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Neurological Surgery - Arizona Tucson

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(City : Tucson)
(ZIP : 85712)
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Neurological Surgery

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Tammy P (Patient) 06-03-2011
Dr. Baldwin has a great bedside manner but on top of that he is very careful and cautious when doing a surgery. He did a back surgery on me and actually took a couple of hours to fix what other doctors had done incorrectly. I recommend him to anyone I come in contact with. If you are looking for a great doctor all the way around this is the one you are looking for.

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Rachel P (Friend) 04-16-2010
In 1993 Dr. Baldwin saved my fathers life after he suffered a leaking cerebral aneurysm. 9 years later, I ran into Dr. Baldwin and told him who I am and how greatful I am for the care that he gave to my father. He asked me who my father was, & then he started asking questions about situation that were occurring during that experience. I was so shocked & impressed by his recall & concern. In 2002, my father suffered a second brain aneurysm. Dr. Baldwin was immediately available to help with my fathers care. As a result of my fathers initial surgery, which was an open crainiotomy and clamp placement, he is unable to have follow-ups with MRI's and must undergo angiograms to monitor for further aneurysms. Yesterday, 04/15/10, my father went in for his angiogram. It's a risky procedure, but he had already been through it many times over the years. This time a plaque in his artery was knocked loose and my dad suffered a small stroke. This morning I was elated to find that, again, Dr. Baldwin is on my fathers case.

Dr. Baldwin is a warm, caring and concerned doctor who knows his stuff, AND he has a wonderful bedside manner. It's for these reasons that I always recommend Dr. Baldwin to anyone I meet who is in need of a neurologist, and I always will.

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Office 4753 E Camp Lowell Dr Pima Tucson AZ 85712
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Office Phone # :
(520) 8818400
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(520) 8816563

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Univ Of Louisville Sch Of Med, Louisville Ky 40202
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(36 years of experience)

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