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How can I register and be a member in suggestadoctor.com?
Unlike other websites, you don't need to register to our site to use it. Our site does not involve a registration/membership process for the sake of ease of use.

However if you are a doctor who wants to enlist your name in our index or access your doctor page to customize it, you are expected to register here.

What's Doctor Tags?
Doctor Tags are search keywords which our doctors relate themselves with.

For instance a dermotologist can choose tags like "acne", "skin cancer", "wrinkle", "scar" etc. and the visitors who are searching these keywords are directed to this doctor's page.

Doctor Tags will be entered by site visitors who are not doctors, so our doctors are warned to use publicly used and known terms in their profession, rather than medical terms. For instance instead of medical term "dermatitis", doctors will use term "eczama" as a tag as this will be the keyword known, used and searched by site visitors.

Tags should be very short and be general terms, instead of long phrases. This increases site visitors to match doctors with tags more easily.

Why don't we publish complaints about doctors?
SuggestADoctor.com is a suggestion sharing portal.

Our goal is to list, motivate, honour good Medical Doctors as well as help our site visitors to find them easily.

We choose to reach our goal by encouraging "suggestions", rather than "complaints". We believe that suggestions are more trustyworthy criteria to distinguish good doctors.

However we do believe that critism is also useful to one to improve himself. So if our site visitors tell that his comment is a complaint about a doctor, we save this comments in a special location and display it to the doctor himself.

Tips to Write a Good Suggestion
A good suggestion is a helpful comment to other site visitors who do not know that doctor.

Simply writing "she is a good doctor" or "she cured me" is not enough to make your comment a good suggestion.

To write your suggestion, please provide some personal details about the doctors you suggest so that readers can have a better idea about your experience. Thus a good suggestion should involve:
  • Why do you suggest this doctor?
  • How does this doctor distinguish themselves compared to other doctors?
  • What can you tell about her personality? (cheerful, comforting, friendly, trustworthy, experienced, diligent, etc.)
  • How could the doctor improve?
  • What kind of service did you receive? How and for what did she treat you?
Likewise, a short comment would not be useful to readers. You are encouraged to give as many details as possible in your comments and suggestions. Thank you for writing useful suggestions!