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J Randall RAUH MD
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J Randall RAUH MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Montana Miles City

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(City : Miles City)
(ZIP : 59301)
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J Randall RAUH MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Tatertots (Patient) 04-01-2010
This doctor was a great asset to my medical services. He delivered all 3 of my babies and had the expertise I needed for all my health problems (from babies to depression) I would highly recommend him. Anytime you can feel free to talk to your doctor about anything and feel comfortable doing it is a plus to me. I haven't had the same feeling with other doctors since seeing him. Awesome bedside manner and there for you when you need him!

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Jody K (Patient) 07-06-2009
Dr. Rauh is an amazing physician!! I have been in his care for more than 20 years. I can't say how blessed I feel that he delivered our 4 children. He helped us conceive our first born that he delivered in '97, and in '05 he delivered our twins, and in '06 he delivered our little suprise blessing. My pregnancies were high risks and I had fertility issues. His knowledge is amazing! I received the "best of the best" care from him. He was always very professional when he cared for me, but I also felt that he became my friend. His expertise has been invaluabe to us in Eastern Montana. We have all been blessed to have been in his care.

Retiring, or not????
***GOOD LUCK TO YOU! And I wish you LOTS of relaxation, and plenty of "Sooner" games.*******

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Cathyj (Patient) 05-28-2009
Dr Rauh was my Dr for 3 of my children 1992,1994 and 2003. Knowing he is the best, i have been told by people all over the state of Montata that he is the "best". Miles City has been very fortunate to have had this physician right here at home!
Dr Rauh (for those who dont know) is no longer practicing. His retirement really hit home and so many are saddened. Best of luck to you Dr Rauh-we love you!

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Kelli K (Patient) 02-14-2008
Dr Rauh delivered my first baby in 1982, my second in 1984 and my third in 1994. He was a great doctor and I'm thankful he was there for all three of my pregnancies and deliveries.

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Sarah (Patient) 12-31-2007
I started seeing Dr. Rauh about 4 months into my pregnancy and he was great. I had a big city doctor in Boston MA and I have to say that the care I received in Miles City was much more personal and professional. Dr. Rauh really takes the time to explain what's going on and listens when something is wrong. I am back in Boston and before I have anymore children I plan to travel back to Miles City for at least a consult with Dr. Rauh.

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Jessica (Patient) 02-08-2007
Living in the middle of Montana I didn't have high expectations of finding a top notch GYN. Dr. Rauh proved to be a blessing who I would have expected to find in the "big city". He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and really care about his patients. It is well worth the time it takes me to travel to his office!

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Office 219 N Merriam Ave Miles City 59301
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(406) 2327660
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(406) 2325199

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Univ Of Ok Coll Of Med, Oklahoma City Ok 73190
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(49 years of experience)

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