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Matthew Osmond BURRELL MD
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Matthew Osmond BURRELL MD
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(City : Atlanta)
(ZIP : 30342)
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Skycha M (Patient) 03-23-2009
Dr Burrell is so amazing! He is always happy and pleasant to be around! I had to have a radical hysterectomy in dec 2008. I was both terrified and confused. Dr Burrell put my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable at every appointment! He answered every question I had and always took time to talk to me, he never acted rushed and annoyed by my questions! This is hard to find in a doctor! His office always called back when I had a question afterhours. Most places do not do this.I had to have an emergency surgery last week because my vaginal cuff was ruptured and my intestines were falling out.Dr Burrell met me in the er rushed me into pre-op immediately! All the time reassuring me that everything was going to be fine! He even prayed with my hubby and I before surgery! The surgery was in the morning, he came back to hospital at 10 that night just to check on me! This man is amazing!

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Cherie MacGeorge (Patient) 02-06-2007
Dr. Burrell is a Gynecologic Oncologist. He treated me for Endometrial Cancer in 2006. The only treatment I received - based on the stage and grade of my particular cancer - has been a Total Hysterectomy with the Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Cervix and Appendix also removed. I highly recommend him.

He was extremely patient with all my questions and concerns and treated me as an individual - not a statistic. He is not extraordinarily outgoing; actually he has a rather quiet personality. He presents himself as a very caring and diligent surgeon. I continue to see Dr. Burrell on a regular basis for follow up care. His practice consists of a number of surgeons and they routinely review all the treatment plans of each patient. I found it comforting to know that my problems would be addressed by more than one doctor.

In addition, the nurses and physician assistants, etc. in the practice are all very helpful. They have an excellent support organization especially for chemotherapy patients.

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Office 980 Johnson Ferry Rd NE Ste 900 Atlanta 30342
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(404) 2557916
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(404) 7050807
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Univ Of Manitoba, Fac Of Med, Winnipeg, Man, Canada
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(49 years of experience)

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