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Harmony (Patient) 05-14-2010
I have been going to Dr. Diana Brooks for about 8 years. She delivered my last child and it was the best delivery of all three of my kids. She is patient, knowledgable, understanding, and takes the time to answer my questions. I drive about 45 minutes to go to an appointment with her. She is a fantastic OB/GYN and would recommend her to EVERYONE!

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TraciC (Patient) 11-20-2009
I have referred several of my good friends to Dr Diana-Brooks and will continue to do so whenever asked. She is a very rare personality in modern day medicine because she CARES. She takes the time to listen and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable discussing your needs / concerns. I have switched OBGYNs several times and I've even had my annual performed by my D.O. when I wasn't finding a good choice. For the past few years, I feel lucky to have found Dr Diana-Brooks and now I know I won't have to keep looking for a good doctor because I found a great one!

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Patti (Patient) 04-24-2008
I always recommend Dr. DIANABROOKS. i have gone to her for over 5 years and i wouldn't want to go to another. i have PCOS, and so does she and she has given me comfort with the condition. I recently moved out of state but will make my once a year trips back just for her and the office staff. kathy is such a sweet heart and is always there to answer my questions. I would diffently tell anyone who is looking for a obgyn to look here.

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Kate (Patient) 04-04-2008
My mother recommended Dr Brooks to me. She has been going to Dr Brooks for years and trusts her completely with her menopause treatment. She is wonderful! I have three children and wish I had known about her when they were born. Even though I am done with childbirth I
can say she is the only Doctor I would consider for all my future care.I never feel rushed and always feel as if she truly cares.

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Nicole (Patient) 06-30-2007
I recommend Dr. Diana-Brooks for any women that needs a OBG for the first time for any reason. Or for that trip that you have been putting off because you really don't want to have to face what might be wrong. This is the doctor for you or a friend. I have never felt so cared for, safe, or respected by a doctor as I do by Dr. Diana-Brooks. She is non judgemental, honest, very smart, experienced, a mother of three that worked while she was pregnant, and nursed them while working also. I wish that I had found Dr. Diana-Brooks earlier in my life. She is the true meaning of a caregiver, she knows what she is doing on a level that is so natural to her that sometimes you walk out of a visit and think did I really just have a pap. You can talk to her about anything, she never has come across as judgemental or superior. She treated me for cervical cancer after my first baby and made sure that I could have another safely and with out complications. I had 2 wonderful births with her I also have the best after baby birth control because of her. I truly care for this doctor and feel honored to have her take care of me. I can only hope that she will still be practicing when my daughter needs her.

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Melanie (Patient) 01-21-2007
Dr. Diana-Brooks was wonderful to me. She is the Dr. that diagnosed my cervical cancer. She is very kind and actually listens to your thoughts and concerns. She treats you like a real person and not just a number. She is the best OB/GYN I have ever had the pleasure of being a patient of. I would recommend her 100% to anyone and everyone!

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