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Amy Lynn GARCIA MD's Special Expertises :
Dr. Garcia specializes in minimally invasive gynecological surgery. She also provides a wide range of procedures that can be done in the comfort of her office such as the ESSURE, ablation, colposcopy...

Suggestions & Reviews for Amy Lynn GARCIA MD
Benvolia (Patient) 01-16-2016
Words cannot describe how excellent and wonderful Dr. Garcia is. The care, professional ethics, and understanding she provides to her patients are truly outstanding. She is the third GYN doctor I met. I can wholeheartedly tell you that you can trust her 100%. You can rest assured that you are in the right hand. The best compliment I could give her is that she treats you as if she treats herself. She is honest, ethical, knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. She is the kind of doctor that most women can hardly find in this money driven society.

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KJ (Patient) 09-24-2015
Dr. Garcia did an excellent job with my supra-cervical hysterectomy. My quality of life has gone up substantially since my surgery! I can sleep better, I have less discomfort, and I don't have to go to the bathroom all the time. I postponed the surgery too long because I was needlessly afraid of side effects, such as diminished quality of my sex life and hormonal issues. I am happy to report that everything is great! I would highly recommend Dr. Garcia and her wonderful, caring staff to anyone who is facing a hysterectomy procedure.

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Carla M (Patient) 09-04-2015
Dr Garcia uses a minimally invasive surgery technique that drastically decreased healing time and left virtually no scarring. I was made to feel comfortable and welcome immediately by her staff. Financial matters were handled swiftly and efficiently so I knew exactly what to expect. Dr, Garcia gained my trust and confidence in her in the first few minutes of meeting her. She educated me on my situation and what surgical methods were available to me. She was especially helpful in the pre-operating room where I was exceptionally nervous until she reassured me of the process I was about to go through and helped calm me down.

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Edwina (Patient) 08-13-2015
Dr. Amy Garcia and her staff are just wonderful, I am very thankful to them for taking very care of me before my surgery and after my surgery. They are very incredible and I would recommend them to any woman who is looking for an innovative thoughtful surgeon who is always looking for ways to decrees the amount of time woman have to be on bed rest after surgery with a minimally invasive procedure for their bodies.

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BJ (Patient) 05-20-2014
I had been looking for a while a doctor that could help me with my heavy bleeding. I came across her name through the internet. Women spoke of her highly and I wanted to eliminate my heavy bleeding. Dr. Garcia deals with with women's bleeding problems specifically. When I visited for the first time, her whole team were professional. I was on time and so were they. We talked together about my bleeding problems and she gave options I had never heard of before. I ended up having what is called a supra cervical hysterectomy. They make 3 small slits in your stomach and pull the uterus through your belly button. I recovered in days and was back to exercising the next week. I still have my ovaries and no hormone adjustment. I love Dr. Garcia and how I was treated like a person and not a number. I am afraid these kind of doctors will become far and few between.

