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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Texas Denton

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(City : Denton)
(ZIP : 76210)
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Obstetrics Obstetrics And Gynecology

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KelsNotChels (Patient) 05-20-2016
Dr. Dulemba was the first doctor to believe me when I explained my experiences with endometriosis/adenomyosis. He's been my surgeon twice, and I'll be forever grateful for his humor, expertise, and guidance.

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Heidi (Patient) 07-23-2014
He was immediately able to provide an accurate diagnosis. He was also capable and able to perform the recommended surgery. He has also answered all my questions pre op and post op. Dulemba has also prescribed the necessary medications to assist in reducing my symptoms before the surgery as well as in my recovery. He is absolutely the most knowledgeable and most competent Dr I've ever met. His staff is very caring, sympathetic, and understanding. He specializes in Endometriosis and is well educated in all other areas of a female's gynecologic needs and concerns. I highly recommend him and his staff to any female that suffers from any gynecological problems or is just seeking a great gynecologist.

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Michelle (Patient) 03-01-2014
I had my first appt with Dr. Dulemba just this week and would highly recommend him. He's the 2nd endometriosis specialist I've seen and I truly enjoyed my experience. Not only was he thorough and to the point, but his sonogram/ultrasound techs were as well. I felt very comfortable the entire time! There was a very minimal wait while they checked me in and from then on I felt like it was all about me! I was presented with several treatment options with no pressure. The decision is mine to make based on what I feel is best for myself, my situation, and my family. It was so refreshing to have a doctor ask me what I wanted rather than telling me his opinion and moving on. I have yet to make a decision but I know whatever I decide - I'm in good hands!

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Tausha (Patient) 02-14-2011
Dr. Dulemba is highly recommended in my book. His knowledge of endometriosis is phenomenal. He will go above and beyond to help you. Dr. Dulemba is wonderful!

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Wendy (Patient) 09-28-2009
Everything happened so fast, from a sonogram to hysterectomy w/BSO..I can not stress enough how important it is to have an open and trusting relationship with the doctor performing the surgery. Afterwards, Dr. Dulemba was very compassionate with my feelings over HRT and care. He is very knowledgable about the DiVinci Method and the hospital of his choice is like being at a recovery spa..Top notch all the way.

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amy (Patient) 02-07-2009
I want to recommend this doctor he is a wonderful doctor. He will do anything he can to help you. He did alot for me and I feel wonderful now, because he took the time and listened to me.

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Office 3537 S Interstate 35 E Ste 211 Denton Denton TX 76210
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Office Phone # :
(940) 3876248
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(940) 3811881

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Univ Of Pa Sch Of Med, Philadelphia Pa 19104
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(42 years of experience)

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