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John (Patient) 11-24-2010
Professional surgeon with first rate results. I don't look tired anymore but no one can tell I had anything done.

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Bobby (Patient) 04-11-2010
Dr. Verret helped me after I was in a car crash. You can't even see where I cut my face!

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Rob (Patient) 03-05-2010
I went to Dr. Verret for a hair transplant. I had already visited a few other doctors and even went to Bosley. I was impressed with Dr. Verret. He did my consult and quoted me a price with no surprises on the day of surgery. The surgery went smoothly (and he even bought lunch). I am now about a year after surgery and it looks great. I recently went to a new barber and he has not commented that he noticed anything was done.

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Janice (Patient) 12-04-2009
I saw Dr. Verret for a facelift and eyelid surgery. I was horribly worried that I would look like those people you see on TV with the pulled face. My parents live out of state and I returned home for Thanksgiving. I had not told my mother I had surgery - and she never even noticed. She asked me if my husband and I had taken a vacation because she said I looked really rested. I would highly recommend Dr. Verret.

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Tom (Patient) 11-05-2009
I was referred to Dr. Verret after having a skin cancer taken off of my nose by my dermatologist. It was unexpected because the dermatologist originally told me he would be able to close it without a problem. Dr. Verret saw me the same day that I had the cancer taken off and scheduled my surgery for the next morning. Now you can't even tell I had anything done. I highly recommend Dr. Verret.

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