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Tolvanera (Patient) 05-05-2014
I had a supracervical hysterectomy (LSH) on December 10 of 2013, at this writing am almost 5 months out from surgery, and I feel great. After 8 years of doing everything possible to avoid a hysterectomy, my life has definitely changed for the better. Dr. Garcia specializes in minimally invasive surgery. She did a great job, leaving just a bit of my cervix behind, which was something I wanted for various reasons. She removed approximately 1/2 of my fallopian tubes and was able to leave my ovaries intact. A bowel prep was not required for me, which was huge relief. The surgery went off without a hitch--I was lucky to have only small adhesions (bladder to uterus), so there were no complications. In fact, since my bladder was no longer stuck to my uterus, urinary urgency issues that I was experiencing are a thing of the past, as an added bonus. I had a naval incision and three other incisions, which were glued with a purple-tinged glue. One of the incisions got a little glue in it, so it took a longer than the others to heal, but in the end seems to be healing faster than the rest—go figure! At some point, I am told these should heal away to nearly unnoticeable lines, and it seems that this may well be the case. I had very little pain post-op and was able to start going for walks the next day—although with pain meds, I was already going up and down stairs in my house the very first night. I took Motrin on and off for about a week and also used the narcotic pain killers for most evenings on the first week. I had zero nausea after surgery and had absolutely no problems with gas pain from the CO2 used during the surgery, which many women say is far worse than the surgery itself. I have had zero issues with spotting or bleeding. As I told Dr. Garcia, I regret not having had this surgery sooner—I have regained my freedom. My fibroids were causing me to bleed almost constantly, with sometimes only 4 or 5 days off per month, regardless of hormonal treatment. It is so wonderful to have all of that simply stop. Family and friends who went walking with me right after surgery all commented on how amazingly well I seemed to be doing. I felt a little slow for about 3 weeks, but I have to say that I felt honestly great after the first 4 days where I had some minor pain issues. When I went back to work, I didn’t have the “swelly belly” some women complain about—I could just wear my regular clothes. On going back to work, I personally needed more time than 2 weeks due to still feeling very tired, even though I was completely pain-free. As you might imagine of someone who put off surgery for 8 years, I was extremely nervous before the procedure. I didn’t need to be. Dr. Garcia is a very talented, upbeat doctor with a great deal of experience in minimally invasive hysterectomy. If you need a hysterectomy and are looking to go the minimally invasive route, I highly recommend her and the Center for Women's Surgery in Albuquerque, NM.

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Christine F (Patient) 02-05-2014
Dr. Amy Garcia is not only an amazing skilled surgeon, she is a wonderfully caring person. i am a person who tends to avoid conventional medicine but found myself in need of a hysterectomy due to large fibroids dilating my kidneys. Dr. Garcia is fellowship trained on minimally invasive gyn surgery. I was told by another clinic that my only option was an open hysterectomy vertical incision. I had a seven month sized uterus that needed to come out. Dr. Garcia was not the least intimidated and told me what my options were and eased all fears. I wanted to schedule surgery right away but she would not let me until I had at least 24 hours to think about it..research..talk to others and make sure I really was comfortable with her and my decision. This is in contrast to the other clinic using high pressure sales tactics to try to get me to agree to surgery like it was a used car! My laparoscopic supra cervical hysterectomy went better than even expected in Dr. Garcia's very skilled hands. Removing the huge uterus and fibroid very carefully making me as comfortable as possible through everything. Once done she explained everything to my family when i was recovering who also loved her! Called to check on me a couple times after surgery. This Doctor cares about you and you know it and her wonderful staff does too. The woman is a genius but talks to you like a friend..never down to you. Highly recommended to me -I wanted to share the recommendation. One of the best of the best and mentored by a top doc in the US as well. I adore her!

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Diane N (Patient) 01-17-2013
Dr. Garcia is a minimally invasive surgeon for woman needing hysterectomies and other "female" surgeries. She is a specialist and does not see women for routine gynocological appointments. I was referred to Dr. Garcia by my gynocologist because I was bleeding and had a type of hyperplasia. I had two diagnostic ultrsounds and a D/C that did not stop the bleeding. Dr. Garcia was the only doctor that "scoped" me and actually took a look at the inside of my uterus. There was a very large non- malignant polyp. She had the correct instrument in office to remove the polyp. The bleeding stopped. I opted for a hysterectomy anyway due to the hyperplasia and to have my ovaries removed due to a family history and having had breast cancer. Dr. Garcia did laparoscopic surgery. I was in and out of the hospital in 13 hours and back to exercising within days. If I was working I would have only missed a week or so of work. I took no pain medication and felt fine and was walking around very quickly. This is the only way to do a hysterectomy as far as I am concerned and Dr. Garcia is the doctor to go to. She rocks! She was very kind, thorough, and took the time to explain everything to me. She even personally called me( and on the weekend) with pathology results. In addition her office staff was friendly and very welcoming. I think Dr. Garcia is the best doctor I have ever been to and would highly recommend her. Thank you.

