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William Jack COPELAND MD
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William Jack COPELAND MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - California Lancaster

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Debbi (Patient) 02-01-2012
Dr Copeland and I went to the same High School in the Antelope Valley three years apart. I had already had one daughter by age 19 and 4 years later I had been trying to conceive again with no luck. Dr after Dr told me it was all in my head. Remember this was in the early 80's. Dr Copeland had just opened his practice and If I remember correctly I believe I was the around his 30th new patient. He sat down and asked me numerous health questions. I told him that I had had a ruptured appendix 4 years previously after my daughter was born. He immediately scheduled me for laporoscopy and discovered I was FULL of adhesions blocking my tubes and uterus. He cleaned me out and I got pregnant! Unfortunately I miscarried due to the adhesions growing back so fast. He did several more surgeries and I conceived again. Sadly the last one was a tubal pregnancy that almost killed me. If not for Dr Copeland I would have died in 1985. After he discovered I had cervical cancer I opted for a complete hysterectomy. Of course I moved out of the Antelope Valley in the 90's and really didnt need a gyn anymore. I never forgot him. I can still see him late at night at the end of my hospital bed with his poor tired feet kicked up on the end of bed checking on me. Havent seen him for over 25 years and I will never forget him.

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Kimberly M (Patient) 07-24-2011
Doctor Copeland performed an Emergency Complete Hysterctomy on me when I was only 29 years old, due to excessive completely covered cysts growing on the inside of all my female organs, the vulva, the tubes, all had over 50 extremely painful cysts. I had been bounced around back then in 1987, from 3 Different doctors with the then defunct and very poorly ran Maxicare HMO. I quote and agree "Is the best Gynecologist in Southern California, which includes Los Angeles. Dr. Copeland is a consumate professional, and the leader in his field with the way he practices so meticulously. He literally saved my life. I would most Highly recomend Dr. Copeland above any OB/GYN.

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Shannon (Patient) 01-19-2011
Dr Copeland is a gift from GOD! HE stepped in on a long drawn out case and helped my daughter find relief like she had not known for years. After that, he said, it doesn't skip a generation and asked to see me. He Performed a complete hysterectomy and ALOT of CLEAN UP WORK. Shorty after I got deathly ill (unrelated) but Dr C. followed me through. I spent many Friday nights sleeping on an exam table waiting to see him after patients. He diagnosed me wit a systemic infection and I was told I was a day or 2 from organ failure! The ERs had just kept sending me home. GOD BLESS Dr. Copeland. My stories could go on and on.... I sent refereals and once even drug him in on a night off to see a new patient...he saved her live too. WE ALL LOVE YOU, JACK! Give Mr's my best!!! She was a dear lady to spend so many unpaid Friday evenings with me waiting for you. Blessings, Shannon

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KJ (Patient) 11-29-2010
I was referred to Dr. Copeland in 2004. I had to have surgery and due to a prior surgery in 1994 that went horribly wrong by another physician in Colorado. Dr. Copeland encountered problems when he opened me up. He (along with the grace of God) saved my life. I have been under his care ever since and trust him completely. He has helped me in so many ways. My husband, family and I are forever grateful for he skill, care and compassion he has shown to us.

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Roberta M. (Patient) 01-18-2010
I have been a patient of Dr. Copeland for over 15 years. When I moved out of the Antelope Valley area 7 years ago, I remained his patient because he has all of the particulars you want from a doctor in his speciality. He has the bedside manner which I haven't seen in years. He is extemely knowledgeable, sensitive, and very patient. My mentally challenged granddaughter is also a patient of Dr. Copeland. He is definately a keeper!

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Connie (Patient) 06-01-2009
Dr. Copeland is the best doctor I've ever had! After I finally found him, he ended years of suffering that I had with female trouble, by diagnosing the problem and solving it with surgery. The surgery went incredibly well, the doctor is a kind, compassionate and brilliant professional. He does truly care about his patients. If you sit in his waiting room and listen, women there will tell how much they all love him, how he has saved their lives. He is the best there is.

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Dani C (Patient) 04-19-2009
I have been Dr. Copeland's patient for years and have always appreciated his honesty, friendliness, and skill. The work he did on my cyste removal + rectocele and perineal repair was amazing.

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Dr. C (Patient) 07-11-2008
Dr. Copeland is the best. He is thorough and and very knowledgable. He is compassionate and always places his patients' needs first. I won't go to anyone else.

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Tricia (Patient) 01-01-2008
Dr. Copeland performed my Hysterectomy on December 15th!..I am still recovering but I feel sooo much better already..He found a tumor in my uterus that has been missed by many other doctors for quite a few years. I was starting to think that I was a hypochondriac...or had an extremely low pain tolerance...!..He is in Lancaster, California. He is very friendly and very thorough. Dr. Copeland, I owe you soo much

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Miaaka DeForrest (Patient) 02-06-2007
Dr. Copeland was honest and straight forward with me about my health concerns. He listens, and made me feel that he really cared and my opinion and concerns were important and valid. I hope to be a patient of his for many years and recommend him highly as a compent and caring doctor.

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