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Stuart HART MD
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Stuart HART MD
Urogynecology - Florida Tampa

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Michelle (Patient) 04-06-2010
The best of the best!! Can help where others fail. Suffered for years until I found Dr Hart.

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S Downey (Patient) 02-17-2009
I have had groin pain (top of left inner leg) for over 7 years now. I had a hysterectomy two years ago, still leaving me with this pain. I had to sleep on my right side at night because the pain was so unbearable sleeping on my left side. I had a colonoscopy, a CAT Scan, bone density, x-ray and nothing showed up. I finally went to USF Medical group and Dr. Waymouth recommended I see Dr. Stuart Hart. I was about to cancel thinking I was wasting my time and what was the use. He was just going to tell me nothing was detected and he couldn't help me. Well, I must say I am so glad I did not cancel that appointment. He was great. He immediately knew what was wrong with me. After examining me he determined that I had pelvic muscle spasm and recommended physcial therapy. I was elated that finally it had been solved. For years I thought it was something I was going to have to live with. Dr. Hart is a great doctor. I was so appreciative and thankful that I went to see him and would recommend him to any women who is experiencing pain in the groin/pelvic area. My regular gynocologist could not detect the problem I was having. If you or know of someone who is experiencing pain in this area, you need to see Dr. Hart, he can help.

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Glenna (Patient) 11-06-2007
My mother has been in chronic pain for years with interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome. We live in central Florida and have even gone to North Fl trying to find a doctor who can give her some relief. We started going to Dr. Hart in Tampa recently. He is 1 1/2 hours drive from us but well worth the drive. He is the 1st doctor to really listen and ask questions and give an intensive examine that diagnosed where the pain is coming from. He is now treating the correct area and sending Mom to a Shane pysical therapist at Cora Rehab. Both are one of a kind. This is the first hope we have seen in years. Anyone who suffers from interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome will be blessed by going to this doctor. He is the most educated in this problem that we have ever seen. His compassion for people with this problem is awesome!

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Shining Star (Patient) 06-18-2007
I had a vaginal hysterectomy in Nov 2006 and sling (by a different gyn and urologist) and ended up with a stitch across my ureter. I ended up needing a ureteral stent for 4 weeks to help ureter heal straight. I did not tolerate this well and even after it came out, I cont having daily problems with pelvic pain, feeling of tightness and heaviness in pelvic region, urinary voiding problems including retention, urgency, frequency, etc. My gyn didn't seem to know what to do since my symptoms were more urinary. My urologist was hoping problems would resolve with time. Ditropan did not help and side effects were Horrible. My uro finally dilated my urethra in April, which helped with the tightness but my over-all pain level shot up dramatically. I am a medical person who found out about Dr Hart at work (he just recently moved here). On my first apptointment, he diagnosed me with IC/PBS (interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome). He initiated immediate therapy to kick-start healing of my bladder and give me much needed pain relief. I'm now taking Elmiron (the only FDA approved drug for IC/PBS). We just did post-op urodynamics and are discussing partial sling removal since it also seems to be causing some of my problems. I'm so glad I found him. I now have hope! Dr Hart is a very knowlegable and conscience doctor who truely cares about his patients and wants to help them.

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