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New Jersey

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Naomi (Patient) 11-17-2009
I recommend Dr. McKinney because of his caring attitude, and a successful surgery! He and his staff were very attentive to me and sensitive to my quest for a successful surgery. Having had a knee replacement two years prior, I was very nervous about another surgery. Dr. McKinney gave me much confidence in his ability as a physician, along with his fellow Dr. Charu Dhingra. Dr. McKinney is an excellent Urogynecologist. I asked Dr. McKinney, if I was your wife and I was having all of these symptoms, which surgery would you perform and why? He gave me the answer in great detail and made me feel like I was indeed a member of the family.
Thanks Dr. McKinney.

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andrea (Patient) 01-30-2008
This Dr. met all of my medical needs with much more. He was sensitive to my problem which at the time was so serious to me. I also found him to be as interested in non surgical approaches to correcting my problem. I was against an operation, and all theother Drs. wanted, was to cut me reguardless of my concerns.
Dr McKinney was wonderful in that he fixed my problem and without surgery.

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Tina (Patient) 01-29-2007
Dr McKinney is a skilled & knowledgeable doctor who treats each patient with kindness and great care. He performed my surgery for both a partial hysterectomy and repair to my prolapsed bladder. The followup after the surgery was tremendous including bio-feedback tecniques to ensure healthy bladder control, etc.

I think you will find both him and his staff to be very compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable.

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