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Jennifer S HAYES
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Suggestions & Reviews for Jennifer S HAYES DO
SandysPOVnet (Patient) 05-01-2017
After meeting with me and reviewing my situation, Dr. Hayes gave recommendations for treatment. When I asked her to revise her plan, she listened to my concerns and agreed with me. Her bedside manner is impeccable. Her treatment is great. My difficult hysterectomy was meet with conservative care and allowed me not to have to be further cut open. Aftercare was exactly what I needed even when I needed to get in for a concern a year after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Hayes. She is the best gynecologist in the Tampa Bay area.

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Judith M (Patient) 03-26-2014
Dr. Hayes has been my Gynecologist for several years now and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a caring and compassionate doctor who also offers state-of-the-art, innovative treatments. Dr. Hayes is extremely gentle in her exams and also and has helped me with some very difficult medical problems and she takes the time to listen to me. She is also a well-respected surgeon. Her office staff is terrific and there is never a long wait. All-around the best Gyn group I have been to.

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sue d (Patient) 01-28-2014
Dr Hayes is always very caring. She listens to all my needs and never rushes me.

I receive all my gynecological care and womens health care at the office.

Dr Hayes always makes sure that all my questions are answered.

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Stephen O (Patient) 03-09-2013
Dr. Hayes and all of the office staff we very supportive and accepting. I felt very welcomed every visit which was especially important to me. Dr. Hayes performed a laproscopic hysterectomy in December 12. Everything has been smooth sailing, and I could not have had a more positive experience!

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Karen (Patient) 10-02-2012
Dr Jennifer Hayes is very professional and extremely knowledgable in her field. She has been my doctor since she opened her practice. Dr Hayes always listens to my concerns. She is always willing to take an extra moment to comfort you.

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Barbara (Patient) 10-01-2012
I think Dr.Hayes is amazing! I have been a patient off and on for 25 years.. I have tried the rest and finally went back to the BEST!
I recently had a procedure with her she made sure I understood what it was about and all the details that went with it which was very comforting because I am a chicken..A persistent complaint of 5 years is now totally gone YEAH! She has also helped me with hormone replacement this past year. Her skills as a Dr. go way beyond medicine, her personal care is warm and genuinely heart felt! I also really like her staff, they go out of their way to make sure your needs are met from a cup of coffee to an insurance question. I recommend Dr Jennifer Hayes. :-)

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Paula D (Patient) 09-24-2012
Dr. Hayes performed my surgery after no one else could diagnose my pain. I am grateful to say that I am completely out of pain today. Dr. Hayes thinks out of the box and is so thorough that I wish she were available to be my primary care Doctor. I have never felt rushed and feel she spends quality time with me during my appointments. Her office staff is always very professional and courteous. I am very fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Hayes and trust her judgment implicitly. I believe she is a brilliant Doctor and is proactive in terms of keeping her patients healthy and happy. Her surgical skills are excellant. I barely have a scar from my hysterectomy.

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JR (Patient) 09-15-2011
I have been thinking about having a labiaplasty for years but never pursued it. One evening I came across Dr. Hayes site on the internet. The more I read about Dr. Hayes, the more certain I was that I would finally do something about my "situation". I had been unhappy for too long.
Dr. Hayes and her staff are caring, supportive, and thorough. After my first visit, I had all the information I needed and felt comfortable enough to go for it.
I have absolutely no regrets and am beyond thrilled with the results. I only wish I had done this sooner.
Dr. Hayes has made a tremendous difference in my life. Thank you!!!
. There was very little discomfort-even immediately after surgery. In a week I felt great which has continued. Thank you again!

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BP (Patient) 06-20-2011
Never having had surgery before, I was nervous, scared, etc. but Dr. Hayes assured me everything would be fine. Her professionalism, personality, and knowledge was fantastic. The surgery was a piece of cake. My recovery seems to be going along well. I would recommend Dr. Hayes to everyone without hesitation. Robotic gyn surgery is the way to go!
Her staff is also great. All you have to do is call and someone is always willing to listen and help.
I would grade the whole experience as an A+. Thanks for a great job.

