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Recent Articles of Our MD Members
Rich CASTELLANO Facial Plastic Surgery Earns Ýts Place On ‘most Popular’ Holiday Gift List
Trends show Tampa Bay is investing in the ‘gift of youth’ for close friends and family this holiday season Tampa, FL (December 07, 2011) – Let’s face it. Giving and receiving holiday gifts can be a daunting task. From fighting mall crowds to finding the perfect gift to faking enthusiasm for that less than appealing new sweater, we don’t always get (or give) a gift that’s truly wanted or needed. The good news is that giving our loved ones a gift that makes them look and feel better has become an increasingly popular choice in the Tampa Bay area. It’s facial cosmetic surgery. HolidayPraye... [more..]
Rich CASTELLANO Brotox A Phenomenon Popular Ýn Tampa Bay
More men refreshing their appearances with facial fillers than ever before Tampa, FL (January 23, 2011) – According to the Urban Dictionary, a “Bromance” describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males. Now, there’s a new term, “Brotox”– and it’s become increasingly popular throughout Tampa Bay. Brotox describes the phenomenon of “men’s men” refreshing their facial appearances with Botox and other popular facial fillers like Dysport, Radiesse, Sculptra, Xeomin, Perlane and and other nips and tucks – something this demographic might have historically shied away from... [more..]
Rich CASTELLANO Proof Positive, Facial Lifting Procedures Work
Face lifts remove about 9 years from faces, new study reveals Tampa, FL (February 22, 2012) – A new study released Monday, February 20th, 2012, in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery found that face lifting procedures really do make men and women look younger – almost 9 years younger to be exact. When shown photos of 60 participants that have had face lifting procedures, medical student evaluators rated that on average, these patients looked 8.9 years younger than their chronological age, post-surgery. Tampa-based double board certified facial cosmetic surgeon Richard Castellano, M... [more..]
Liposuction Is A Treatment For Obesity
[by Thomas LOCKE MD]
In the context of consultation for a body contouring procedure I am frequently asked: “How many pounds will I lose?” Conventional wisdom suggests that this is a bad prognostic sign. Traditional teaching and custom holds that liposuction is NOT a treatment for obesity. Patients focused on pounds and not appearance are not supposed to be good candidates for cosmetic surgery. In some plastic surgery practices the surgeon will not do a procedure on a patient with a BMI greater than 30. Lipo suction has traditionally been viewed as a treatment for the skinny ladies. Traditionally the “ideal pa... [more..]
Weight Loss After Pregnancy
[by Michele CAVENEE MD]
Postpartum Weight Loss Many women are faced with the task of shedding excess weight after childbearing, and they often seek medical guidance for weight loss. Some were overweight prior to pregnancy, while others gained excessive weight while “eating for two.” Regardless of the specific nature of the weight gain, the weeks and months following delivery involve attempts at weight loss for most women. Questions often arise as to how to safely accomplish weight loss after pregnancy, and whether or not special considerations are indicated when a new mother is breast-feeding. It is widely ... [more..]
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James Emerson JENKS MD
New York
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info AvailableHas Personal Website
James Emerson JENKS recommended by Hope M :

Only Dr so supportive for my pregnancy and delivered my baby as promised even at 3am. He didn't mind the amniotic fluid splashing all on him either. May God bless him.

Is this Review about James Emerson JENKS helpful to you?  
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Brian HINES recommended by Olivia Korsun :

Dr. Brian Hines was my surgeon. He is not only extremely knowledgeable, he is also extremely kind.

Is this Review about Brian HINES helpful to you?  
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Amy Lynn GIEDT recommended by Tabatha K :

I am an informed patient and very aware of my body, it's limitations, it's skipped beats, etc. I am a huge advocate for my care. From my first visit with Dr Giedt (over 10 years ago), she has always spent the time I needed with me. We have discussed options she had as well as any options I had learned about. She is caring and has a great bedside manner. Note: She is very hard to get into (generally speaking) and if you are a few minutes late to see her, you lose your appointment and have to reschedule. I hate this, but it is about the practice and the way it is run. For the more comfortable environment, pick the Leawood office if you get the choice.

