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James Joseph MALY MD
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James Joseph MALY MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Nebraska Lincoln

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(City : Lincoln)
(ZIP : 68510)
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James Joseph MALY MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Tracy (Patient) 01-16-2008
My experiences with Dr. Maly at Women's Clinic of Lincoln have been the best I have ever had with any physican in my adult life. He saw me for my normal yearly check ups and also just recently for my pregnancy. Dr. Maly is a very compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable physican. Not only has he made me feel at ease and comfortable, but his staff is also the best. They are willing to help with anything you need and answer whatever questions you may have. I recommend Dr. Maly to everyone with the highest approval rating. He is by far the best physican!!

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Karen (Patient) 02-09-2007
I, and everyone I know who is his patient has said we wish we could clone him for every specialty. He is kind, confident, HE LISTENS, and he is the best choice a woman needing an OB/GYN for any reason could make for these reasons as well as the fact he is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. I found him to be so and I have friends that found that on top of this he looked out for THEIR interests when it came to other personnel and any difficulties they had. For me, I feel that my extremely good and fast recovery from a laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy that was fast and with little to no discomfort was in large part due both to his skill, but also the confidence and kindness towards me as a person which instilled confidence in me. I'm very fortunate to have him as my GYN and I know many other women that all feel exactly the same way.

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Sheila Yates-Vuu (Patient) 02-05-2007
Dr. Maly is an excellent doctor professional, and he is very kind, understanding, and trustworthy. Dr. Maly has been my doctor since 1988. He delivered my children and also I just recently had a hysterectomy. I recommend him to all my family and friends.

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Office 220 Lyncrest Dr Lincoln 68510
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Office Phone # :
(402) 4343370
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(402) 4890731

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Medical School
Univ Of Ne Coll Of Med, Omaha Ne 68198
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(44 years of experience)

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