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Brian GOLDEN MD's Special Expertises :
da Vinci Robotics:
- Robotic prostatectomy (prostate cancer)
- Robotic partial nephrectomy (kidney cancer)
- pyeloplasty (repair obstructed junction of kidney an...

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Matt (Patient) 12-06-2013
I recently had a vasectomy and like most men was extremely nervous about the procedure. After my procedure with Dr. Golden I realized I stressed for all those weeks for nothing. The procedure was absolutely painless and was over before I knew it. When Doctor Golden said we were all finished I was shocked as it was over before I knew it. He provided a very relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Golden.

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Ron S (Patient) 02-19-2011
I have had the misfortune of being attended to for BPH by another urologist who's only concern was the number of patients he could see in a day rather than the quality of service he should perform. Six weeks ago I had Green Light Laser surgery performed on me by Dr. Golden. It's the best thing I ever did. All my BPH symptoms are gone and I've had the good fortune of establishing a relationship with a doctor who really cares for his patients.

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Debbie (Patient) 12-20-2010
My name is Debbie, and I am a 56 year old grandmother. When I had severe abdominal pains recently and ended up in the Hospital, Brian Golden was my doctor. I was amazed to discover that he honestly cares about each of his patients, and goes above and beyond the basic care I’ve come to expect from doctors. It was obvious that he listened and worked with me in choosing a treatment plan. He explained my options, told me what he would recommend in my case and answered my questions in easy to understand terms. He was very calm and reassuring, and I trusted him immediately.
After discussing the pros and cons of each procedure, we decided to take the least invasive plan. Dr. Golden threaded a laser up to my kidney and chipped away at the huge kidney stone. I went in for outpatient surgery. EVERYONE involved came in to talk to me. It was like a meet and greet. When it was time for my surgery, I knew everyone in the room and felt the respect and compassion. While I was waking up, I could hear the nurse talking to me, gently encouraging me. Over the last few weeks, I have had a stent from kidney to my bladder. It has only caused minor discomfort, but is necessary until the lithotripsy procedure to hopefully shatter the rest of the stone. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Golden and highly recommend him to ANYONE needing a urologist.

Please do your best to get through Jessica and the terrible office staff. Dr. Golden’s bedside manner and knowledge are amazing and well worth it. I encourage everyone to tell the office manager about any experiences with the horrible front office staff. The doctors in this office should not have to apologize for the staff’s sloppy indifference. All of those doctors deserve a lot more respect and assistants of much higher quality.

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Rinerd S (Patient) 12-10-2010
I'm a 54 year old male with BPH Dr. Golden and staff did a great job. He took his time and explained the procedure of the Green Light Laser. I was in and out of surgery and home within four hours urinating like a young man. Some soreness some blood clotting but no major pain. Thanks Doc.

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Stuart (Patient) 10-25-2010
Just had my vasectomy performed by Dr Golden on Thursday.
If asked if I would recommend him I would reply, "I already have."
My brother has been looking for a local urologist to perform his vasectomy and he has decided to visit Dr Golden.
Why I would recommend Dr Golden:
- Very friendly
- He speaks freely, openly and honestly
- Very personable
If you live in Las Vegas and are looking to get a vasectomy Dr Golden is your best option!

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carla (Patient) 10-18-2010
Thank you Dr. golden for most of all your compassion and your understanding as a doctor. I came to see you when I was noticing a problem with leaking urine. Anytime I would bounce, sneeze, jump or run I would leak not only a little urine, but sometimes a lot. You suggested having a hammock and sling placed to lift and replace my bladder where it should be and place my urethra in a position where I would not leak urine. I am now 8 weeks post operation. I am starting to work out and feel great again. I knew at my young age of 44, I did not want to live with this my entire life. Thanks for a job well done. Now you have limited my exercise excuses. lol God Bless.

