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Christina LASALA MD
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Christina LASALA MD
Urogynecology - Connecticut Hartford

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(City : Hartford)
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Pam F (Patient) 02-25-2014
I highly recommend Dr. Christina Lasala. Dr. Lasala is a talented surgeon and I feel so fortunate that she is my physician. The care I received was exemplary and the staff is wonderful.
When a patient is faced with challenging health care decisions it is so important for that patient to be in a comfortable environment with a doctor that is happy to explain all treatment options. Dr. Lasala is that rare physician who is willing to go the extra mile for her patients.
Dr. Lasala is a urogynecologist and she performed a hysterectomy in addition to pelvic reconstruction surgery in my case. Although my recovery will be measured in months as opposed to weeks, I have discovered through networking with other women who have had this same surgery that my recovery is much more advanced than the majority. I attribute this, to the dedication and skill of Dr. Lasala. In one word...exceptional!

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Ally (Patient) 08-08-2011
An experienced surgeon, excellent listener, and a doctor who will work to remedy what ails you -- no matter how difficult to diagnose or how long the cure. She is a masterful doctor who uses an impressive array of raw skill, insight, and diligence to meet her patient's needs.

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Marcia Silva (Patient) 01-28-2007
She was very thorough in her diagnosis of my urology issues after bladder repair/hysterectomy by two other doctors that left me with a one year infection. I highly recommend her. Although it took awhile to get an initial appointment, once a patient the follow-up was speedy. She was very friendly and quickly put me at ease. One doctor makes more sense then seeing a urologist and a gyno separately.

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