Is this Review about Amy Lynn GIEDT helpful to you?  
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 3 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Duncan Mark BURKHOLDER recommended by Dianne :

He is so caring and thorough with the care of his patients. He personally called and checked on me multiple times, including on the weekend. Highly recommend.

Is this Review about Duncan Mark BURKHOLDER helpful to you?  
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 2 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
David MATEO recommended by Layla :

Can't beat his bedside manner.

Is this Review about David MATEO helpful to you?  
New Jersey
Has 9 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Velimir PETKOV recommended by Jeff W. :

Very knowledgeable, thorough and kind podiatrist. I'm happy to recommend him and his great staff. Their Clifton podiatry office is modern and extremely well ran.

Is this Review about Velimir PETKOV helpful to you?  
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsPhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Sanaz MEMARZADEH recommended by JulieAnn Cook :

Dr. Sanaz Memarzadeh (meh~MAR~zah~day) is among the best in her field. As a Gynecological Oncologist with a PhD in Molecular Biology, a specialist in minimally invasive surgeries (particularly with DaVinci~assisted robotics), and a tenured professor in her field, Dr. Memarzadeh was absolutely the RIGHT professional for my endometrial carcinoma, and hopefully she will be the right doctor for your needs. Extremely intelligent, and yet very respectful, she ensures her patients understand their condition and available treatments, being sure to answer all questions, so they can make informed decisions. With the limitations of my insurance, it took a while for me to get referred to her, but it was absolutely worth the extra time, and once in contact with her office, things moved very quickly. If you're in Southern California, or can get here, I cannot imagine a more knowledgeable or skilled Gynecological Oncologist than Dr. Sanaz Memarzadeh!

Is this Review about Sanaz MEMARZADEH helpful to you?  
South Dakota
Has 2 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Edward PICARDI recommended by John :

This guy saved my wife's life. He is extremely caring, professional, ethical and really knows his stuff. I thank God for him being there when we needed him. We need more guys like him.

Is this Review about Edward PICARDI helpful to you?  
Jessica STINE MD
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Jessica STINE recommended by Lorr Kline :

EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT surgeon for cancer gyn minimally invasive surgeries. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr Stine, who is located in Tampa and Brandon, FL. Her compassion, understanding, and expertise is very impressive. I have full and complete confidence in Dr Jessica Stine who has excellent qualifications.

Is this Review about Jessica STINE helpful to you?  
Samantha TODD MD
General Practice
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Samantha TODD recommended by Celeste Lambert :

After 20 years of struggling to find a primary care doc who listens, cares, and takes me seriously, I found Dr Todd. She is AMAZING! Within 4 months of my first appointment, she had built a whole team of specialists and dedicated personnel to handle my care. She started that process immediately, it just took 4 months due to a variety of health & life situations on my end.

Is this Review about Samantha TODD helpful to you?  
Katharine ESSELEN MD
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Katharine ESSELEN recommended by Didi45 :

Dr. Katharine Esselen is smart, kind, a very accomplished and engaged scholar and an excellent surgeon. She is patient and thorough, asks good questions, listens well, and offers appropriate suggestions. I recommend her in the highest terms.

Is this Review about Katharine ESSELEN helpful to you?  
Victor TSAN
Victor TSAN MD
Registered Site MemberHas 14 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas Professional VideosPersonal Photo AvailableCV AvailableHas special expertise in certain sicknessHas TagsPersonal Info AvailableHas Personal WebsiteCan be contacted via Instant Messangers
Victor TSAN recommended by Andrew P. :

Came across Viva Healthy Life while browsing web to see what’s available bow to stop smoking. So glad, I came across this center. I live in Baltimore, not far away from Philadelphia, so I decided to try. Hypnosis sessions were very good, helpful and did their job. Not a single cigarette for couple weeks now. It’s a huge progress for me. Thanks victor Tsan.

