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D Ashley HILL MD
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D Ashley HILL MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Florida Orlando

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(City : Orlando)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Jennifer (Patient) 02-15-2015
Dr. Hill took care of me during my last pregnancy. I was worried due to prior pregnancy problems, but he was super kind, talked to me a lot, and put me completely at ease. The delivery was such a difference from the first one! I changed jobs and moved since my delivery and drive over an hour to see him. He's worth it!

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sarah (Patient) 03-13-2011
Fantastic doctor !! I saw Dr. Hill as part of his menstrual disorder center. I used to have periods that lasted 2 weeks. I swim competitively and is was a huge hassle to always worry about accidents, not to mention the cramps and fatigue. Dr. Hill fixed the problem in a couple of visits and I didn't even need surgery. I'm not ready for kids yet (too young and no SO) but Dr. Hill stopped my periods completely with an IUD. When I want to have kids he can take out the IUD and I can get pregnant. This really changed my life. He was really cool to talk with and explained every option carefully. Even though I'm younger he treated me respectfully and made sure I understood everything. He even gave me some tips on an upcoming vacation I was taking with my family :) Great doctor.

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Sarah (Patient) 03-11-2011
I have been through a number of doctors over the past 7 years due to Endometriosis. After having 2 surgeries (one consisting of an unecessary complete hysterectomy at the age of 27) I stumbled upon Dr. Hill. I have never been more pleased with a doctor. Dr. Hill has taken such good care of me, and genuinley is concerned with my diagnoses. He will work with you on every type of treatment out there before he has to do anything major. Overall though, I have never seen a doctor who you can tell genuniley cares for your well being and nothing else. I have recommended Dr. Hill to everyone I know, and will continue singing praises about him. His staff is extremely nice and helpful as well. This office is all around an outstanding office and after being there for 2 years now I have never had 1 problem with Dr. Hill or his staff. I have the utmost faith in him and after all I have been through I thought I would never be able to trust a doctor again. Thank God for Dr. Hill and changing my mindset on that. He is a #1 doctor and deserves so much recognition for his hard work.

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rose s. (Patient) 11-22-2010
great experience from scheduling to seeing the doctor. Doctor was great answered all my questions, and was really funny!!

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LRW (Patient) 07-23-2010
I have had really heavy periods for as far back as I can remember. I went to my primary office after having a very embarrassing "accident" in front of some friends. My nurse practitioner referred me to Dr. Hill because he started a special practice for women with heavy cycles. It's at the same location as the Loch Haven practice, but it's called the Center for Menstrual Disorders. It was great going somewhere where the focus was on my condition. The short version of my story is that I have a bleeding problem that Dr. Hill diagnosed with some blood tests. I'm going back soon for an IUD placement, which should stop or at least decrease my bleeding. It's a huge relief knowing that there is something real that has caused me such trouble. The schedulers, nurses, and Dr. Hill were just terrific. I felt very comfortable from the start talking with him and I trust him completely.

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donnaB (Patient) 05-19-2010
My family doctor referred me to doctor Hill for heavy cycles. He was great, and so was his staff. He asked about my plans for children and how my heavy periods were affecting my work and hobbies (I bike competitively). He was very kind and extremely gentle. It turns out I had a large pollyp that he removed. After 3 months my cycles are still normal and I don't have anemia and fatigue.. I would recommend Dr. Hill to anyone who values their relationship with their doctor and wants to see someone who is the best.

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Julie (Patient) 04-10-2009
Dr. Hill is the best! I have driven from Tampa to Orlando for the past 5 years just to see him. I know I need to find another OBGYN in Tampa, and I am going to take a recommendation from Dr. Hill. I wish I could bring him over here b/c he truly makes every visit comfortable and easy. Doctors like that are hard to find!

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FibroidTrouble (Patient) 05-31-2008
I saw Dr. Hill last year because my fibroids had returned about 5 years after I had them removed through a bikini cut by another doctor. After reviewing my options Dr. Hill was very respectful of my desire to keep my uterus, even though I am done having children. He performed a laparoscopic fibroid removal and took out 6 fibroids! My bleeding returned to normal, no more pain or pressure, and the cuts were tiny. After my 1st surgery I spent 4 days in the hospital, but after the scope I went home the same evening as the surgery. His nurse told me that he has started doing robotic surgery for fibroids and other conditions, which sounds pretty cool. I recommend him as a kind, thoughtful, funny, and smart doctor. BTW, this site has his old address. The new one is 235 East Princeton, Suite 200, Orlando (upstairs from the radiology building on the corner of I-4 and Princeton). The phone no. is 407-303-1444.

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HealthyK (Patient) 09-30-2007
Dr. Hill performed my LSH on September 26, 2007. I know that not all doctors are familiar with this procedure and Dr. Hill and his practice LochHaven OB/GYN actually TEACH LSH to other doctors. I have been a patient of this practice for 12 years. It was very important to me that I have an LSH versus losing my cervix and I had virtually all options available to me with Dr. Hill. Likewise, hysterectomy was NOT his first suggestion but my choice and an appropriate treatment for my situation. I highly recommend Dr. Hill and LochHaven OB/GYN. He is experienced, upbeat, confident and spoke intelligently to me.

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