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John C LI MD
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John C LI MD
Otolaryngology - Florida Jupiter

John C LI
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John C LI MD



(City : Jupiter)
(ZIP : 33458)
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John C LI MD's CV :
Fellow of the American Board of Otolaryngology, Fellow American College of Surgeons.
210 Jupiter Lakes Blvd. #5105 Jupiter FL, 33458
Tele: (561) 748-4445
Fax: (561) 748-4449
Otology Web Site: http://Dr-Li.net

Private Practice Otology, Neurotology, Otolaryngology, Jupiter, Florida.
Editor for E-Medicine and Author On-line Textbook series
Reviewer for Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery articles
Moderator Neurotology On-line Forum
Co-developer, Consultant – High Speed Otologic Surgical Drill “MicroMax”– Anspach Companies, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
Medical Illustrator (for publications for the Loyola University Medical Center, House Ear Institute, Jefferson Medical College, Wills Eye Hosp.)
Consultant to Intra-Ear micro catheter company. Brochure illustration.
Pilot: Single Engine Land
INCAF Certified Parenting Instructor- “Redirecting Children’s Behavior”

BOARD CERTIFICATION: American Academy of Otolaryngology
Visiting Doctor Program Otologic Surgery & Research
House Ear Institute - Los Angeles, CA

Loyola University Medical Center- 2160 South 1st Avenue, Maywood, IL
Hines Veterans Administration Hospital
Alaskan Native Medical Center- Otologic Surgery
Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago- Pediatrics
Specialty: Otolaryngology

Pennsylvania Hospital – 8th and Spruce, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Specialty: General Surgery
Medical Education
Jefferson Medical College - 201 S. 11th Street ·Philadelphia, PA 19107
Medical Degree

Undergraduate Education
Pennsylvania State University - State College PA
Bachelor of Science - with Di...

John C LI MD's Books & Publications :

1. “Approaches to Acoustic Neuromas”, Briggs, R and John Li, M.D. illustrator, Book Chapter in 1997 Edition of the textbook Operative Otorhinolaryngology, edited by Bleach et al. Blackwell Company

2. “Approaches to Craniofacial Resection”, Briggs, R and John Li, M.D. illustrator, Book Chapter in 1997 Edition of the textbook Operative Otorhinolaryngology, edited by Bleach et al. Blackwell Company

3. "Oral Antral Fistulae" John Li, M.D. and James Stankiewicz, M.D. Book Chapter 31 in 1993 Edition of the textbook Otolaryngology edited by Gerald English, M.D. J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, PA.


1. Chapter Editor E-medicine On-line textbook of Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery http://www.emedicine.com/

2. “Benign Positional Vertigo”, John Li, M.D.; John Epley, M.D, Book Chapter in 1999 Edition of the E-medicine On-line...

John C LI MD's Special Expertises :
Otolaryngology, Otology, Neurotology Surgery

International Center for Otologic Training -- “Distinguished faculty” Temporal Bone Laboratory Course at Georgia Ear Institute Savannah, Ge...

Suggestions & Reviews for John C LI MD
willie f (Patient) 08-18-2014
DR li the only DR in South FL willing to operate on my right ear and I can not thank him enough for saving my lie thank you DR li one million time thank you there no number that can rate DR li thank you again .

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Nancy R (Patient) 07-05-2014
Dr. Li is an exceptionally great physician. He is exceedingly knowledgeable, experienced and really provides detailed diagnostic information and performs outstanding surgery. Not only is he knowledgeable, he is willing to go the extra mile or two to orchestrate total patient care. He takes his time, listens attentively and shows immense compassion.. I underwent mastoid surgery and Dr. Li was extremely thorough. He contacted my other physicians regarding concerns he had about my overall status. I very higly recommend him. Five star plus.

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Thomas M. B (Patient) 08-17-2009
Dr. John Li MD, in my opinion, the best ENT, both in care and surgery. Having a parotid tumor, that had to be removed, I was so happy to locate such a skilled and outstanding Doctor in Florida. Having visited all the Doctor's, from Miami to Jacksonville, and going through the testing, I was concerned that the surgery would have a long list of facial nerve problem's
I had the tumor removed with a less invasive, more up to date form of Parotid Tumor removal, in a short time the scar is healed and I have no damage to my facial nerve. Dr Li, was the only Doctor to offer this treatment, I did not have to have the typical "Face Lift Cut", that does take a very long time to heal. He is very skilled, very kind, a true "One of a Kind"
Best new's, Dr.Li, called after surgery, and had many follow up visits, Outstanding Care, expert in his field !
The scar is so small, you would never know that I had surgery!
I do not have enough space to write all I can say about Dr Li.
Thank you, Tom B

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Jupiter Medical Center
Jupiter Medical Center 1210 South Old Dixie Highway, Jupiter FL 33458
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Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center 3360 BURNS RD, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410
Map and Directions
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Office 210 Jupiter Lakes Blvd. #5105 FL 33458
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Office Phone # :
(561) 7484445
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(561) 7484449
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Jefferson Med Coll-Thos Jefferson Univ, Philadelphia Pa 19107
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(37 years of experience)

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