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Robert H THOMAS MD's CV :
Dr. Thomas is a Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Miami where he also received his medical degree with honors. His knowledge of Internal Medicine was evident as he attained scores in the top 1% in the National Board of Medicine and American Board of Internal Medicine certification examinations. His exceptional skills as a resident led to his selection as Chief Medical Resident at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Thomas was elected a Fellow of the American College of Physicians in 1999. He is a former full-time faculty physician at the University of Miami and continues to teach students there as an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Voluntary Faculty. He has lectured to physicians at Continuing Education presentations locally and nationally and has published articles in highly respected medical journals. He has also served as a peer-reviewer for journals. Dr. Thomas received the “Up and Comers” award for Healthcare in 2005 presented by the South Florida Business Journal and Nova Southeastern University. He was born and raised in Miami, and is bilingual.

Robert H THOMAS MD's Special Expertises :
Internal Medicine

Suggestions & Reviews for Robert H THOMAS MD
N.G. (Patient) 09-01-2012
Dr. Thomas and his staff are very friendly, punctual and provide exceptional medical attention. I highly recommend them to anyone.

I can't say enough good things.

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Sal (Patient) 08-31-2012
I've been a patient of Dr. Thomas since 2003. Besides his medical attributes, he's courteous, explains everything in detail and makes you feel comfortable. The office is beautiful, and his appointments are always kept. Always on time. His exams are thorough, not like some other doctors who see you for 3 seconds because they have 15 other patients to see at the same time. His office is equipped to perform a variety of tests, and in my 9 years as his patient have had to go elsewhere for a CT Scan only once. In my opinion, I highly recommend Dr. Thomas not only because of his medical attributes but also because of the way he treats people. Great combination!

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Ricardo P (Patient) 08-17-2012
Dr. Thomas is a good, thoughtful doctor who has an outstanding practice. He does care about the well being of his patients. He always mades himself available 24/7 for his clients and keeps himself very updated with latest research and technology.

His office is clean, elegant, spacius and serene. Front office is organized and courteous and the staff is very attentive and competent. I've never experienced such a pleasant doctor's office ambiance anywhere else.

The practice has everything you need in house, so no need for external blood tests, etc.

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James M (Patient) 08-17-2012
Dr. Thomas is a very caring and thorough practitioner. I like that he spends a lot of time with me and is careful in answering all of my questions. Too many doctors seem over-eager to get it over with and move on to the next patient. Dr. Thomas also discusses with me new developments and trends in medicine which he then applies to patient care. It's good to know that your doctor is keeping up-to-date. I have recommended him to many of my friends. Also, I have found his staff to be very professional, friendly and caring, which is not often the case with medical staffs. They help to make a visit a comforting experience rather than a stressful one.

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david azari (Patient) 08-17-2012
very profesional service caring doctor and give you feedback promply and clearly also has one of the best staffs if have ever delt with. They make the missery of going to the docor a pleasant experience.

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John (Patient) 08-15-2012
Dr. Thomas has been my primary physician for a number of years and has proven himself to be an excellent diagnostician, with an execellent "bed side" manner. His staff is excellent and, so long as your not sick at the time of the visit, it's a pleasure to go to his office. Competent, punctual, and friendly. Just what one wants in a doctor. Dr. Thomas practices a holistic approach to medicine, which is quite welcome.

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JR (Patient) 08-15-2012
Coral Gables Executive Physicians and the practice of Dr. Robert Thomas are unsurpassed in their courtesy, attention and thoroughness. If you are used to the "ten minute visit" and being just a number to your doctor, you will be particularly pleased with the experience at CGEP. I had my yearly physical last Friday and had over 90 minutes of focused attention. There is never a long wait for an appointment. You get put on the schedule should you suddenly become ill.
If you are looking for cutting edge expertise with old fashioned personalized attention, Dr. Thomas is the one for you!

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Barry S (Patient) 08-14-2012
This Doctor along with is staff provide provide a high quality of service and interest in their patients. It is a pleasure dealing with them at all times and they are very accomodating as well.

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Rene F (Patient) 08-14-2012
There are no words to express my eternal gratitude to Dr. Robert Thomas and to his always friendly wife Eris and their excellent team of assistants who by more than fifteen years have been taking care of me.
From the first day I visited Dr. Thomas, I knew I was in the presence of a great doctor. His knowledge, his professionalism, punctuality and his personal and friendly relationship with his patients makes him very special.
I have been a very lucky person since I found Dr. Thomas because I have great peace of mind having him as my physician.
His wisdom and great dedication, as much to his profession, as to his patients, makes him an exceptional doctor. I have unconditional confidence in Dr. Thomas, an eminence in the field of medicine.

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Christopher L (Patient) 08-10-2012
Dr. Thomas has been my General Practitioner for about 8 years now. I find him to be extremely professional, yet easy going, and very easy to talk with, about any issues or concerns I might have.
The most important thing about Dr. Thomas, is that he has always been available for me, he returns calls and see's me on a moments notice.
Dr. Thomas also has a friendly professional team working with him, with the latest equipment and technology.I actually enjoy going to my doctors office.
I spend most of my time in Boston, MA. where there are a lot options for a GP, but I have no desire to change doctors and will continue to travel to Coral Gables to see Dr. Thomas.

