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Janice P (Patient) 03-26-2014
After an initial consultation and a visit later for testing, Diane was knowledgeable, congenial and got to the root of the problem quickly. I would say she and the office staff made me very comfortable. I would highly recommend her if you are having any urological issues!!

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S (Patient) 05-18-2011
I have had bladder related issues stemming from a hysterectomy for some time. My regular ob/gyn sent me to Dr Bigham because she thought I needed bladder surgery. Dr. Bigham listened to me and immediately told me my hormones were out of balance. I had requested a hormone screening blood test from my ob/gyn and she told me that I did not need to alter my hormones, that it merely took time for them to regulate, yet Dr. Bigham picked up on this problem immediately. Dr. Bigham has worked very well with me adjusting my hormones as needed and even suggesting ways to save money because my insurance is not the greatest. After my first visit, I left her office with tears of joy streaming down my face because after years of suffering, I finally found someone who listened and would help me. I feel like a new person now because of her help.

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bill v (Patient) 12-16-2009
Dr Bigham is the finest physician I have ever seen. She has an outstanding attitude. She listens without interruption. She asks excellent followup questions. Dr Bigham's philosophy is first do no harm. Then take the least invasive approach to the problem. Don't do anything you can't undo unless it is absolutely necessary.

She is a skilled surgeon. She has an outstanding bedside manner and she is far better then the male urologists in Holland that don't listen, interrupt you when you are trying to tell them what is wrong, quickly diagnose the problem then suggest surgery.

Dr Bigham has helped me when her peers misdiagnosed my problem for several years. She had my problem figured out and had it treated after one visit. Her peers on the other hand did performed an orchectomy after telling me that this was the best way to treat my problem. Unfortunately its too late to undo what has been done. If I had my way they would all be working for Dr Bigham and taking orders from her.
They need her to supervise the male urologists in this practice.

If I ever have cancer or any other issue that requires a urologist Dr Bigham is the ONLY doctor that will treat me. I would travel from another state to have her treat me and I would travel from another state and pay for her to treat me out of my pocket.

That's how much I think of this doctor.

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bill (Patient) 09-22-2009
Diane Bigham has been my urologist for a while now. She is an outstanding physician. Had she been my doctor several years ago I could have avoided what became an unnecessary and very miserable surgery. Dr Bigham is thoughtful, kind, a great listener, she is without ego, she really engages her patients and she communicates on a level that I have not experienced with any other specialist. Most important Dr Bigham is an outstanding clinician. She gets it. Being a man she puts me more at ease than any male urologist I have ever had. Being a person who has had many urological issues I can say with all honesty that even if Dr Bigham's practice stopped accepting my insurance I would continue to see her even if I had to pay out of my pocket. If you are looking for a really great physician I encourage you to give Dr Bigham a try. She also works closely with Erin Lamb who is the leading physical therapist in West Michigan treating pelvic floor issues in men and women including post prostate surgery incontinence issues.

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lidia (Patient) 11-24-2008
She is a very lovely woman who is excellent in the field of women's health and pelvic floor disorders. She is very persistent in getting you the help you need to solve your problem. She has studied at Cleveland clinic and , I think, also in Pittsburgh. She took the time to call me with some answers to questions after my first visit.
I am hoping to have my problems resolved soon with her help.

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