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Suggestions & Reviews for Saeed MAREFAT MD
Caroline (Patient) 03-28-2015
Dr. Marefat performed a full face lift for me in 2000 and my face still looks awesome. The result gave me a fresh and natural rather than a too taut or tight appearance as so often is the case with plastic surgery. Brilliant job, he is a true artist (and judging from his own art works his artistic talent is across the board). His manner is gentle and thoughtful, great patience and bedside manner. I had a rhinoplasty 7 years ago, also a superior job.
Then several years ago Dr. Marefat stitched up a deep dog bite on my wrist, the scar was only slightly visible afterward and now I have trouble finding it. And in 2014 a tree branch nearly severed my baby finger, extremely jagged deep cut, very difficult to stitch, took a long time to heal because the wound was so severe but I can barely see the scar, full function of the finger, masterful job.

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Sherry (Patient) 01-22-2015
Dr. Marefat did and excellent job addressing my issue with a deviated septum and my desire for a straighter nose. Without me asking he gave me two quotes: 1. septoplasty with full rhinoplasty 2. septoplasty with only a tip rhinoplasty. He was honest telling me I didn't absolutely have to have the full rhinoplasty which I thought was honorable and showed he didn't just work in his field for the money. After my decision to have the septoplasty with just the tip rhinoplasty Dr. Marefat's staff were more then accommodating with my scheduling and insurance. Even now when I see them, they are always smiling, friendly and even remember me and my procedure. My surgery and healing went really well. I felt well cared for, and, after a week, I got my splints out and breathed normally for the first time in my life. It was an amazing feeling! My nose was also straight and elegant. I am so incredibly thrilled with the results and thankful I didn't go through with the full rhinoplasty which shows that he knows what he's talking about. Every time I see a picture I'm amazed at the subtle difference and how much better my nose looks. As for my fixed deviated septum, I went from 3 mins on the elliptical then gasping for air to 30 full mins and the ability to go even longer if I wanted. This surgery has not only changed my level of confidence, but it has also changed my life.

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KW (Patient) 09-04-2014
I was living abroad when I called Dr. Marefat's office and told them I was interested in male gynecomastia surgery during a short vacation at home in Virginia. They were incredibly accommodating to my timeframe. Dr. Marefat knew exactly what I wanted and did a great job with me but I was also very impressed with the staff around the office. They were very nice and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. The office environment there has a family feel to it that put me at ease from the moment I stepped foot inside. They were willing to work with me in terms of scheduling and were always there to answer any questions I had about surgery as well as recovery. I'm about 3 weeks post-surgery and am more than happy with Dr. Marefat's work and am very grateful for their willingness to make sure my recovery went as smoothly as possible.

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sue (Patient) 01-28-2014
I would like to recommend Dr. Marefat due to the wonderful job he did.I had a face lift and I am very happy with the results.He is a true professional and he clearly loves his work.

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Belinda H (Patient) 01-16-2014
January 16, 2014

I heartily recommend Dr. Saeed Marefat as an extemely qualified and meticulous plastic surgeon. He is the ultimate professional and puts his patients at ease with his kind and gentle manner.

A few years back when I first began having a filler placed into my lips, I paid two plastic surgeons to do the work on two different occasions. However the first doctor did a hurry-up job, and I was not that happy with the turnout. The second plastic surgeon I paid to have a filler placed in my lips did NOT numb my lips, and I was in excruciating pain the entire time, and I was not that happy with the results. I decided NO MORE!!!

Somehow, I came across Dr. Saeed Marefat who practices in Virginia and decided to give him a try. What a world of difference between Dr. Marefat and the first two plastic surgeons I used.

Dr. Marefat listened to my explanation of how I desired my lips to look and was very meticulous in giving me exactly what I desired. He was like an artist taking great pride in his work of art...my lips. He numbed my lips, and I did not feel a thing when he placed the filler in my lips.

When the swelling went down I was extremely happy with the way my lips looked and have NO interest in ever looking for another plastic surgeon to do work on my lips. And should I ever need to have plastic surgery done on any other part of my body, Dr. Marefat will be the doctor I plan to use. He has proven himself to be a doctor I can trust.

Just this past Tuesday, January 14, 2014, Dr. Marefat once again did an OUTSTANDING job on shaping my lips with a filler. Dr. Marefat always requests that I make a followup appointment after the swelling goes down, but I have never needed to do so as his work is next to perfection.

One more thing. Dr. Marefat has open house at least twice a year offering a wonderful discount to his first time and long time patients.

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David F (Patient) 11-20-2013
I shredded my left thumb working on my table saw on Labor Day (2 Sep 2013) - resulting in a deep wide gash that clipped the end of my bone and part of my fingernail. I was referred to Dr Marefat by the Emergency Room of INOVA Hospital. Dr Marefat performed surgery at INOVA on 5 Sep. Dr Marefat was able to not only sew my thumb back together, but two months later my thumb looks like a normal thumb, and the nerve endings are returning. I now use my thumb normally - I'm left-handed. If you had seen my thumb after the accident, and see it now, you would be amazed. My wife and I certainly are, along with our two grown sons. Excellent attention to detail. Very skillful surgeon. I highly recommend Dr Marefat.

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hk (Patient) 09-29-2013
Excellent surgeon and great support staff. I was well taken care of before surgery and through all the follow up after.
And I'm very happy with the results from my surgery!

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NG (Patient) 09-06-2013
I did Revage hair restoration. Extremely easy making appointments, and no more than 2 minutes of waiting when I get to his office. He is extremely friendly and very professional; he clearly believes in his product and stands by and supports it. Excellent doctor!