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Cristina (Patient) 12-12-2012
This has been one of the most exceptional experiences of my life. Having an organ removed (supracervival hysterectomy) is no small invasion upon one's body! And the fact that I was pacing my hospital room 5 hours after the surgery awaiting to be released, only took a few pain killers as a prevention (not to actually control pain!), was back to rock climbing 6 days after surgery, and 2 days later I was cleared to living my life as usual, was simply unbelievable to me! From the first visit to the last (I am now 6 weeks after the surgery), I was treated with respect, competence, and I have to say, it was actually fun to see the doctor and visit with the office staff. I am grateful to have had Dr. Garcia recommended as being an exceptional surgeon - and happy to have discovered that she is a pretty awesome human being as well!

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SRV (Patient) 11-28-2012
After having 2 other doctors tell me I would need an abdominal hysterectomy with a huge scar and prolonged recovery time, I decided to get another opinion after researching Dr. Garcia. I am so glad I did! Dr. Garcia was the only doctor skilled enough to perform my surgery laparascopically. Now I have no scar and my healing time was dramatically shortened. In addition to her medical expertise, she is also a very kind and caring person. Her office staff is also amazing and made me feel like family.

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Jen (Patient) 10-02-2012
Dr. Garcia truly cares about her patients. From my first appointment to my last, Dr. Garcia and her staff made me feel comfortable. She takes the time to explain what is going on, gives you surgery options, and listens to your questions and concerns. Great doctor!

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tda (Patient) 08-31-2012
Dr. Amy Garcia is an amazing physician! She is extremely skilled & knowledgable in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery as well as a compassionate and caring person. She has given me my quality of life back and is my number 1 physician recommendation for any surgical gynecological needs here in Albuquerque. Thank you Dr. Garcia!

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Barb R (Patient) 08-05-2012
I would highly recommend Dr. Garcia to everybody. I was referred to her by my regular gynecologist after several years of issues w/ uterine fibroids and an ovarian cyst that would not go away. My GYN wanted me to have a hysterectomy but I did not want to have the surgery and have 6+ weeks of my life taken away from me for recovery time. Dr. Garcia performs they hysterectomy laproscopically and I could not be happier. Everything went so well. My pain was practically non existent. Dr. Garcia is a truly amazing person, physician and surgeon. She has a wonderful, caring staff. She was extremely thorough and patient and knowledgeable. She is a strong advocate for her patients and is praised by the surgical staff at Presbyterian Hospital. Barring special circumstances, I don't see why any woman would need to have a "traditional" hysterectomy. Please do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with this wonderful woman. You will never regret your decision!!

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Lola (Patient) 07-27-2012
For the very first time in my life, I had surgery. It was slightly terrifying to hear that it was my best option to decrease or dissipate excrutiating pain all together, to remove tumors that had grown signicantly in a short period of time, to avoid severely painful periods and cramping, to get my health, energy and sex life back; in essence to finally have my LIFE back. I am a healthy person other than this blast of nuisance I am 44 years old and normally enjoying ample exercise, great sex and a lot of fun activities - regular travel, jet setting, dancing, parties, family events, daily hiking, exercise, yoga, taking care of three little grandchildren and taking care of a younger, very vibrant husband, working a full-time job in a professional arena and basically ENJOYING GOOD POSITIVE, HEALTHY ENERGY. I can't let anything slow that down in order to maintain my personal happiness. In order to take the time from life and work for a much needed surgery, which included laparoscopic hysterectomy, I needed personal assurance and confidence in technique, knowledge, expertise, experience and a good history with regard to my doctor - a doctor I had never dealt with, nor met. I had heard through the grapevine, my referring doctor, other patients even, that Dr. Garcia was an amazingly talented and historically successful expert for many years in this field. I was fortunate to have been referred swiftly to someone of this caliber. Dr. Garcia was informative in a way that made it simple to understand AND accept. My expectations were simple and she broke it down in a way that a non-medical professional could understand and live with. She realized that I was experiencing difficulty in my daily life and made time to get my surgery on her calendar in a very timely fashion. The surgery went magnificently. My down time was short, just a couple of weeks and I was back to work within one week. I began exercising within 5 days, light hikes, resumed caring for an elder family member, managing my three toddler grandchilden and regular sexual activity within 3 weeks. My scars - excuse me, there are NO SCARS. Dr. Garcia leaves no trace. She "fixed" my cervix while she was at it as it had seen better days. I feel like a new woman. My energy is 100% and then some, pain is GONE, and I'm intact. I am extremely excited to begin the rest of my life at age 44 and wish to thank Dr. Garcia for her personalibility, her reliability, her "smooth" and kind handling of "me." She is an amazing character, a sweet soul and a magnificent doctor. She comes highly recommended by a "naysayer." I have not always had the best experience with medical people. Amy definitely switched that for me in the positive. Thanks again, Amy, and staff. You guys ROCK!

