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Jessica (Patient) 05-16-2012
I have been seeing Dr. Huish for my first pregnancy. I was incredibbly nervous about the appointment. My first time meeting him he took the time to meet with me first and make me feel comfortable and made the appointment very easy and has made every one since the same. I am so glad that I took the suggestion to see him. He is a great doctor and makes me completely understand everything and answers all questions while making the patient feel at ease. All of the nurses are very friendly as well. You never feel rushed. He is a great doctor and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Mrs. C (Patient) 12-02-2009
Dr. Huish was reccommended to me by my primary care physician. He had delivered all of his kids. I started going to Dr Huish when I was pregnant with my first child. He took me into his office and talked to me about my medical history the first time I met him. He is very sweet and considerate, always smiling and cheerful. He makes you feel like you are the only patient in the office, never rushed at all. He delivered both of my children and on both of those days, he was not the doctor on call in the hospital, but still came in to deliver my babies, as he tries to deliver as many of his patients as he can, even if its not his day. Both of my deliveries were excellent and went very smoothly. I would reccommend Dr Huish to anyone. He is the best obgyn that I have ever been to.

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Aimee (Patient) 08-01-2009
I always appreciate honest feedback regarding a Doctor, when I am searching for the very best for my family. I can honestly recommend Dr. Huish to anyone who is looking for an OB/GYN. He delivered one of my children, and has been my GYN since I was 26 (11 years). He is a good listener, takes his time with me, and is compassionate to all the issues we girls have, both during and after child-bearing age. At delivery time, he was on time, and had a very good repoire with the Banner Baywood nurses. He made it so relaxing, dimmed the lights, and brought our baby into the world in a calm, positive energy, no stress environment. When other health concerns have arisen, he always has given me multiple treatment options, and has helped me decide what is best for me. His staff is sweet, and they are good at communication and their duties. Nurses come and go, but they have always been compassionate. Hubby and I have always referred to him as "Dr. Smiley" as he always has a big smile on his face, and radiates an upbeat attitude, when appropriate. He has a very good bedside manner, and I always look forward to seeing him. I give him an "A" grade.

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Kathy (Patient) 01-03-2009
Dr. Huish, OB/GYN, was recommended to me by a neighbor--all her daughters go to him. I went to him due to excessive bleeding and anemia. He was respectful, attentive, and professional, listened to my concerns, and I was left feeling like he had actually meet me, a person, not just a symptom, while still maintaining a business-like decorum. Like any good doctor would require, a female assistant was present during the GYN exam. He talked while doing the exam, which allowed me to hear his findings - this was a very important thing to me. His recommendations for treatment were carefully explained so that I understood, and options for treatment were presented along with his expert opinion of each regarding my personal circumstances. The final decision for treatment was left to me. After pondering on his recommendations and doing my own research, I could easily see that taking his advice was my best option and scheduled a hysterectomy. After the surgery was scheduled I found out that he had also been the surgeon for two friends' much-needed hysterectomies, and in both cases the patients had absolutely no complaints whatsoever about his care. In fact, they recommended him highly, which increased the confidence I already had in him.

The process and preparation for surgery via his staff (precert with insurance, bloodwork, education) was all done in a timely manner, and the physician did an outstanding job. I am 2 weeks postop after having an LAVH/LSO, no unknown complications, and feeling better than I have felt in many years. Sometimes there are complications even with excellent surgeons, and that can't be helped, but I am grateful that those chances are much more minimized with caring and skilled physicians like Dr. Huish. He has my unqualified trust. (I wish I had heard of him when I had OB needs. He also delivered my sister-in-law's twins I recently found out. They are 8 years old now).

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Sidney (Friend) 05-21-2008
Dr. Huish has treated two of my daughters. One was here visiting from out of state. She was having sever nausea with her first pregnancy and Dr. Huish got her in immediately and put her on an IV drip right in his office. Having gone through the same sickness issues with all 6 of my pregnancies I can not tell you how wonderful it would have been to not to have gone into the hospital everytime. I know had I had a Dr. like this I wouldn't have required the hopital stays. My other daughter was having issues with irregular periods and was very nervous about going in to see a doctor for the first time.Dr. Huish was so considerate with the her. He took us in his office and sat down and actually discussed the different options. Wow a Dr. who doesn't rush you through in the standard15 minutes. We highly recommend him !

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Linda S. (Patient) 04-04-2008
I saw Dr. Huish for the first time on 3/3/08. I was a new patient. The office staff was very warm and friendly. They greeted me and immediately made me feel welcome. I waited about 10 minutes and was in the doctor's office 5 min. after my scheduled time. He met with me privately in his office prior to the well woman exam. He thoroughly went over my history. He asked questions and listened thoughtfully to the answers. He took his time and seemed to have no "time limit" for this part of the visit. He was warm and made great eye contact. He has a great smile. He put me at ease immediately. He then escorted me to the exam room and said he would be with me shortly. I loved that I had a full length cloth gown not a paper one!
He explained each step of the exam and was quick and efficient. I felt very much at ease. This is the first new GYN I have visited in 31 years. It was a little traumatic. He made in an almost enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend him. His office is very clean, tastefully decorated, and welcoming. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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Cindyjo (Patient) 03-06-2008
In July of 2007 I was informed I had Fibroid tumors. The Doctor I was seeing at the time was very unhelpful as well as seemingly new to the field of Medicine. This made me uncomfortable that she wanted to operate on me. I expressed my concerns to my GP and he told me that he went to Med school with Dr. Huish and that he trusted him completely and that I should go and see him. I made an appointment and went to see him a week later. I absolutely liked him upon the first encounter. He is very knowledgable and profesional. Where as the other doctor (previous OB/GYN) had indicated that there was no rush to fix my problems Dr Huish identified issues that indicated the exact opposite. He performed my TAH where he found a uterus that was the size of a 5 month pregnancy. It was full of fibroids and I had some pretty bad adenomyosis. My uterus was pushing on other organs and a had a large tumor that was effecting my defecation process. He did a wonderful job with my surgery and has been extremely helpful with my recovery. He is always nice and cheerful, never feels my questions are silly and never talks down to me as some doctors have a habit of. One of the things I like the most about Dr. Huish is the fact that he is a man close to God. I just knew he would be saying a prayer before surgery and I felt double protected. I am very thankful to have found him. He is a very experienced Doctor with a great attitude and he truly cares about his patients.

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Sandi (Patient) 02-14-2007
He was my doctor 12 yrs ago, when I had my youngest daughter, at that time he also did my tubal. I thought he was a fine doctor then. This year, when I was referred by my family doctor, and ended up having a hysterectomy, I again went to him.
He is a good person, with great bedside manner, tells the patient everything in terms you understand, and was very friendly, though professional through everything.
He is very easy to talk too, and easily talked to my husband also. Was very involved at the hospital, seemed like he really cared about what was going on, walked me through everything. This is very good when facing things we are afraid of (and I am afraid of nearly everything to do with doctors).

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