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Phil E (Patient) 06-30-2012
Dr. Marefat has performed plastic surgery and emergency medical surgery on my hand.He is a true artist and went to great lengths to restore my hand to full use. I am very indebted to him for his miraculous performance.

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Donna (Patient) 03-30-2012
My first breast augmentation with Dr. Marefat occurred on September 11, 2001. While my procedure was ongoing, the first plane hit the Twin Towers in New York City.

Dr. Marefat is my top recommendation for anyone considering plastic surgery. As soon as he walks into the room, you know that you have Dr. Marefatís full attention. His body language ... his words, everything, lets you know that you are his most important patient.

Nonetheless, Dr. Marefatís focus was ensuring that the procedure was performed without any mishaps on such a horrific day. My breasts feel 100% real and I've had full feeling from day one. His medical team has always treated my husband and me like we were family.

After interviewing three other surgeons in the DC Metro area, it was readily clear that Dr. Marefatís knowledge of the newest techniques and procedures together with his decades of experience make him the most dependable choice in this most competitive field.

He is a commanding yet personable doctor who takes great pride in his work. I would never go to any other doctor for cosmetic procedures. Even though I have now relocated to Texas, I am planning another surgery and I will be traveling back to DC, because there is no other plastic surgeon that I would want to use!

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Memina (Patient) 02-06-2012
If you are interested in changing your Image and looking Natural!. Doctor Marefat can do it for you!.
I am a 35 years old women. I first went to doctor Marefat whe I was 26 years old. He fix a previous Rhinoplastic I had done. He made me look so natural, no one could tell.
Then I went to him for breast lif. He did a great job again.
After that he did my eyelids..I look 10 years younger.
Recently, he done liposuction on me. I look so much younger with a nice body!. I get so much attention now!!!
His prices are reasonable and the attention to detail doctor Marefat pocess is just not compareble!. Doctor Maregat definately works is definately consider a MASTERPIECE!!!. I love Dr. Marefat. I would NOT change him for anything!. THANK YOU Dr. Marefat!. God Bless you!...

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Frank (Patient) 06-05-2011
I am a 57 year old male and Dr. Marefat performed the necklift procedure on me. I am very pleased with the results, I look younger now. Dr. Marefat is an excellent and caring surgeon in addition to being an accomplished artistic painter and sculpturer. He possesses an artist's perception of the human body. I highly recommend Dr. Marefat.

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Dale (Patient) 01-05-2011
Dr. Marefat is honest, courteous and 100% caring about his patients. He goes out of his way to make patients feel comfortable and spends a great deal of time with them prior to procedures and following procedures. His entire staff is equally attentive and available at all times to answer questions, etc. A wonderful experience and thrilled with the results of two procedures I had.

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S. Giraud (Patient) 12-03-2010
Changed my life! I had the worst self esteem when it came to my legs, from the start, I was made to feel comfortable, everything was explained to me in great detail! The experience at the hospital was seamless and the follow-up care was great! Barbie came in many times on her day off, to help me with some fluid retention during my recovery. As uncomfortable as the healing process was, the end result is more than I could have ever asked for! My legs are beautiful, I wear skirts and skinny jeans...Dr. Marefat thank you for giving me the legs that I always knew were there!

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Sue (Patient) 10-28-2010
Dr. Marefat is a very experienced plastic surgeon. I had a lower face lift and upper and lower eyelid surgery at the end of May. I am very pleased with the results. The Doctor put me at ease from the very beginning and explained the surgery in complete detail so that I would thoroughly understand. He is very caring and really listened to my concerns. I definately recommend him.

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Mona (Patient) 10-26-2010
If you want a great Plastic Surgeon, look no further. Dr. Marefat is the picaso of plastic surgeons. His exquisite talent coupled with his excellent bed-side manner and caring personality makes him top notch. In addition, his staff is friendly and provides a comfortable and inviting environment. I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery.

Thanks so much, Dr. Marefat!!!!

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Cassie A (Patient) 10-23-2010
Dr. Marefat is an artist. He brings his sensibilities and vision to his work as an MD. His bedside manner is sensitive, yet professional, and appropriately intimate, given the nature of the particular kind of services he provides.
Although i have only come to Dr. Marefat for Botox for a few years, i would not even consider going to anyone else for more extensive cosmetic work should i decide to do that. I have seen the result of his work on a friend, and know her to be happy with her results.

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Karlie M (Patient) 10-14-2010
I am extremely pleased with Dr. Marefat's work and professionalism. Additionally, his staff is fantastic, they were extremely helpful and flexible. I had a breast augmentation and would recommend him to anyone in the Northern Virginia area.

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Robin D (Patient) 09-28-2010
September 18, 2010
I have been a patient of Dr. Marefatís for several years now. My first experience with Dr. Marefat was back in 2002 when he did my tummy tuck. I was very pleased with the results and nine years later it still looks great. In the last two years I have lost a significant amount of weight so I went in and had a breast lift, implants and a few months later had liposuction on my inner thighs. I have to say I am extremely pleased with all the results that I have gotten. Dr. Marefat is a skillful, kind, compassionate doctor. He has always made me feel completely comfortable and that was very important to me. His staff has always treated me with respect, kindness and is very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend Dr. Marefat without hesitation to anyone.

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Seblewongel D (Patient) 06-28-2010
I am very happy with the doctor because he listened to what I was saying and his work was very good. I was also happy with the follow up after the work was done.If I need work again I will go back to him.In June of 2007 I had a tummy tuck, in October of 2009 I had a breast reduction.Both came out fantastic.

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