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Laurie (Patient) 07-07-2012
Dr. Garcia is a terrific doctor. She performed a laproscopic hysterectomy on me. I had some large uterin fibroids and a cyst about the size of a grapefruit growing inside my ovary. She was able to remove all of that laproscopically and I was able to keep both of my ovaries and recovered very quickly. My regular gynecologist (a different doctor) recommended her to me because she (my regular doctor) said the she couldn't do the surgery laproscopically because she felt everything was too large. If you need a doctor that can perform a laproscopic hysterectomy, then Dr. Garcia is the one.

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chelsea (Patient) 06-19-2012
My name is Chelsea and im 16 years old they diagnosed me with a left ovary dermoid cyst. At first when they told me i was scared and needed surgery but when i meet doctor Garcia she changed me of being scared to actually wanting to get surgery, shes an excellent surgeon!!!:)

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lisa (Patient) 06-19-2012
Dr. Garcia was not only knowledgeable, but kind and patient. She has terrific bed-side manner. My surgery went well and healing time was quick. I was running within 2 weeks of the procedure.
Dr. Garcia has a beautiful office with a wonderful support staff. I'm so grateful she was my doctor throughout this period in my life.

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S. Mora (Patient) 05-19-2012
I am 26 years old and was suffering from excessive bleending due to uterine fibroids. I was extremely scared until I was sent to Dr. Amy Garcia. She thoroughly explained my problem and discussed my options. She took into consideration my age and future plans to have children. I am six wks post op and I feel truly amazing. I could not thank her enough. She is such a confident doctor I never questioned my trust in her! In my opinion she is the best. I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing problems and no answers. Thank you Dr. Garcia.

Las Cruces NM

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SueAnn R (Patient) 04-13-2012
Anybody have any questions regarding gynecology or need second opinions or need a doctor. I strongly recommend Dr. Garcia. She is very different in many ways. To her your just not another patient, your someone she wants to help fix the problem and is very caring and all the above.
I went to my primary doctor for some issues i was having and did not like the reccomindations given to me. So i looked around for a second opinion and found Dr. Garcia, she is very educated and helpful to the extreme. And the staff in the office are great and helpful and very welcoming.
And to add she fixed my problem, no more pain. And back to life.

Thank you Dr. Garcia

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Kathy S (Patient) 03-14-2012
After years of PMS and bleeding--- numerous Biopsies-ultrasounds-etc. I went to Dr Amy Garcia for a consultation regarding a hysterectomy. Since this was not an emergency surgery she explained my options. I opted for the minimal invasive surgery removing everything but the cervex. I was extremely nervous as I am 67 years old. I had the surgery Jan 25th 2012. I was uncomfortable immediately upon awakening in the recovery room.I was given pain meds and walked to feel better.I spent the night in the womens hospital .I went home the next AM and had no problem . I went out for lunch -and 2 dinner parties the first week. I had my post op on the 8th day as I wanted to drive to Calif. After examining me she said I could do anything as long as it didn't hurt.So I hit drivers in the golf net at home---no pain--everything about my experience with Dr Garcia-and her staff-was pleasant.She is the best!! She is this tiny blond -looks like she should be on the beach playing volley ball.You will love her! Trust me I don't like Doctors-Dentists etc. She never appeared too busy to answer my questions and I was always treated with the upmost courtesy. Her entire staff was always courteous as well as being extremely efficient. My appointments were on time.I was able to move the time of my 6 week appointment to better suit my schedule.My only regret is that she is a surgeon and I can't have her for my primary Dr.I can't say enough how pleased I was with this surgery.Shoot-- I would have done this years ago If I would have known I could find a surgeon as experienced and friendly as Dr Amy Garcia.If a surgery can be a pleasant experience she has figured out how to achieve it!!

