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Allan Michael BLOCK MD
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Allan Michael BLOCK MD
Neurology - Arizona Scottsdale

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Allan Michael BLOCK MD



(City : Scottsdale)
(ZIP : 85258)
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Jennifer (Patient) 12-01-2011
I have suffered with migraines since I was about 8 years old. I have never found anything that helped. Dr. Block would not give up, no matter how many different medications I tried without success. Now, at age 39, I am finally able to say that my migraines are almost under control. He has been a huge help. I love his relaxed style and his staff is great. I would suggest him to anyone.

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Tracy (Patient) 01-14-2007
Dr. Block has been treating me for chronic migraines for over 4 years. Also vertigo for six months.

He gets migraines so he understands. He's always upbeat. He'll admit it if he's stumped on a problem you have. He keeps up to date on all the latest drugs. He let's me have a active role in deciding any changes to my treatment. He only has a staff of two but they are the best. His support nurse is available via phone only. She works from her home not from his office.

He will not prescribe heavy duty painkillers such as Oxcodone unless he considers it an emergency situation. So if that's what you're looking for he's not for you.

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Scottsdale Healthcare Shea
Scottsdale Healthcare Shea 92nd St. & Shea AZ 85258
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Office 10210 N. 92nd St., #202 AZ 85258
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(480) 314 -5460
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(480) 4516769
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