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Leah (Patient) 04-21-2011
Dr. Debra Wickman is a patient and knowledgeable doctor. If you are having any female sex issues, she is the woman to see. I respectfully call her "my sex doctor". Thank you Dr. Wickman!

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Debbie (Patient) 09-17-2007
I have been seeing Dr. Wickman & her staff since July 2007 and what a blessing they have been! When Dr. Wickman reviewed my situation with me & my husband we decided that a hysterectomy would be my best bet. During each visit, prior to the surg, at the hospital, and at my 1st post-op visit, she allowed me all the time I needed to ask my questions and very patiently answered each one. Dr. Wickman is the most caring, understanding and trustworthy Dr's I have ever met and would highly recommend her to anyone!

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