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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Michigan Ann Arbor

Charles LELAND
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(City : Ann Arbor)
(ZIP : 48197)
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Quinnetta (Patient) 08-15-2011

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Laura T (Patient) 12-13-2010
I have a long time history of horrific childabuse and adulthood rape. With a lot of OBGYN problems along side of it. Dr. Leland has become a saint in my eyes helping me feel very comfortable and taken care of. He listens to everything I have to say and ALWAYS makes sure I am doing ok during the exams. A lot of women say that having a male Dr. when you have an abuse background is much too difficult to bare. But I can tell you, that I would not trust anyone with my care and feelings more than Dr. Leland. He not only takes good care of you, he makes sure he addresses all your problems no matter how big or little they may be. I couldn't ask for a better Dr.

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Bonnie D (Patient) 05-20-2008
In 1994 I was pregnant with my first child and my sister-in-law very highly recommended Dr. Leland because she had a panic attack when she was delivering one of her children. Dr. Leland was her doctor and not only took her seriously but also took care of her so she could deliver her child safely. I have had 4 children with Dr. Leland as my doctor. He shines brightest during delivery time. Not all of my deliveries have been easy (I am also a gestational diabetic). He is gentle, kind, and very personal. This is balanced with a high level of professionalism and not letting you off the hook when necessary (I had gained weight during one pregnancy and he was firm with me that I was taking in more calories than I was burning). Now I am 1-2 years away from menopause and am having some difficulties. Dr. Leland is working with me at this stage of my life also. Thank you Dr. Leland.

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Nancy (Patient) 12-27-2007
Dr. Leland is a wonderful doctor who is kind, compassionate and explains everything in detail to his patient. He delivered my daughter in 1989, and has since took care of me in two other medical conditions.
A miscarriage requiring a D&C and recently a partial hysterectomy. I was so grateful that he was my surgeon/doctor in both of these procedures and his comfort and care means so much. I know he prayed for me during this time - which shows his strong faith and loving support of his patients.

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Kristi (Patient) 12-06-2007
Dr .Leland delivered both of my sons. He was kind, gentle and thorough. He answered all my questions, and trust me there were plenty. When I was in labor all night he called every 1-2 hours to check progress rather than just waiting for the nurses to call. My second labor was much more difficult than my first and Dr. Leland was very comforting to both my husband and I. He is always polite and professional. I will miss the pregnancy experience with Dr. Leland as my OB, but I still go to him for my gyn. appointments.

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Gigi (Patient) 02-12-2007
Dr. Charles Leland is an excellent Ob/gyn. He is a christian doctor who listens to all you have to say. He is very friendly and upbeat. He was very thorough with me before my hysterectomy checking out any suggestions or fears that I might have had. He did an extra exam before surgery to double check to see if I could have a vaginal extraction, but I wasn't able due to the placement of the organs inside. Before my surgery, I asked if he would pray with me. He was happy to which eased my fears alot. I had a hysterectomy with my ovaries and cervix left. He did a biopsy during surgery to make sure that my ovaries were okay to leave. I would go back to him in a heart beat.

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St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI P. O. Box 995, Ann Arbor MI 48106
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St. Joseph Saline Hospital
St. Joseph Saline Hospital 400 Russell, Saline, MI MI 48176
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Office 5333 McAuley Drive, Suite 2106, Ypsilanti MI 48197
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Office Phone # :
(734) 7126700
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(734) 7120551
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(75 years old)
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Tacoma, WA USA
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Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
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(44 years of experience)

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