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LH (Patient) 06-07-2010
I came to Dr. Hayes after my local gynecologist told me that my fibroid was too large to be removed internally; and, that I would need a traditional hysterectomy. This mean a large abdominal incision, several days in the hospital and 6 to 8 weeks recovery. Dr. Hayes offered a superior, less invasive robotic alternative. More importantly, Dr. Hayes was able to remove my uterus and fibroid internally, which I did not think could be accomplished. Thanks to Dr. Hayes, I recovered in 2 weeks time with only 4 small incisions.

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CG (Patient) 06-07-2010
I researched Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation on the internet many times and each time the experience and credentials of Dr Jennifer Hayes stood out amongst all the other doctors. I visited her for a consultation and immediately knew that Visionary Centre for Women was a place I felt comfortable. The staff was friendly, upheld the privacy and delicacy of my surgery, and went above and beyond to make my experience exceptional. I am pleased to say that my surgery went seemlessly and my recovery was quick. I experienced minimal pain and was back at work within two weeks. If you are thinking about Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery to restore vaginal tightness, and are looking for an expert, experienced surgeon to do it, in my opinion there is no other place to go. Dr. Hayes and her staff are the best.

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JB (Patient) 08-06-2009
I'm a 56 year-old post-menopausal women who recently had extensive bleeding with sexual intercourse. This had never happen before, and my husband and I were really scared. Since we are fairly recent "transplants" to Florida, I asked my primary care physician, who I trust completely, to recommend a gynecologist - someone who he would trust his wife to. He recommended Dr. Jennifer Hayes. I am so thrilled that he did so!

From the minute I walked into the office, the entire staff was so friendly and warm to me. Dr. Hayes told me upon examination that there were three things that could possibly be wrong with me, but she wouldn't know precisely until further testing and biopsies were performed. She said that it could be benign uterine polyps, pre-cancerous cells, or cancer. If you have never heard the "C" word issued to you, it's hard to imagine the thoughts that go through your mind. I have only been married for a year and a half (after many years of a miserable previous marriage) to the nicest, most lovable and sexiest man I've ever met (who's seven years younger than I am), and I finally got my lovely daughter through college and married to a great husband, and now, I might die??? Dr. Hayes held my hands and told me that I'm not going anywhere. If it was uterine cancer, it was the easiest cancer to cure. But, she would have to do a D&C to get a biopsy of the massive amount of polyps in my uterus. Every member of her staff encouraged me not to worry - I was in good hands. They all treated me like family.

I was absolutely terrified of surgery. Oh, I had the utmost confidence in Dr. Hayes, but I was terrified of being put to sleep. When I was 32, I had been given sodium pentothal as an anesthetic for a tubal ligation, and actually died on the operating table. It took a long time for them to "revive me", and then I was horribly nauseated for two days after that. Dr. Hayes and her staff kept reassuring me that this would not happen again.

Fortunately, the results of the D&C showed that my polyps were benign. Dr. Hayes then told me that she could do a total hysterectomy using robotic surgery, which meant that my pain would be much less and my recovery would be much easier. She was right! Not only did she perform the hysterectomy (including my ovaries), but she re-positioned my bladder to where it was before I had a 10 pound vaginal delivery of a baby girl 25 years ago, AND she tightened the muscles in my vagina to make sex more pleasurable. And, I woke up from the anesthesia starving to death instead of vomiting. I only had to spend one night in the hospital. I had had a male gynecologist for many years in Ohio prior to moving to Florida, and not once did he suggest that moving my bladder to eliminate leakage and tightening my vaginal muscles was possible. THANK YOU, DR. HAYES!

And, now, I keep reading these testimonials about the G-spot shot, so that's the next thing I'm going to do!

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KP (Patient) 06-08-2009
I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) by another doctor, but given no explanation or treatment options. I also had very painful and heavy periods that practically incapacitated me every month. I was left scared, angry,and confused. My best friend recommended I go see Dr. Hayes and it was some of the best advice I'd ever received. She took time to explain my problems and treatment options, and really listened to my concerns. She took my medical problems very seriously, and never once minimized or shrugged off my concerns. Her knowledge was always up-to-date and she also did not discount any natural remedies that I wanted to try. I really felt like my care was a partnership with her. Visiting her office was like going to see good friends. Dr. Hayes truly changed my life by giving me hope. I have recommended her to many others, and they have all been very happy with her care. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hayes. She is amazing.

