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Plastic Surgery - Texas San Antonio

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(City : San Antonio)
(ZIP : 78258)
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Suggestions & Reviews for Manuel LOPEZ MD
Brenda A (Patient) 02-24-2017
Dr.Lopez and his staff are the best! My face lift was perfect! He takes great care to make you the most comfortable and provides all resources and communication to make you feel well cared for! I have highly recommended him to everyone! Brenda (San Antonio).

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Angela W (Patient) 02-12-2017
Amazing staff

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Don W (Patient) 01-31-2017
Very professional, well planned, and efficienct staff and clinic.

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Jessica B (Patient) 01-24-2017
Dr. Lopez is the absolute best. I have been very pleased with my procedures and visits and he is professional and always takes the time to answer my questions.

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Alecia S (Patient) 01-21-2017
Friendly staff

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Sean H (Patient) 12-16-2016
Extremely professional environment. Everyone is friendly and positive. I feel confident that my care will be first rate. I have been very happy with every aspect of the office and most importantly feel very safe with Dr. Lopez. I know everyone in the office will take good care of me.

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Sylvia M (Patient) 11-23-2016
Love Dr Lopez. Did not have a great start initially with the first procedure. But I did confidence with Dr Lopez. Thinking of having another procedure.

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Core C (Patient) 11-18-2016
Great dr and staff

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Camryn B (Patient) 10-28-2016
GREAT staff

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Jordyn S (Patient) 10-19-2016
Dr. Lopez is fantastic and very accommodating.

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Ali M (Patient) 09-30-2016
Amazing staff!!!

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Avery W (Patient) 09-26-2016
Great Drs and Staff!

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Shannon W (Patient) 09-18-2016
He is wonderful and so talented.

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Tyler S (Patient) 10-30-2015
Attention to detail,excellent Listens .

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M N (Patient) 10-16-2015
Great experience every time

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Carmela (Patient) 10-11-2015
I Appreciate the notice when a patient canceled and I can come in earlier.

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K Chapa (Patient) 10-08-2015
Dr Lopez's office is wonderful. I really liked Dr. Lopez.

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Rhonda (Patient) 10-04-2015
So far it's been awesome!

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Office 18322 Sonterra Pl Suite 107 TX 78258
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(210) 4955771

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University of Louisville
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(23 years of experience)

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