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Debbie N (Patient) 02-02-2013
Dr. Kwon did a TVH on Dec of 2012 (total vaginal hysterectomy). I had a very bad prolasped uterus. She repaired that and did some repairs on the vaginal walls. I am 6 weeks into recovery with no problems. I wanted an expert thats why I traveled 2 hours to see Dr. Kwon. She is a very talented surgeron. For major surgery I had no problems with pain.
If you want an expert, urogynelogist, pelvic floor specialist call her. I really cant tell you how well I am doing and how greatful I had the surgery. (Everything was falling out of me). I have my life back thanks to Dr. Kwon. Did I mention she came and talked to me holding my hand just before surgery? If you want compassion, experience, talent call her.

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Linda Peter (Patient) 03-12-2008
I had been having urinary AND gynecological problems. I was referred by my longtime physician. I was treated very consciously, caringly, & effectively. I have experienced the trauma of rape/child sexual abuse and needed a little more than was in the job description of a doctor. I had been raped by a doctor. Dr. Kwon painstakingly took me through the testing required, then to surgery. Despite my desire for her to "hurry UP already" she remained focused on doing the right thing for me. The last thing I saw was her leaning down to my face, holding my hand, and telling me that all would be well. And it was. I would highly recommend the doctor and her practice. She does surgery at multiple hospitals, not just in downtown Chicago. She has a team of understanding people who helped me with my insurance coordination and other needs. Dr. Kwon is respectful, cheerful, comforting, experienced, and trustworthy. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy with a Burch procedure and vaginal repair. At the same time another surgeon (whom she recommended) did a hernia repair. Compared to other physicians whom I interviewed she had empathy for my situation, respect for my intelligence, and comfort for my fears.

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