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Debbie Ann VIGIL MD
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Debbie Ann VIGIL MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - New Mexico Santa Fe

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New Mexico

(City : Santa Fe)
(ZIP : 87505)
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Debbie Ann VIGIL MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Kelly L H (Patient) 11-21-2010
I grew up on the east coast with excellent medical doctors and facilities. Many years ago when I left the east coast and moved to New Mexico my only real concern was the availability of good medical care.

In 2010, I knew it was time to have the hysterectomy I had been putting off for years. I was slightly worried about finding a good surgeon in New Mexico and more specifically in Santa Fe where I live. I was given a recommendation to see Dr. Vigil. I met with Dr. Debbie Vigil for the first time in July of 2010. She spent nearly an hour with me, had impeccable medical knowledge, probably the most sincere bedside manner of any doctor I had ever met and a high level of emotional intelligence. Selected Dr. Vigil as my surgeon was an obvious choice.

I had an abdominal hysterectomy on November 17, 2010. I came home from the hospital two days later. I have a beautiful incision, no bruising, minimal swelling and minimal pain. She took great care and consideration during the entire procedure, particularly given my history of blood clotting. I have been off pain meds since leaving the hospital and have not looked back. I have been able to take walks outside the last two days. I am in amazement. I would recommend Dr. Debbie Vigil for any gynecological procedure.

I am in the health/human services profession and have worked with some truly great Doctors. I have also worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital with some of the world’s best physicians. I would put Dr. Debbie Vigil at the top of my list of the best Doctor. She has restored my faith in modern, conventional medicine. I am truly grateful.

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Office 1692 Hospital Dr Santa Fe Santa Fe NM 87505
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(505) 9838601
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(505) 9824966

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Ross Univ, Sch Of Med & Vet Med, Roseau, Dominica
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(37 years of experience)

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