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Michele Deehwa KOO MD
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Michele Deehwa KOO MD
Plastic Surgery - Missouri Saint Louis

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Michele Deehwa KOO MD



(City : Saint Louis)
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Plastic Surgery

Suggestions & Reviews for Michele Deehwa KOO MD
Dylan E (Patient) 04-06-2016
I do not look like someone who goes to a plastic surgeon. I do not look like Beverly Hills. I am average with amazing skin thanks to Dr. Koo. Everyone says what great genes I have. I just smile.

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Payton M (Patient) 04-03-2016
Tired of fighting my outer thighs, I finally decided to have something done. Big thighs run in my family. Dr. Koo said all the diet and exercise in the world would not get rid of it. She was right. 5800.00 later it was gone and worth 10 times that. My sister is coming in next month for the same thing.

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Devin B (Patient) 04-02-2016
I had a breast lift at another office. That Plastic Surgeon told me I could not have implants an a lift at the same time. After, I learned that Dr. Koo could do that. I came to her and she placed the implants in. I am very pleased. Wish I would have known about her. I am now on her skin care and I can see an amazing difference.

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Ali Li (Patient) 03-03-2016
Dr. Koo and her team are wonderful. Dr. Koo is very professional, on time and thorough. I would highly recommend Dr. Koo as a surgeon and am very pleased with my results.

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Morgan (Patient) 02-28-2016
I met Dr. Koo thru a mutual patient. I wanted my breasts to be lifted but did not know if I wanted any implants. Dr. Koo said that I had enough breast tissue and that I could always come back and have an implant put in. Boy was she right. My breast look great and I did not even have to get an implants. I would have looked very top heavy had we done an implants. Great advice, great surgeon.

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A P (Patient) 02-04-2016
I give Dr. Koo's office a 10. Have been a patient for several years.

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K H (Patient) 02-02-2016
I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Koo and her staff are amazing. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The procedure and recovery were much easier than I anticipated. Everything went so smoothly. I had a breast augmentation with a lift.

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J K (Patient) 01-02-2016
If you are looking for a great doctor. You are in the right place.

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M S (Patient) 12-02-2015
Best office ever! Friendly, very knowledgeable. Dr. Koo was totally accessible after surgery. Everything went smoothly.

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L R (Patient) 11-29-2015
My husband wanted to have his eyes done. I was kind of surprised. He said he looked tired and old. I was completely supportive and he is very happy.

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S T (Patient) 11-27-2015
Great lift, Great job, Great staff. I would do it all over again. Dr. Koo said I didntn need an implant. They look great!!!

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M M (Patient) 11-02-2015
I had a lot of expectations for my surgery. I had a lot of questions and fears. Dr. Koo and her staff exceeded my expectations. My breasts look great.

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D Cox (Patient) 11-01-2015
Breast augmentation. Very natural. Feel like Dr. Koo really knew what I wanted.

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L M (Patient) 10-28-2015
I consider Dr. Koo my doctor and my friend. She is honest to the point of being blunt when I need it. She has done two surgeries on me over the last ten years. I appreciate her honesty and knowledge of the procedures and respect her opinion. She has gotten to know me and my desired outcome. I would not go anywhere else.

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R P (Patient) 10-21-2015
Dr. Koo is very conscientious, meticulous and thorough. She met with me several times before my surgery. She wanted to be sure that she knew what I wanted. I spent a lot of her time asking questions and she did not mind that at all. I hold the highest regard for my plastic surgeon. What you see on tv is not at all what really goes on. She is a real surgeon who wants good -great results for her patients.

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R M (Patient) 10-16-2015
Felt very deflated when I made my appointment with Dr. Koo. Dr. Koo was recommended to me after I had seen and had another procedure by another doctor. Dr. Koo spent time with me helping to explain to me what she could make better and what she could not. I am very satisfied with the surgery. Dr. Koo was kind hearted and wanted to help me. I felt like she really cared about making it better.

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A R (Patient) 10-04-2015
Breast surgery was a success. My neck, back and shoulders feel better. I am no longer wearing bras to bed. My insurance did not pay for the surgery but it was definitely worth it. running, working out again.

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Erika M (Patient) 09-27-2015
I have been a patient for many years. I have very minor procedures done. Dr. Koo continues to help me age as slowly as possible. I keep myself and my face in good shape. I am the last person you would think comes here. I wear very little make-up thanks to Dr. Koo. I refer to myself as a natural Koo beauty.

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N L (Patient) 08-26-2015
After my gastric sleeve I was so excited to begin to lose weight very quickly. Little did I know that when I was done losing the weight my skin would hang so low and below my private area. I felt discouraged. The more I lost the more it hung. I worked out, ate right and Dr. Koo said my skin could just not bounce back from that much weight loss. I love my abdomen and breasts now and feel great. I did both procedures together and it really took me about 3 weeks to feel like I was going to make it to work and home. I felt tired and really overwhelmed for the first week back to work but then I was up and going and look and feel better than I have in years. Thanks Dr. Koo.

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Monica S (Patient) 08-16-2015
Dr. Koo is a highly trained doctor. She is very knowledgeable about the aesthetic side of surgery. I was wanting her to just make me as small as possible with my breast reduction and she said she also wanted to be sure that they were aesthetically acceptable. I was so uncomfortable I did not care but am glad she took into consideration how they would look in the end. Thank You Dr. Koo.

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A F (Patient) 07-30-2015
I have had several minor procedures done. Dr. Koo is very conservative but effective. I come 3-4 times a year to keep my skin and face looking great. It does not look fake or overdone.

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Francis G (Patient) 07-25-2015
My breast look great! I feel great. Dr. Koo replaced my old saline implants with newer more shapely implants. My implants were about 17 years old. Dr. Koo assured me that the new styles look more natural and she was right. When went to her I had no idea what type of implants I had. I had moved from out fo state and she told me if we knew great and if we did not know what kind they were she would take them out and replace them. They look much better than when I had them first done. Technology has definitely changed.

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N L (Patient) 07-24-2015
Everything went better than expected. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I had an amazing experience and have referred people already! I could not be happier with my results! I always felt that they had my concerns and best interest foremost in mind.

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R L (Patient) 07-18-2015
I put off surgery for four years out of fear that the end result would be like a 'deer in the headlights'. I should not have waited. The cosmetic eye surgery I had came out better than I thought it would. I am know scheduling further 'less is more' surgery to adjust what has been done. I am very pleased with the results with Dr. Koo and her office.

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