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Dana (Patient) 06-03-2009
Just an update, it is now 2 years later and I am still a patient of Dr. Kazadi's. She has done 2 surgeries on me and still continues to follow my care. She is a caring, concerned dr. who does not rush your appt (how untypical these days!). She addresses all of your issues and either takes good notes or has an excellent memory for details. You will not feel like a "number" in her office. That is hard to find in the HMO world.

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Alyssa (Patient) 01-14-2009
Dr. Kazadi has been absolutely wonderful to me! I had a rough year, with two miscarrages and she performed both of my DNC's. She was so cariong and compassionate. I felt very much at ease with her and I really feel like she took all of my concerns seriously. She performed many tests to attempt to determain the reason for my misscarrages. In that proccess my innsurance changed and I was forced to see a different OBGYN. He seemed not to think there was anything abnormal about my prior pregnancies and refused to run any tests. With starting a new job, and changing insurances again, I began seeing her once more. I became pregnant again and she was always so flexible with getting me in last minute if I had a concern. As the previous reccomendation stated, she always made sure to call me even if my question was silly. Another thing I really appreciated is that she is a cautious Doctor. She would rather do the tests and be positive nothing is wrong than assume everything is okay and avoid the tests. I always felt like she listened to me and what i felt my body was doing, which many Doctors in my experience, have made me feel stupid when I explain to them my opinion. I absolutely adore Dr. Kazadi!!

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Dana (Patient) 05-16-2007
Dr. Kazadi took me as a new patient in 01/07 (changed HMO carriers) with a bad pap smear from prior GYN. She followed me through a variety of treatments and finally 4 months later an Abdominal hysterectomy. Throughout the months, I had a lot of questions. She would call me while on vacation, a day off and one time volunteered to answer questions when I ran into her at a pizza restuarant. Not many dr.'s will do that, especially with a new patient. She was also my advocate at the hospital. She let me choose when I got up and walked around, when the catheter came out, and when I had problems with a crummy nurse, she was right there to straigthen her out. I highly recommend Dr. Kazadi!

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