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Roxanne (Patient) 12-29-2009
Dr. Rardin has been very helpful to me this year. I had been having bladder and urinary complications since March, and met with him in May. He immediately scheduled me for eurodynamics testing and cystoscopies, searching for a cause. He did not treat me with unnecessary medications nor did he treat me as if it were all in my head; and after having a cystoscopy in November, he has diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis. His knowledge and bedside manner are superb. He has made me feel like there is hope for me to live my life, and has offered many treatment options for me. And although there is no cure, I am confident that with his help, I will be able to run my 5k's, eat a somewhat varied diet, and remain well enough to work and enjoy doing what I do each and every day. I have already recommended him to some of my friends who have also been diagnosed with I.C., and would definitely recommend him to others.

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dolcevita (Patient) 09-08-2008
Highly skilled. Very available to his patients. Well respected by patients and peers. He did a bladder surgery on me and could not have been more informative or supportive. Would absolutely recommend him.

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