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jcski18 (Patient) 08-08-2012
Dr. Thomas is the best doctor I have ever been to.... the only Doctor that want to be involved not just in the office but even after hours.... I had a medical problem... Doctor Thomas made a personal visit.... I had a medical problem that required a hospital stay.... Doctor Thomas was away out of town at a conference.... I did received a call everyday from Doctor Thomas even though Doctor Thomas's associate took very good care of me in the hospital... this is what I call a Real Caring Doctor....

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Chris W (Patient) 07-17-2012
Dr Thomas is an exceptional doctor. Always available for questions or appointments. He is professional, very knowledgeable and courteous. After seeing several doctors over the past 20 years - I have found my doctor.

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Alan (Patient) 07-06-2011
I was referred to Dr. Thomas by a very close friend of mine.
I had an ongoing chest cold that was turning into bronchitis.
I called the office desperate for some help asap. I asked if I could come at that very moment. They were fine with this considering I was a new patient. Office was located in Coral Gables Miami. I quickly rushed for some aid and was seen by a professional staff. I was given certain medications and within 6 hours I started to feel great. Thanks for the great service.

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Mauricio Munoz, M.D. (Friend) 04-17-2009
We have had the chance to refer many PinnacleCare members to this practice and it has been always a great experience for us and for them as patients. PinnacleCare is the premiere Medical Advisory company in the U.S. and we only refer our patients to the top few physicians in the country. Needless to say, Dr. Thomas is one of the finest doctors I have had the opportunity to work with. What makes it a truly exceptional experience is that everyone in his office bends over backwards to make the entire process of healthcare delivery so pleasant. Eris Thomas, the office manager, is always ready to help with our sometimes rather difficult requests. Dr. Thomas is a great clinician and one of the few physicians I know who understands the need of being an active participant in the patient's health care. Count PinnacleCare's Advisory Team amongst Coral Gables Executive Physician’s biggest fans!

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Veronica (Patient) 01-16-2009
I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Thomas who was recommended to me by my medical advocate. After visiting a number of doctors including specialists, I was really frustrated for repeatedly getting the wrong diagnosis and treatments for a cronic throat pain. Dr. Thomas was really thorough when he examined me and really took the time to listen to all of my medical complaints. He did not only hit the nail on the head when it came to the diagnosis but explained everything in great detail as far as the treatment I had to follow to stay healthy. I have not felt this good and pain free in a long time and I must thank Dr. Thomas for his help. I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking for an Internist to go visit this fine physician at his state of the art, upscale and yet home-like facility. You will be greeted by the most wonderful staff and receive the level of health care that everyone deserves.

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Marcy B (Patient) 01-14-2009
I feel very fortunate to have Dr.Thomas as my primary care physician. He's attentive and always returns my phone calls promptly. He never rushes me and is truly concerned with my wellbeing. He is highly qualified and is very knowledgeable. His office staff is a pleasure to deal with and the new office is very comfortable.

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Rod H (Patient) 06-18-2008
I have used Dr. Thomas for the past 8 years. I am 52 and in good general health but feel much more comfortable with Dr. Thomas doing my Annual Examinations. He is caring, easy to schedule an appointment with and very personable. He is an outstanding clinician and I have recommended him to several people.

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Mercedes M. Robles, PhD (Patient) 06-06-2008
When I moved permanently from Evanston/Chicago to the Brickell area, I was intensely looking for a medical doctor who would provide me with the kind of care that I had been accustomed and exposed to for decades. After a careful search, Dr. Robert H. Thomas came into the horizon. I am glad I found him. He has been my internist for over 5 years. He is an excellent physician, knowledgeable, thorough, and, equally significant, a caring human being. His demeanor is highly professional and he treats his patients with utmost respect and patience. I respect him intellectually. I take his advice seriously and without hesitation. Bottom line, I trust him. He understands that every individual's chemical and psychological make-up is unique. This to me is extremely important, given that I do not appreciate people of a single mindset, be it scientifically or otherwise. I recommend him without reservations. Moreover his staff and the venue of his new office make you feel comfortable and welcome. His overall practice is efficient and pays attention to details, professional in every sense.

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Victoria (Patient) 06-04-2008
My annual check was at the beginning of May 2008. I was very impressed with the facility and the service. I was attended promptly according to the scheduled appointment and did not have to wait in the waiting room for longer than 5 minutes. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The doctor asked me detailed questions and paid careful attention to every answer. He was very friendly and did not suggest I do unnecessary tests. In addition, he called me personally to communicate me the results of the testst and explain to me in detail their meaning.

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Frank S (Patient) 06-04-2008
Dr. Thomas takes his patients very seriously, but always knows when to lighten the mood with his great wit & sense of humor. He is very proactive with patient care. Dr. Thomas takes the time to explain in layman's terms what's wrong and the most efficient way to correct it. His new offices are very modern and his staff are charming and friendly. Because of Dr. Thomas' specialty of Internal Medicine, I have been able to do without visits to numerous specialists. In the past I have had to see allergists, GIs, etc. It is very convenient & comforting to me to be able to go to one doctor I trust & admire.

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Ledia (Patient) 06-03-2008
Upscale office in the heart of Coral Gables
Appointments are seen on time
Electronic Medical Records
Friendly staff
Excellent doctor
They can run a variety of tests in the office, stress test and bone density
The doctor spends more than enough time with the patient

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