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Katrina M HOOD MD
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Katrina M HOOD MD
Pediatrics - Kentucky Lexington

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(City : Lexington)
(ZIP : 40503)
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janedoe1963 (Patient) 06-24-2008
Dr. Hood is the reason my daughter is still alive. My daughter has a genetic condition known as neurofibromatosis type 1. When my husband and I first started noticing a problem, (she wasn't meeting her milestones and she wasn't using her right hand) we took her to Dr. Hood. Dr. Hood listened carefully. She was not patronizing to us as first time parents. She did a careful exam. She concluded that it was very slight, but there might be a problem. She sent us to a neurologist, who said it was so slight he wouldn't have caught it if Dr. Hood hadn't pointed it out, but that yes, she had suffered a mild stroke. A subsequent MRI showed that not only had our daughter suffered a stroke, she had a massive aneurysm and was in danger of dying from a massive stroke as any moment. In the years since, she has had brain surgery to block the aneurysm, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and NF1 and suffered 15 months of chemotherapy. She came through it all with flying colors. The inoperable brain tumor is dormant and stable. She has lost no further brain function and is regaining use of her right side through therapy. At five, she is reading at the first grade level. Today, you would hardly know she had been through so much. All this is thanks to the careful listening and caring attitude of Dr. Hood, who caught her problem while it could still be treated, and to the wonderful doctors at Cincinnati Children's and University of Kentucky pediatric oncology, who took that early diagnosis and treated it before any further damage was done.

Dr. Hood takes parents seriously. She listens. She is comforting and caring. She is gentle and loving toward kids. My daughter has loved her right from the beginning. I love the fact that she is not patronizing toward me. She is knowledgeable, but she isn't afraid to call an expert when she isn't sure of something. She is also a good help with breastfeeding. Even with a complicated case like my daughter's, she kept up with every report sent to her from every specialist my daughter saw. She was always informed on my daughter's case. I can't say enough good about her.

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Office 3050 Harrodsburg Rd Fayette Lexington KY 40503
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(859) 2776102
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(859) 2763677

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Univ Of Louisville Sch Of Med, Louisville Ky 40202
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(27 years of experience)

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