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Shelly (Patient) 03-09-2012
I went to Dr. Garcia after 2 years of seeking help from my regular doctors (including GYN) who had been unable to stop my excessive bleeding & cramps. I went to Dr. Garcia who immediately came up with treatment plan and diagnosis. She gave me several options to choose from citing the positives & negatives of each. She explains very well and even draws pictures to help with understanding. I chose to have surgery and could not be happier. She must be a very gentle surgeon (I was asleep) as I never felt too badly after surgery, went home the same day and was helping my husband cook the next day. I can't say enough good things about her skill and caring attitude!
* Surgery was a supracervical hysterectomy via laparoscope

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Patricia M (Patient) 02-25-2012
Dr Garcia was referred to us by our regular Gyno. We were skeptical at first. On our first appointment we didn't know what to expect. We have visited numerous Dr's wondering what was wrong and were coming to the conclusion that is may be in my head... (silly I know) After meeting with Dr Garcia we were amazed at how professional she was. She treated us like if we were long time friends. She was straight and to the point, the way we like to hear things. My fiance and I have a lot of respect for her and her profession. After doing tons of research online concerning my condition Dr Garcia in our opinion knew exactly what she was doing. I can't express how nice it is to have confidence in the person that is about to do your surgery! From start to finish Dr Garcia and her staff have been wonderful! I highly recommend her not only as a recent client but I feel like we made a friend. That is the comfort you can expect! By the way the pain I was in is totally gone... Thank you again Dr Garcia and staff, you are amazing!!

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Angel (Patient) 01-12-2012
Dr. Garcia is an amazing physician/surgeon. She was caring, very thorough and answered all of my questions. After my procedure, I was amazed at how quickly I recovered and could not believe how small the incisions were from my hysterectomy. A few days after my procedure I called her office to inform them of some leg pain I was experiencing, they quickly scheduled me to have a vascular ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. Dr. Garcia called me that night to see how I was feeling. She is not only a wonderful doctor but a very caring individual. I highly recommend her.

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JJ (Patient) 11-05-2011
I went to Dr. Garcia for a laparoscopic myomectomy. Not only did she do a great job on the surgery, she was very helpful and informative in helping me decide what my best options were. Her staff were also very personable.

If you do need laparoscopic surgery done, I highly recommend Dr. Garcia.

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Alyssa A (Patient) 09-25-2011
I highly recommend Dr. Garcia. She performed a laproscopic supracervical hysterectomy. During the consultation she helped me feel comfortable with the procedure and even drew pictures so that I would understand exactly what would happen. The surgery was the right choice for me, and the recovery was so quick, and the pain was very minimal considering the operation. I was back to work 12 days after, and I was able to resume my workout routine in three weeks. Much better than the six week alternative. Also, her office staff is awesome.

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Cyd Ault (Patient) 02-02-2007
Dr. Garcia at the Center for Women's Surgery in Albuquerque, NM specializes in laproscopic surgery for women. She performed a complete hysterectomy on me in July 2006. My uterus was much larger than a normal uterus, and I had no complications at all. I was out of the hospital the next day, walking in Costco 3 days after surgery, driving a week after surgery. I have very small incisions which healed nicely.
She was very thorough in her explanation of my surgery, including where each incision would be and the purpose of each one. She explained the risks involved without causing me anxiety. She is friendly, personable, professional, competent, and even has a sense of humor, which most doctors don't show. I am very pleased that she performed my surgery.

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