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Billie e (Patient) 01-15-2010
Dr. Bechill, who is in Family Medicine here in Green Valley, is a God Send. I don't know what my husband and I would do without him. He is kind, attentive, always interested in our health, is great at his chosen practice, and sticks by us in our search for specialists when we need "outside" care. He even called the Mayo Clinic when I was accidentally "rejected" for care. Soon after his call, I got my appointment at Mayo for a spinal problem. Dr. Bechill is also very good with follow-ups from specialists. He is also willing to try different medications for us until we get just the right ones for our needs (pain management)! Good man-great doctor!

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Jaime Family (Patient) 03-08-2007
Dr. B.Bechill is a wonderful Dr. and he has always taken care of family and my needs.... He always is caring about whats going on with us. I will and have let my friends and other family members chose him as there PCP. Good jod !!!!! Dr.Bechill (he really makes me feel taken care of)

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Barbara (Patient) 01-21-2007
Dr. Bechill is truely a caring, fine doctor who will look at all options to help you. He is kind and spends time with you. He is also open to your suggestions. You really feel like he cares and I believe he does.
I highly recommend him.

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