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Robert Keene FELL MD
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Robert Keene FELL MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Louisiana Lafayette

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(City : Lafayette)
(ZIP : 70508)
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Robert Keene FELL MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Linda R (Patient) 07-25-2009
I met briefly with Dr. Fell and Dr. Foreman.
I really like them both. They are professional and they are very caring.
Dr. Foreman is very knowledgable regarding the OB/GYN field of medicine. He is very caring and compassionate.
I feel secure and comfortable having either doctor deliver our baby!!
I highly recommend them both.
Another bonus from using this practice, the nursing staff. The nurses I interacted with were helpful, courteous, kind, diligent, and informative.
I have absolutely nothing negative to say about these doctors, nurses, or clinic.

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Katie (Patient) 06-02-2009
Dr. Fell is the sweetest man. He is SO gentle and truly cares about each of his patients. He takes the time to get to know you as a person, like where are you from and all about your family. It just shows that he really cares about you as a person and not just a piece of meat who came into the office for a quick check up to make him some money. I would absolutely reccommend him! He delivered my firstborn, and he has a wonderful bedside manner and did everything he could to make my experience just like how I wanted it to be. When he held my son up for the first time he even posed him for a couple pictures for my family and gave him to me for a few minutes to hold before the nurses whisked him off to be cleaned up.
The only drawback to having Dr Fell as an OB is that he shares a clinic with Dr Foreman, who is a complete jerk. This man is the exact opposite of Dr. Fell, and is condescending, rude, and rushes you out of his office every time, barely stopping for any questions you might have. And if you do stop him, he gets annoyed at you for asking questions. When I stopped his rush for the door one day to ask him how far I had dilated and effaced since last appt, (no, he wasn't going to tell me this stuff) he even gave me a condescnding smile and said "Now where did you learn about that? Have you been reading?" Horrible.
As much as I loved having Dr Fell I can't fight my way through another nine months of trying to make sure they gave me Dr Fell not Dr Foreman at every appt and then not even sure who would be delivering the baby at the end. I decided to play it safe and go with a friend's doctor this time. I would have loved to have Dr Fell again, but not at the cost of the possibilty of having Dr Foreman at any point. Hope this helps.

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Office 4540 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy Lafayette Lafayette LA 70508
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(337) 9842136

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In Univ Sch Of Med, Indianapolis In 46202
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(50 years of experience)

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