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Sandra S (Patient) 05-22-2009
Dr Hayes has looked at all of my medical records and listened to everything I had to say. She took the time to sit with my husband and me to discuss treatment options and agreed to my request. I don't feel like I'm being treated as a number by both Dr Hayes and her staff (who are wonderful, too!).

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Dr. S. (Patient) 01-12-2009

The GSHOT works! As a busy female gynecologist, I hear the same complaint of a lack of sexual desire every day from patients ranging in age from twenty to eighty. As it has always been my philosophy that the best way to fully understand another’s experience is to undergo it myself; when I heard about the new technique of GSpot amplification with the “GShot”, I felt I owed it to both my patients and myself to “try it out”.

Dr. Jennifer Hayes at the Center for Visionary Care is a good friend and one of the best gynecologists in Florida. I could think of no one else that I wanted to be my GShot doctor. Dr Hayes and her staff were exceptionally friendly and professional reviewing the entire logistics of the procedure and what to expect with me before proceeding. The entire examination and procedure took less than five minutes and was completely painless. I did not feel any different as I left the office and, as it happened, I did not begin my “clinical trials” evaluating the efficacy of the GShot for a week.

To be perfectly honest, I went into Dr Hayes office with complete skepticism about the GShot. My sex life was already satisfying and I truly doubted that injecting collagen into a tiny spot on the top of my vagina would make it any better. Was I ever WRONG! Without going into details that would probably do better in a Penthouse Forum letter, suffice it to say that the GShot allowed me to enjoy multiple penetrational orgasms with my partner the likes of which I had never experienced in my life! The stimulation was just “that” much better and more intense.

Although it must be noted that the GShot does not itself promise to increase one’s libido, I found that the significant enhancement in my sexual gratification has, as a direct result, increased my sexual interest and desire. My partner is ecstatic and, more importantly, so am I. I have been recounting my experience to my patients and friends who are anxiously awaiting the incorporation of the GShot into my own practice. I have had many volunteers to test it further.

As I am drawing to the end of the four month effectiveness period of my first GShot, I am definitely appreciating the decreasing sensation with intercourse. I have already started planning my return trip to Tampa to receive another GShot from Dr. Hayes and can only end this the way I started with an emphatic, “The GSHOT works!”

Smiling All the Way,

Dr. S.

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A.C. (Patient) 11-16-2008
I would like to thank Dr. Hayes from the bottom of my heart for what she has done for me. Since she preformed my partial hysterectomy surgery in May of this year I've never felt better in all of my adult life.

While it was a hard decision to have the hysterectomy because of the sense of loss and the 6 to 8 week recovery time from a major surgery, you really made me feel at ease describing the procedure using the da Vinci Robotic Surgery method instead of the traditional hysterectomy method. What a difference! What was even more amazing is Dr. Hayes gave me the opportunity to view the video of my surgery. I found that so interesting and amazing.

Because of the size of my uterus my recovery was slightly longer at about 4 weeks, but I was up and out of bed in just one day! That was amazing. I had no real pain at all from my incisions; the only discomfort was my internal organs settling back into new space.

I want everyone to know that Dr. Hayes changed my life and would like to thank her so much for taking care of me and helping me. I lived in discomfort and pain for almost all of my adult life and you fixed it for me. She is awesome!!!

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pharas (Patient) 08-22-2008
Dr. Hayes is the absolute best doctor!!! I actually look forward to my annual visits. :) She speaks with authority, but is never condescending. She is gentle and personable. She creates a sacred space where you--as the patient--feel comfortable to express yourself without reservation. Dr. Hayes is a great listener, which is a rare find! To any woman looking for a new doctor, I confidently recommend Dr. Jennifer Hayes.

(PS She always has on the cutest outfits too!)

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Cheril (Patient) 01-08-2008
Dr. Hayes is truly a unique doctor that you can talk to about anything. She lights up the room when she walks in with her big smile and caring eyes. You can sense the compassion she feels for her patients. I always look forward to my visits and if I ever need a hysterectomy, I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it . I told my friend to go to her for a second opinion because her doctor told her she was going to have to have an abdominal hysterectomy because she had a huge fibroid and it was the only way to take it out. She went to Dr. Hayes and she operated on her with the robot! She only had 4 little marks from the surgery and had hardly any downtime. Of course now my friend is telling all her friends about Dr. Hayes too. I so happy that she practices here where I live.

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