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Stanley WEN MD
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Stanley WEN MD
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michelle (Patient) 02-18-2011
Ever since having 3 kids in one year, 2 separate pregnancies, I have had alot of medical problems. I used to be so healthy and energetic. I went to numerous doctors who could not give me a name of what was wrong with me and only cared about how many appointments they could schedule in an hour. I did alot of searching and found Dr. Wen, he listened to me, he really cares and he was able to tell me what was wrong with me after ordering the right bloodwork and other test, he really listened to my symptoms. He was also able to get my insurance to cover medication that they normally did not cover and got it approved only in 3 days. He is the only one in his office, no nurse practitioners, which I love and when needed he is the one to call you with results or information you need. And if you call to talk to him, he will call you back or his office will just transfer the call to him and this is during business hours.I just love Dr Wen he is so caring, nice and very smart. He is cute too :) His office staff is professional, not really friendly, but they are awesome at what they do.

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