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Salahuddin KADDOURA MD
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Salahuddin KADDOURA MD
General Practice - Arkansas

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Marilyn C (Patient) 09-01-2009
Dr. Kaddoura is the most efficient & caring Doctor I have ever had and there have been many. He goes over ever disease, syndrome that I have. Always checking through my medical file which is huge so he knows exactly when blood work, tests other physician check up's are needed again.
Carefully,he goes through my current 29 medications with me.
Dr. Kaddoura is a great listener and you don't feel foolish about asking any questions.
I have had three surgeries since the day after Thanksgiving 2008 while he is my primary doctor and did not do the surgeries he has explained everything so much better than either surgeon has even attempted.
I believe he has been my Doctor for almost three years now and I have never had a problem with him. Having Type II Diabetes, Heart disease, Hashimoto, Hypertension, Fibromyalgia, Sjrogren's Syndrome, Lupus ?, etc... he definitely has his hands full with my health care.
When I had open heart surgery, then infection causing the sternum to need rebuilt with a major plastic surgery & lengthy hospital stay because of the infection he was there everyday even sometimes twice a day. Then when the surgery wound would not heal I had another surgery to repair the area again. Dr. Kaddoura came in my room to check everything two times and I was only in the hospital a little over 24hours that time.

A previous writer commented about staff problems, I am assuming that they would have been referring specifically about the receptionist. She is moved to another Doctor now and Dr. Kaddoura has a very kind and efficient staff now. I had the same problem with previous receptionist but worked hard to get her on "my side" sort of speak and it actually worked out with her wanting to help me as well.
She is just a little rough around the edges, sort-of speak.

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Diana (Patient) 06-19-2009
He is very kind,understanding and listens to you when you speak, he never rushes me or makes me feel dumb when I ask questions, he is very thorough in his exams and he takes the time to listen to what you have to say. He is very concerned about what you have to say about your health, he keeps you involved and you have a say so in your health. I have never felt in better hands.
Now his office personnel are a different story, they can be rude and very sarcastic at times.
I complained to him and he said he would look into it, he does not have control over who works his reception area but he was courteous enough to try

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