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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Washington Mount Vernon

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(City : Mount Vernon)
(ZIP : 98274)
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Nikorn ARUNAKUL MD's Special Expertises :
General Obstetrics and Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for Nikorn ARUNAKUL MD
Connie (Patient) 06-05-2013
To say that Dr. Arunakal is a caring and skillful doctor does not do him justice. My birthing experience was incredible. He listened to and respected my needs and hopes for the birth or my son. He is calming and rational - explaining to me my options and giving me information to make the best choices for me.

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Jamie W (Patient) 05-13-2011
Dr. Arunakul is the best OBGYN I have ever had! He was able to pinpoint the reason behind my infertility (when two previous doctors dismissed my concerns), tackle the issue, monitor my progress, and set my mind at ease throughout my entire pregnancy. Since then, I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Arunakul deliver both of my children. I have always been put at ease by Dr. Arunakul's gentle patience, his vast knowledge, and his ability to handle stress with kindness and support.
I always strongly recommend Dr. Arunakul to my friends, strangers, and even my Mom!

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Deborah M (Patient) 09-10-2009
He is the best!

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Jordan (Patient) 04-11-2009
His name might be a little tricky, but he is an amazing Dr. in my book. I saw Dr. Arunakul after a miscarriage some time ago and he handled my situation delicately and with so much care and kindness. I felt like I was his most important patient because of the took time he took to talk to me and was very thorough and informative about the D&C that he performed and with the follow-ups. His knowledge, disposition and the attention he gave to me and my situation made me feel very comforted during that ordeal and I cannot tell you how much I needed and appreciated that. I just found out that I am pregnant again and you had better believe I called and set up an appoinment with Dr. Arunakul. Hopefully I'll get to share a more joyous experience with him this time around, but I know if things take a turn for the worst that I will be in good hands.

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Angela (Patient) 02-22-2008
I received an Abdominal Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy of the Right Ovarie. Dr. Arunakul is a very caring, comforting, cheerful, friendly , and does his best to keep you out of pain. Great Doctor.

Dr. Arunakul specialty: are Laporoscopic Surgery; Female Incontinence; Preconception Counseling; Colposcopy; Women 's Health; Obstertics; Gynecology

He is in the Naples Women's Center, offices in Naples and Estero, FL. Hospital Privileges are Naples community, North Collier, Physicians Day, and Naples Day Surgery

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Full-Time Hospital Staff
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Skagit Valley Hospital
Skagit Valley Hospital 1400 E Kincaid St WA 98274
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Office 1400 E Kincaid St WA 98274
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Office Phone # :
(360) 4286471
Hospital Phone # :
(360) 4244111

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(47 years old)
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Hackensack, New Jersey
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University of Florida
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(20 years of experience)

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