Is this Review about Victor TSAN helpful to you?  
Florida, Orange Park
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 8 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
David HYLER recommended by S. Eddy :

Dr. Hyler is the most patient and caring Dr. I’ve ever had. I came to him after I received bad news from another Dr. that was treating me. The prognosis she gave was scary and a bit shocking. Dr. Hyler took me on and assured me that he would be able to perform my surgery. He completely put my mind at ease and made me feel like I was going to be ok! He performed abdominal hysterectomy, leaving my ovaries and cervix. The surgery did go well and I’m so relieved. I cannot say enough about him. I’m just so thankful and grateful!

Is this Review about David HYLER helpful to you?  
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 10 suggestionsAddress AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Roseann MAIKIS recommended by Summer L :

My first visit, Dr Maikis sat down with me in her office to discuss my issue and option. She then performed her ultrasound herself, and spoke with me again about all my options and made me feel so comfortable. She was my third opinion-recommended by the nurse of my second. She is incredible.

Is this Review about Roseann MAIKIS helpful to you?  
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Jay KATLEINJAY recommended by Katleinjay :

The best doctor in Windsor university.

Is this Review about Jay KATLEINJAY helpful to you?  
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Registered Site MemberHas 36 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailablePersonal Photo AvailableCV AvailableHas special expertise in certain sicknessHas published Books & ArticlesHas TagsPersonal Info AvailableHas Personal Website
Ken SINERVO recommended by Lindsey :

I can't say enough great things about Dr Sinervo and the CEC and am so grateful for the care I have received there. I had surgery in Feb. for endometriosis, as well as an appendectomy and cholecystectomy. After years of being told there was nothing really wrong with me by other providers, to have Dr Sinervo tell me that he would be prepared for any level of disease gave me such peace. That one detail is a large part of why I traveled to the CEC from Seattle. His staff is absolutely amazing too!

Is this Review about Ken SINERVO helpful to you?  
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Sanjay RAZDAN recommended by JR :

Dr. Sanjay Razdan is considered one of the best Robotic Prostate Surgeons in the world having performed over 7,000 Robotic Procedures using the Davinci Robotic System. The doctor has published the first ever book on Urinary Continence and Sexual Function After Robotic Radical Prostatectomy. The doctor provided excellent care and is known for his excellent results with over 400 video patient testimonials on his website.

Is this Review about Sanjay RAZDAN helpful to you?  
Liliana KANU MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Liliana KANU recommended by Diana Lee :

Dr. Kanu is a young ob/gyn who has one of the best bedside manners I've ever encountered. I have been her patient throughout this hysterectomy journey (diagnosis of my problems, options, surgery and post surgical care), breast health and some general medical care. Because she is young, she is knowledgeable about current medical topics and trends. Dr. Kanu takes time to explain things to me and answer my questions in great detail. If I think of questions after hours I am able to email her and she replies to me in a timely manner. I would highly recommend any woman looking for a first or second opinion to consult Dr. Kanu.

Is this Review about Liliana KANU helpful to you?  
Stephen E POORE MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info AvailableHas Personal Website
Stephen E POORE recommended by Sandrella :

Because Dr. Poore listens, is kind, very knowledgable, he empowers his patients just as he did with me to make the correct decision for our better health. I saw Dr. Poore for my very painful and heavy periods.

Is this Review about Stephen E POORE helpful to you?  
Has 2 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Glenn WOODLEY recommended by Grant :

I love golf but lately, my left foot has been very painful. I consulted Dr. Glenn Woodley and I was told I had neuroma, apparently caused by repetitive force on the nerve at the end of each golf swing. Thanks to Dr. Woodley, I did not have to go through surgery for treatment of my neuroma. I am so happy with the results, I no longer have burning and shooting pain into the toes, and now back to golf!

Is this Review about Glenn WOODLEY helpful to you?  

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