patient) 06-16-2009
I have been a patient of Dr. Mba for about 17 years. For the past 11 of these I have lived in New York. I have such trust and confidence in Dr. Mba that I still visit with him at least once a year. Though he told me how to find a good physician here, I'm just more comfortable with him. He is a great doctor.

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Michelle (Patient) 04-03-2009
I started seeing Dr. Mba in 2003. I had a severe medical problem which caused a lot of pain, for years. My previous doctor never really did anything other than monitor my condition and give me pain medicine.
Dr. Mba, not only treated me but through his blessed hands and heart, I no longer have pain and ended up with a miracle baby! He is truly God's gift to this earth. I love that he spends quality time and will answer any questions you may have.
He is a great doctor.
p.s. And I usually don't like nor trust doctors.

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Tonya (Patient) 01-31-2008
I moved to California about 8 years ago and almost immediately had a medical emergency which resulted in surgery by another physican. I only wished that I had met Dr. Mba sooner. Dr. Mba explores other options before recommending surgery. He addresses my concerns immediately and thoroughly. He makes me feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend him.

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Elowa J (Patient) 11-19-2007
Never have I had a doctor that goes beyond just being a doctor. I truly feel that Dr. Mba is like family. I recomend him to everyone I know. In 1985 I had a medical complaint that was literally killing me and all other emergency rooms and doctors kept sending me home with their to do remedies which needless to say did nothing to make things better. I was refered to Dr. Mba and after meeting him in his office I within hours was sent to Centinela Hospital and surgery was done, completed and successful by the man himself Dr. Emmanual Mba. I honestly don't know how he could improve himself. Dr Mba will find the problem and fix it. He is the greatest and I will never leave him and his great staff.

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Kimberly Stevenson (Patient) 08-29-2007
He is an incredible doctor and surgeron. He treats like a relative and not another patient. He is caring and understanding.

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