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Kate B. (Patient) 03-27-2011
The ability to heal is more than the measure of classes taken and diplomas earned. The ability to heal is a gift. Olympia Gregory is a gifted and kind practitioner. The previous endorsement covered every aspect of her care and was completely accurate. Olympia will share her talent to improve the lives of her patients because she cares and because she has the rare ability, in today's medical arena, to listen. Thank you Olympia for everything that you give!

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geri (Patient) 02-06-2007
I have been going to this women for 20 years. She will take as much time as you need her to. To make you feel comfortable, she will answer all your questions regardless of how silly they may seem to you. she alway's has a smile on her face, she alway's rembers who you are and everything that is going on with you. YOu will never feel rushed she will spend as much time with you as you need no matter how many other patients she may have. she explains everything she is doing before she does it and she involes you in your care by giveing you all of your options good and bad and then helps you make a well informed decision. she has treated for all of my paps, birth control,peri menoupause, and she has helped me with depression and all sorts of issues that arose after my hsterectomy such as bladder issues, lack of desire ect. she is willing to use herbal products. and i think the best things about her are that she always jokes with me she always make me laugh and she always gives me a hug at the end of every visit and i know i can call her in between appt. with any questions or concerns i may have and she will get right back to me.

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