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Frank (Patient) 08-24-2010
Here is my story. In December a tumor was found in my right kidney with an ultrasound screen. After a Cat & Pet scan, Dr. Golden diagnosed me with renal cell kidney cancer. Not the greatest day of my life. He decided that the kidney was savable and would attempt to remove it with the DaVinci Robot. Dr. Golden added that their may be a possibility the entire kidney may have to be removed once he got in and had a better look around. We discussed all the aspects of the procedure and I agreed. At the time, there were only 2 in Southern Nevada, so the surgery was scheduled for late April. What an amazing machine. I went on Youtube and saw a number of procedures and demonstrations. It was going to be as if I had a Transformer as a surgeon. The actual time of surgery was delayed until later in the evening on it’s scheduled day. DaVinci surgeries take a bit longer than tradition procedures but the recovery times are amazingly short. I get out of surgery and sent to recovery at 2 am the following morning. The kidney was saved and the tumor removed. I had some discomfort, but no real pain. Here is the truly unbelievable part of the operation; I was discharged at noon the next day. Only one day in the hospital and I was able to recover at home with my own books, TV, music and movies. Unbelievable! Dr. Golden is the best at what does.

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Bryan S (Patient) 07-08-2010
I am writing this testimonial because I feel strongly about the care that I received from Dr. Golden. I do not normally take the time to express my recommendations, I feel and have always felt that only exceptional service should be acknowledged and that is why I am writing this now. Being diagnosed with cancer is an extremely scary and emotional time, for both me and my family. The care, treatment and eventual outcome of the cancer has the ability to consume your every waking thought. Dr. Golden, from the initial consult, was professional, warm, caring and in touch with the mental anguish that I was obsessing about. He treated me and my wife with respect and consideration while helping us through this challenging time in our lives. It goes without saying that he is an extremely skilled surgeon; I exceeded all of the standard milestones of recovery and much to Dr. Golden’s dismay and eventual reprimand, even played softball two weeks after leaving the hospital. I can only express my deepest appreciation for all that he did for me and whole heartedly would recommend him to family and friends alike

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DaleG (Patient) 11-01-2009
This note is my thanks to Dr. Golden for saving most of my left kidney.

My story is a little unusual, since I had already lost my right kidney to cancer in 2002. That whole kidney was removed in a traditional operation through a long “shark bite” that was awfully painful and took several months to recover from. Recently my doctor found a new tumor in my left kidney (the only one I have left!). I was scared I would need this kidney removed, then be hooked up to a dialysis machine for the rest of my life.

The urologist who took out my right kidney years ago recommended Dr. Brian Golden. My primary doctor rated Dr. Golden as “EXCELLENT” which of course influenced my decision, but the deciding moments were when I actually met and discussed my case with Dr. G. He showed me my CAT scan and the tumor. He described the operation using the da Vinci robot (robotic partial nephrectomy) and showed me how much of my kidney could be saved. He had a very reassuring bedside manner, was confident (but not arrogant), and answered all my questions. He made me feel comfortable that I’d found the right surgeon for my terrifying situation.

The surgery went great! MY KIDNEY WAS WORKING JUST AS WELL AFTER SURGERY as beforehand. The few little incisions weren’t very painful and I was out of the hospital in just a day and a half. When I saw Dr. Golden after surgery, he said the pathology report said all the cancer was removed. My primary care doctor was absolutely amazed at my speedy recovery and the difference in my incisions for the right and left kidney operations!


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Ed R (Patient) 10-28-2009
Dr Golden performed prostate surgery on me in Dec, 2008.
The surgery went well and I was up and about in a couple
days. The catheter was removed a week or two later and I
have had no problems w/ incontenece. Erectins have been
somewhat soft, however there has been steady progress and
I am confident that with more time that a satisfactory level
of sexual performance will be attained. I recommend Dr
Golden without hesitation.
Further Dr Golden has combined professionalism with a warm personality. I could not have asked for a better experience
during a somewhat stressful period in my life.

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Don O (Patient) 10-16-2009
Dr. Golden treated my kidney stone. It is obvious that he knows his work....but what I also liked about Dr. Golden is his great bedside manners.. Dr. Golden is very professional. He explained exactly what the treatment for my kidney stone would involve. I highgly recommend Dr. Golden to anyone that needs his service.

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