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As a founding partner of Maricopa OB/GYN Associates in 1980, Dr. Crawford's career has spanned 30+ years of private practice. After 20 years of delivering babies, Dr. Crawford now limits his practice only to Gynecology. His specialty areas are pelvic pain, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, menstrual and bleeding disorders, and pelvic organ/bladder prolapse. His career acheivements include: Past-Chairman of the OB/GYN Department of Banner Good Samaritan and member several medical committees throughout the hospitals of Central Phoenix; Past-President and founder of Arizona Physicians Association; member of the Maricopa County Medical Association, the Arizona Medical Association, the American Medical Association; Fellow of the American College of OB/GYN; member of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists, the American Urogynecology Society and the International Society of Urogynecologists. He has been recognized locally as a "Top Doc" by Phoenix Magazine on 7 different occasions, as well as nationally as "America's Top Gynecologists" by the Consumer Research Council of America

Board Certified, F.A.C.O.G.

Medical School

University of Texas School of Medicine, Galveston, TX 1976

Internship and Residency

Good Samarian Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix AZ

Post Graduate

Private Practice - Phoenix, AZ 1980 - Present

Scott CRAWFORD MD's Special Expertises :
Gynecologic Major Surgeries
Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy
Ovarian Cysts
Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Incontinence
Ablation and Sterilization P...

Suggestions & Reviews for Scott CRAWFORD MD
Celia (Patient) 10-07-2011
I saw eight doctors for excurciating pelvic pain before I went to Dr. Crawford. He was the only physician willing to perform exploratory surgery to determine the source of my pain. Other doctors had suggested drugs to treat me, but I knew this wasn't the right course of action.

Dr. Crawford found scar tissue that was wrapped around my colon, tethering it to my abdominal wall and was able to burn it off. My pain went away. I knew I hadn't had enometriosis as the other doctors had suggested, and Dr. Crawford listened to me.

The nurses in recovery at the surgical center told me that if theyr were to have surgery, Dr. Crawford would be their personal choice. That's quite and endorsement!

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G (Patient) 07-07-2011
Love, love and love Dr. Crawford. The best Dr. I've seen and wouldn't give him up for the world!!!!
Dr. Crawford was the most professional and personable physician I've ever dealt with. His bedside manner is unmatched and he is always cheerful. His level of care is unmatched and I'm tempted to make an appointment just so I can chat with him.

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Tess (Patient) 10-21-2010
I recommend this wonderful doctor, because of the way he treats you with kindness and respect. He puts you at ease and explains everything in a way that you will understand. He also gives you the time you need to ask all the questions that you have.

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Michelle (Patient) 08-12-2010
I was referred to Dr. Crawford when it became clear that I might need surgery. When I first visited Dr. Crawford, I was impressed by how he took the time to discuss all surgical options with me and answer all of my concerns and questions. And while he was clear about his opinion as to my best course of action, he still told me "I will do whatever you decide." He was very patient with me as I broke into tears in his office (this was not an easy choice to make).
I did decide to go for a complete hysterectomy. He was very professional and my Husband and Mother appreciated how well he communicated with them. While in recovery in the hospital, I also recieved several comments from the nursing staff as to how much they respect Dr. Crawford.
I am so thankful that I had Dr. Crawford for my surgery! I really believe that it was because I had such a good surgeon that my healing time has been quick and easy.

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sheryl (Patient) 07-06-2010
Down to earth and caring for his patients. Will listen and give you the time to answer all your concerns.

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Kirsten (Patient) 04-15-2010
After years of suffering from Endometriosis, I FINALLY found the BEST doctor to remove my uterus. He makes you feel so comfortable/at ease, and his knowledge of surgical procedures and his bedside manner are impeccable. I cannot say enough amazing things about him. I had complete confidence in him from the moment I met him. I have referred friend's to him, and they adore him as much as I do! I feel better than I ever have! He is always available for questions after your surgery, checks in on you regularly, and makes certain that you are recuperating satisfactorily. His office staff is really terrific too! Doctor Scott Crawford is an absolute God-send.

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Paula F (Patient) 02-01-2010
Dr. Crawford went above and beyond to repair damage that had been in place for many years due to scar tissue that had built up from a previous emergency hysterectomy. The scar tissue had began to take over my intestines, bowels and ovaries. Dr. Crawford took the time to give me back a quality of life that I deserve. He truly cares about his work and makes you feel so special. I high recommend Dr. Scott Crawford for his ability to have foresight and go the extra mile!

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A.W. (Patient) 07-02-2008
Dr. Crawford performed a hysterectomy, bladder repair, and rectal repair on me last year. What I most appreciated about his care was the thorough explanation of the specific types of surgery he was about to perform. He was attentive, caring, and according to other doctors who saw me during my hospital stay, performed the surgery very well. I highly recommend him to other patients. I also had a good experience with other doctors in his Ahwatukee practice who treated me and would recommend any of them, as well.

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Laurie P (Patient) 02-06-2008
Dr. Crawford is a wonderful caring doctor who takes the time to listen to me. He is a gyncologist who keeps up on cutting edge medical procedures and issues facing women over 35 years old. He is a gifted surgeon and his staff is always pleasant and helpful. I never have felt rushed. They are well equipped to handle aspects like blood and urine samples and ultrasounds. It is so convenient at their new offices at 16th and Camelback by Duck and Decanter. I have referred at least 10 women there, and everyone has thanked me gratefully and referred other women. That is the best recommendation I can think of.

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Sue (Patient) 06-25-2007
Dr. Crawford is a very caring professional. His practice is in gynecology without obstetrics and he has a wonderful reputation as a skilled surgeon. He has always taken his time during my office visits and listened to me, answering all of my questions without making me feel rushed. When you call his office to ask him a question, he will personally call you back. I find this so much better than having a nurse relay the information and often times things getting lost or confused with a third person involved. I was impressed on my initial visit to his office years ago when I met with him in his office first (with my street clothes on) and then went to the exam room. I've never had any other doctor take his time to do this. I had 3 opinions in regard to my hysterectomy and he was the only one who said he could do it laparoscopically. The other physicians both said I was not a candidate and would have to have a total abdominal. I cannot say enough good things about this doctor and recommend him without any reservation.

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Megan C (Patient) 01-23-2007
Dr. Crawford helped me so much- I had endometriosis and eventually had 6 surgeries, including a hysterectomy and oopherectomy. He is a highly skilled surgeon as well as a caring doctor. He listened to me as a patient far more than any other doctor ever has, and really helped me weigh my options. On top of all of that, he was able to perform all of my surgeries (even the hysterectomy) laporascopically so I had short recovery times and minimal scarring.

I found him on referral from a friend who experienced the same problems. He only does gynecology (not obstetrics) but he has years of experience and really understands his patients. He will always take the time to answer your questions and explain anything you need, and my care has continued even after the endometriosis has gone. He also inspires trust, which is so important. Even after years of hearing me complain about my pain he always believed me and never seemed to tire of trying to help me. He made sure the decision for the hysterectomy was my own, and understood my decision to do it for quality of life and ending the pain. He is a kind man above all, and I just can't say enough about him as a good doctor.

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