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Karen (Patient) 06-19-2013
Dr Lotze is truly a Godsend. I had a robotic hysterectomy in 2011 by another GYN. That Dr failed to reattach the tendons he disconnected during the surgery, and there was some kind of injury/burn inside my abdomen. Over the next 1 1/2 years I began to have problems with bowels, bladder as all inside was falling on them, also pain from the injury.
Fortunately I found Dr Lotze, who figured out what was wrong and operated to correct the problems. After many hours of surgery, I am still recovering 6 weeks later, but feel as though he truly saved my life. He is caring, and takes all the time needed to explain and answer questions. The injury turned out to be a double hernia, which has caused the greatest difficulty in recovery. I will be in PT for a long time, but recovery is in sight!

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Stephanie (Patient) 03-20-2012
Dr. Lotze successfully removed all of my mesh after a year of terrible pain. I have been seeing him for an additional two years due to adhesion/nerve pain and he is always so kind and takes so much time to explain everything.

Even when I am frustrated and have given up, I think that I'll just go see Dr. Lotze and see what he says - then am so happy when he gives me six more things to try. He is a blessing, by far the best and most caring doctor I've ever had.

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Trisha T (Patient) 08-19-2011
My NEW gyno recommended Dr. Lotze to remove my mesh insert which was placed in 1/2010 by my old gyno. I had more leakage after the surgery & sex was either uncomfortable or painful for over a year. I could not live like that any longer. Sex was becoming nonexistent in my marriage. After the exam & several tests Dr. Lotze had a plan & was very encouraging. 2 other doctors could not determine why sex was painful & Dr. Lotze found the reason when examined me the 1st time. I was so relieved that I almost cried. My husband came with me for a 2nd consultation & Dr Lotze explained everything to him. I had my surgery on 7/1/11 & my 1st exam is next week. So far no more leakage, we can't have sex yet so I don't know if that part of the problem is resolved but I have all the CONFIDENCE in the world w/Dr Lotze. I loved that he prayed w/me before surgery. Dr. Lotze is the answer to my prayers & I HIGHLY recommend him. His staff was very nice as well.

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Sue M (Patient) 07-22-2010
Finding Dr. Lotze after 2 failed female repairs done in Houston, was a blessing from God!!! He is the most professional doctor, takes time to explain what he feels is beneficial to the patient, and in my case to my husband also.
When going into surgery, he has a word of prayer with me and assures me that he can work only with God's power and His blessings, it makes you feel confident that all will go smoothly. He is there for you during recovery and all aspects of after care. I can't find words to explain how much I have thanked God for him, at the age I am, I have been to many doctors while being transferred with DuPont all over the U.S. and never have I met a doctor like him. He is comforting no matter what you're going through. There should be more doctors like Dr. Peter Lotze!!!

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Venessa H (Patient) 04-19-2009
Dr. Lotze is a second generation blessing. I was first serviced by his father, Dr. Eberhard Lotze, for a partial hysterectomy in 2005. Several months later, I begin to have some problems in my vaginal area. It turned out to be a cyst that ended up dissolving and I thought I was healed. In fact, I triumphantly told both Drs Lotze that I was but Dr. Kim Miles and Dr. Peter Lotze said differently. Well, I told them I was fine and if it begins to hurt again, I'll come back and see you. Three years later, I was back in his office. He just looked at me, smiled, and said, "You ready now?" He and his staff are very friendly and make you feel like you are the only patient they have. Kim, one of his staff members, was especially helpful and always a joy to speak with. I highly recommend Dr Lotze for his awesome attitude and because he's a praying man who gets answers to his prayers.

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Becky (Patient) 03-14-2009
I saw Dr Lotze after having several pelvic prolapse surgeries elsewhere. I was having a problem with mesh erosion. From our first meeting I was extremely impressed with his knowledge, bedside manner and willingness to listen to what I wanted to do--not just what he told me I needed to do. I had surgery at the Woman's Hospital and was happy with the outcome. He was able to remove the eroded mesh--even at a later appointment when I had another piece coming through he was able to remove it in the office with minimal discomfort. My only complaint with Dr Lotze is the amount of time I have to wait for follow up appointments. As an established patient I have had to wait a minimum of 6-8 weeks for appointments with him. I think for the most part he is worth the wait, but if you want someone that can get you in very quickly then this is not the practice for you.

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Debby A (Patient) 08-07-2007
I was referred to Dr. Lotze after a failed A&P Repair. He was professional, through, and extremely personable from that first visit. I remember leaving his office thinking WOW! Why can't all physicians practice like he does. He has truly set the bar high. I was his patient for 4 yrs and he performed 4 procedures during that time. He always took the time to explain the possible benefit/risks and answered all my questions before the procedure so that I could make an informed decision on what was best for me. I would highly recommend him to any woman with gynecological problems.
I appreciated so much his praying for me before each of my procedures. I have been in the medical profession for 25 yrs, and I have never heard of a physician pray for a patient. He is awsome! Debby Ainsworth

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Cynthia Maurstad (Patient) 02-21-2007
Dr. Lotze is wonderful! He is professional, supportive, extremely knowledgable, and makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world when he's working with you. He and his associate, Dr. Miles (also wonderful!), performed a minor surgery to support my urethra, but went the extra step to check that everything else looked good - bladder, etc. Turns out that I had an unexpected and extremely tiny growth on my bladder. Dr. Lotze suspected that it was nothing major, but took an extra 30 minutes to remove the growth and cauterize the area as a precaution. Well, it was a surprise to all of us when it turned out to be malignant. I shudder to think what would have happened had he not noticed the growth and removed it at this tiny stage. He has since referred me to a specialist for precautionary followups, but I will forever be grateful for his thorough treatment. He also told me in pre-op that he said his prayers for me before surgery - a gesture I immensely appreciated. Obviously, God was guiding his hand that day.

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Rebecca (Patient) 01-28-2007
I was referred to Dr. Peter Lotze from my gynecologist after two previous surgeries (1986 -hysterectomy and bladder suapension. 2004 -Ovaries removed and bladdersuspension) During my second surgery it was discovered I had severe adhesions. Unfortunately 6 months later I began having complications that would require a third surgery. As a trained Urogynecologist, Dr. Lotze put me through a battery of tests to diagnose the problem and recently performed a third surgery. I'm still recovering and won't know the outcome for a few months once I'm healed and back to full activity. From what I have experienced, Dr. Peter Lotze is very professional, knowlegable, has a great bedside manner and is overall an excellent physician. The fact that his office and surgery schedule books four months in advance speaks for the kind of physician he is. He's well worth the wait in order to accurately diagnose and solve your gynelogical problems.

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